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[PBF] Warhammer Fantasy Roleplay

Stiegler disappears from view, and you hear a rattling of keys in locks. She returns with a handful of silver for you each.

“Perhaps we started on the wrong foot here. If so, I ask your forbearance. I’m not usually like this. Things have been… stressful recently. Let’s all try to get a decent night’s rest and in the morning we can work out a mutually agreeable arrangement, hmm? I assure you, unlike Reuter, my promises are always kept.”

With that she closes her door on you. The sun is almost setting. Thulgrim has already retired to his bed, and around the camp the Strigany appear to be turning in for the night as well. The three of you are finally alone, undoubtedly exhausted after a very long day. And no one has pointed you to any shelter for the night…

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“Hey, this may sounds a bit embarassing, but were we supposed to bring our own tent ?”

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“Good to hear. Thank you for the payment. I look forward to starting afresh in the morning.”

“It probably would have been a good idea. And some spare food. And a kitchen sink. Good thing we just got paid though!” Gert trails off as he walks over to the Strigany camp to try and arrange somewhere inside to sleep.

He approaches anyone who’s still awake. “Hey, I was looking for Reiko or a place for me and my two friends to sleep.”


One of Strigany beckons them over to a fire and hands each of you a wooden bowl containing some still warm stew. “Reiko’s looking after Mother Vadoma. Asked me to keep an eye open for you. Says that you’re welcome to use that tent.” He stifles a yawn as he points out a smallish tent, a little worn looking but seemingly serviceable, if perhaps a tightish squeeze for three.

“Many many thanks. I’m sorry to have kept you up so late. We can sort ourselves out from here. Thanks again.” Gert greatfuly accepts the stew and eats like he hasn’t eaten all day. After cleaning up as best he can in the dark he’ll head towards the tent with the intention of getting some sleep. “I’m sure the three of us will fit somehow.”


The Strigany waves away Gert’s thanks and wanders off to his own caravan.

(Now is the time to confirm a party ambition. Please let me know if there’s anything in particular that you might want to do before the day ends, but it has been a long day, so if you try to do much, you’ll start tomorrow fatigued.)

Meinrad will do his basic hygiene before heading to bed. He’ll try to be there early (he’s probably not washing himself properly anyway) so he’s not stuck in the middle.

(So unless anyone has anything else to add, we’ll move onto the following morning.

Can everyone please make me a Challenging (+0) Cool test.

Else, you lost one wound when the barge sunk. In order to recover wounds without medical attention, you can attempt an Average (+20) Endurance Test after a good sleep once a day. You Heal Wounds equal to the SL + your Toughness Bonus.)

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Meinrad’s Cool roll:

d100: 7 vs cool 46



d100: 90 v Cool 55


d100: 97 v Endurance (45 + 20) 65

(wow the roller really hates me)

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Gert cool d100: 98 vs 30

(Bad luck Else. Tonight is apparently not your night.)


(Gert and Else, you both start the day Fatigued.

This is a another Conidition like Stunned. Fatigued means you are exhausted or stressed, and in need of rest. You suffer a –10 penalty to all Tests. Removing a Fatigued Condition normally requires rest, a spell, or a divine effect)

(-10 isn’t going to make any difference to the amount I’m failing rolls by!)


“I had an awful night, but I think I’m ready for the day!”
Meinrad stretches in front of the tent and looks around to see who is up and what everyone is doing in the camp

Else rises, gritty eyed and stern faced, her jaw clenched tight. She walks stiffly over the nearest water source (a water trough or something similar of such a thing exists or failing that, the river) and dunks her head in, holding it under the surface for a long time.

When she lifts her head, she sweeps her wet hair back from her face and gives a small shiver. Her eyes linger on the stone circle for a long time before she makes her way back to the tent with Meinrad and Gert

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“How did the two of you sleep?” There is a stern questioning tone to Else’s voice that indicates she is not merely making a solicitous enquiry…

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Gert gerks awake with a shout and after a short pause grabs his leg and complains of cramp for a good ten minutes. After a while he joins the others outside. “Well, shall we chat to the Strigany about the work they won’t do, or just jump in with both feet?”

“Not well, as I said. Pretty sure I dreamed of terrible stuffs, can’t remember a thing though. Bad night for you to I presume?”

Shouldn’t we ask Rutger? He’s supposed to be the one employing us.