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[PBF] Warhammer Fantasy Roleplay

This is the game thread for the Warhammer Fantasy Roleplay game. The discussion thread for this game can be found here.

Our players are:
@Griffster77 Else Sigloben
@Cokho Meinrad Wollmacher
@fodder256 Gert Vandtrum
@Scribbs GM

In this thread, any normal text will be considered in-character. Any out-of-character (OOC) questions or roll specifications should be made in brackets. Any longer discussions can be made in the discussion thread linked above, to ensure the story thread isn’t lost.

The Empire is the largest and most powerful nation of men in the Old World. It is a confederation of provinces, each led by an Elector Count, which are united under the rule of the Emperor Karl-Franz I.

Standing proud in the heart of the Old World, the Reikland is the richest, most cosmopolitan and most powerful of the Empire’s grand provinces. Known for its engineers, wizards, and merchants, and for being the birthplace of the Cult of Sigmar, it is a realm of soaring mountains, snaking rivers, dark forests, and powerful trading centres. From his throne in the city of high-spired Altdorf, Emperor Karl-Franz I rules not only the Reikland, but all the Empire that lies beyond.

The town of Ubersreik is situated in the south west of Reikland, near Grey Lady Pass, one of only two major passes over the Grey Mountains into the neighbouring Kingdom of Bretonnia. Because of this, the town regularly sees traders and travellers from across the Old World. The mighty fortress known as the Black Rock is connected to the walls of the town should any less welcome travellers attempt ingress. Ubersreik has had a long association with the nearby Dwarven clans of the Grey Mountains, and in a situation unique to Ubersreik, representatives of the city’s Dwarf population sit on the town council. One of Ubersreik’s more famous edifices, its spectacular bridge over the River Teufel, was built by Dwarfs during the time of Magnus the Pious. Widely regarded as one of the most impressive feats of engineering to be found in the Reikland, it connects the trade road which runs all the way from Bögenhafen to Dunkelberg then Nuln. Ubersreik deals in trade of all kinds, but is most well-known for ore and the skilled metal-work of the Dwarfs.

It is late spring, and you find yourselves on the barge Trandafir , floating south down the Verfelfluss river from Ubersreik towards the village of Grausee. The three of you have just been ushered aboard, having each been contacted independently by a factor working for a merchant. He was sparse on the exact details, but mentioned the merchant simply needed some extra hands to guard some supplies and to help out around a work camp that is being established downriver, and that there was good coin on offer. You’ve yet to meet the merchant himself, being told that he would be greeting you on the barge once you arrived. It seemed harmless enough to at least meet the merchant and find out more details before fully committing yourself to the job, but as soon as you stepped foot off dry land, the barge was cast off onto the waterway.

Sunlight is just beginning to break through the early morning cloud, and it looks like it will be a fine and pleasant day for being on the water. That optimism is soured somewhat when you glance around your immediate surroundings, taking in the barge itself which is in poor shape, faded paint peeling from its age-worn timbers. The crew are Strigany, the wandering folk known across the Old World from their dark superstitions. They busy themselves keeping the barge away from the river banks, and checking the teetering piles of wooden crates, barrels and building supplies that are stacked across the decks. They chat away amiably in heavily accented Reikspiel, appearing confident and competent about their work. An elderly woman sits at the prow on a three legged stool, swathed in a black woollen shawl, muttering to herself as she gazes out over the river, seemingly at nothing. To the stern of the vessel is a large cabin, its interior concealed behind a number of hanging drapes.


What reasons might you have for wanting to join this expedition? Was it the simple promise of good pay, a chance to travel perhaps, or are you egaer to leave town for some reason? What are your immediate thoughts on seeing the others arrive on the barge with you?

Meinrad is here for the money, but also because working around a camp for a merchant is probably going to give him food and shelter for a while, and he needs both.
Coming into the barge was intimidating, he does not have much of a sea-foot. And he feels that the two other people he got on board with are more imposing and confident in their abilities than him.


Else is need of a quick way out of Ubersreik. She had recently ferreted out a small coven on witches, only to discover she had dispatched (in the name of Sigmar!) a local mobsters daughter, who now seeks revenge.

She slipped town barely ahead of the mobsters goons and was therefore happy when the barge left dock immediately. Besides, her recent adventures have left her short of coin - doing Sigmar’s work does not pay well - and it wouldn’t hurt to earn some coin and lay a little low for a while.

Anyway, work camps like these are often havens for the unwanted and where there are drifters, there is often trouble…


Gert is happy to be back on the water, although slightly less happy when he notices the condition of the boat. He’s happiest to be heading away from his previous work, with a captain who may have once been a fine boatsman, but was now a fine drinker and hard on his crew with whatever was at hand.

Gert nods to the other passengers before trying to strike up conversation with the crew. He’s interested in any news they have about Grausee and whatever port they were at before this one. He’s more than happy to help them with their work while they chat.

(I’m hoping we speak Reikspiel, or it could be a short conversation.

Is Else openly armour and armed?)

(As well as originating from your province, Reikspeil is the ‘common’ language of the Empire; naturally you are all fluent.)

(Yes Else is openly armed. She signed on to be a guard after all)

Else finds a quiet corner on the barge where she can see the comings and going from the cabin. She makes herself comfortable against a packing crate, pull her hat over her eyes and keeps an eye on the door of the cabin

Meinrad is going to sit next to Else, maybe having someone armed will be useful.

“You think there’s something fishy (small pause, quick wink) going on here?”

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Else grunts noncommittally at Meinrad as he sits down, her hand moving to the grip of one of her pistols.

“What do you want?”

He puts his hands up, and try to looks as non-threatening as he can.

“I don’t want a fight that’s for sure. But I came on here to discuss a job. I mean, I would have taken it regardless, but doesn’t it seems weird to you that the barge just took off? Or do you know something?”

Just as you ask the question to Else, you are interrupted by movement at the stern of the barge, as the curtains are thrown back and a young man emerges from the cabin they concealed. He has blond hair cut in a shaggy pageboy style, and hazel eyes that are warm and friendly. His clothes are practical but well-tailored, fitting perfectly to his slender frame. He stumbles a little, clearly unsteady on the deck as the barge wallows slightly to the port, extending out a hand to shake to each of yours in turn.

“Good day to you! I’m Rutger Reuter — just call me Rutger. Delighted to have you all aboard.”

He beams a wide smile at you all, and seems genuinely enthused to have you here.

“I’m glad that such fine folk have agreed to help me out. At our campsite, we have much work to do. There are certain things I would rather well-muscled and disciplined folk such as yourselves oversee. I’m not expecting any trouble, but if you could keep your eyes open and help muck-in should anything come up then I’ll make sure you are well rewarded for any work you do. Now, please tell me a bit about yourselves…"


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“Nice to meet you Rutger. I take it you’re the one who invited us here? I’m Meinrad, I used to be a shepherd with my parents before I had to find some work for myself. Here I am! I will help you in every way I can!”

Meinrad is a bit surprised, is it something common to see someone so well dressed captain a Strigany ship? Or is he also just a passenger?

“Yes, I did indeed invite you here. You were a shepherd you say? I might want to talk to more later. We are starting to build a textile mill down river, and once it is completed sourcing the wool for the looms will be a key part of making the enterprise a success. Any insight you can share about who might make a good partner for the needed fleeces would be most welcome.”

For his surname you know that Rutger is not Strigany, and from his fine wear it is safe to assume that he is the merchant who is hiring you. It is a safe assumption that the barge is also under his hire to transport the goods onboard.

Unfortunately none of you have the skill Lore (Ubersreik) to test to see if the family name rings any bells.

“Good day Rutger. It’s good to be on board. I’m Gert Vandtrum. I’ve been working these rivers for as long as I can remember. Say, if you’re looking to set up a mill it sounds like you’re trying to turn your campsite into a small town. How far down river are we heading?”

Else takes his hand warily. “I am Else Sigloben. Your man said you were looking for people to guard your camp. If you’re not expecting trouble, what need do you have for guards?”

“Oh, it is but early days with the construction, there’s a long way to go yet” he waves towards the stacked up supplies of timbers and crates to demonstrate the quantity of materials enroute to the site. “You’ll see soon, it’s only about a day’s travel downriver until we’re there.”

“You are right that we do have big things planned for the area though. If you’ve worked these waterways, have you by chance sailed on one of the Reuter ships? My family had a couple of barges that ran goods to our warehouses in Ubersreik before we had to sell them off.”

To Else he gives a nervous smile. “Well as I said, I’m not expecting any trouble, but one can never be too careful. The guarding is really just helping to protect the goods here as we travel downriver. I’m certain we’re in safe hands with you onboard
Fräulein Sigloben; you certainly look intimidating enough that bandits are sure to stay well clear.”

“When we get to the site there’s some building work, nothing too onerous, and you’ll be well paid for your efforts. There’s always rewards in store for those that stick with and who can prove their worth.”

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(Considering his background, Gert can make an Average Sail test as he takes in the general environs of the barge.

Tests have different ratings such as Easy, Average, Challenging etc., which modify your skill.

Average skill tests are made at +20 to your skill number. So for an Average Sail test, Gert is rolling against a 68.

To test a skill, roll a d100. If you roll under your skill rating, you pass.)

(I’m assuming this would be up to me to decide? I’m leaning towards no. Will try post rp at lunch. Otherwise, first skill check of the game coming up.)

d100: 36 vs sail of 68.

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(Yes, purely giving you a chance to talk about your character.)

That’s a pass on the Sail test.

As you follow Rutger’s gesture at the cargo, you can see that the boat has been very poorly secured, and is loaded in a very haphazard way, causing unnecessary instability. As Boatman yourself, you can recognize the signs of a shoddy operation, and added to the general state of the barge, there’s the distinct impression that this is a fairly shoddy operation.

Else thinks there is definitely something fishy about this - why is a supposedly successful merchant family running such a shoddy operation. Either the Reuter family is not as successful as he makes out (although he has hinted at maybe some trouble with selling off the barges) or it is a cover for something.

She nods reasonably politely to Rutger and moves away, surreptitiously trying to see what is in the crates, or under any covers that might be around. (I might try and have a look in the cabin if there is any chance to look behind the curtains).