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[PBF] The Quiet Year - Space: 19,990 leagues under the sea


I think you’re right. We were sent here to collect data I would think that’s what we continue to do


And to end my turn.

Researching stuff is great, but we need to have a practical result of our theoretical research.


Who is next @Cokho ?


It is @MinuteWalt. I sent him a PM with his card earlier this week, but I don’t think I’ve seen him around since then. I’m sure he will play his turn when he’s ready, I just hope everything is well with him !


Sorry everyone, explanation here for my absence.

A small, but vocal part of the community (and somewhat suffering from cabin-fever over the years they have spent here), are outraged by the actions taken to explore the far-away base. They feel it’s taken too many resources, and has brought unrest to their quiet, little, perfectly functional “small town.” They should have done whatever it took to establish communications first.

Some incensed youths actually buy into this mentality, vandalizing one of the pods, causing a week’s worth of repair.

(No good millennials!)

Ace of Summer A contingent within the community have acted on their frustrations. What have they damaged, in what way, is it permanent?

For my action, I would like to Start a Discussion, with a Question:

“Those little shi…I mean, malcontents, how do we punish the vandals?”


The obvious answer is that they have to fix the pods themselves. But it is kind for what is such a huge fault.


I do like the idea of them having to repair the pod themselves.
Perhaps some time removed from the group would do them well. Though, this could breed further resentment, but I do not know.


They’ve jeopardised the future of what could be the last group of humans in the galaxy.

Lets airlock them.


:facepalm: Airlock?!? We only have a population of… Let’s put them to work, they may better appreciate the damage they’ve done if they have to put in some labor to fix their own damage.

(@Cokho’s turn, I believe)


Summer has begun a few weeks ago. We still call it that, even though we don’t feel any change this bellow the surface. Our light bulbs take a more yellowish light, our computers wallpaper have cherry pictured on the tree, the air is made slightly warmer and everyone wears a lighter version of our uniform. We used to joke about “going to the sea”, or taking a swim. Each year, the joke stays the same, and this year it is no different. But hardly anyone laughs anymore, our mind is too focused, too worried. And, slowly, the talks of taking up arms again are put to action, as we start to clean our rifles, to train again. The Anning is the perfect place for this, it has room and is removed from the labs. In a few weeks, we will have enough people back into shapes to have a defensive, or offensive, force.

Three of Summer: Summer is a time for conquest and the gathering of might. Start a project related to military readiness and conquest.

For my action, I would like to Discover something new
Because we chose to prioritize weapons against farm tools, the soil is still empty beneath the Three Sisters. We were not meant to take ration for this long, and the weaker among us are getting sick from the lack of iron in our food. I added a new scarcity.


I drew the King of Summer.
Summer is fleeting. Discard the top two cards off the top of the deck (I’ll need @Cokho to do this).

As a result of my card, I also get to take two actions.
Both of those actions are going to be discover something new.

Discovery 1)
It’s complicated to understand, but through science we have noticed something peculiar. One of the three sisters is… melting. The water levels have increased, very slightly, and the structure itself has become smaller. Perhaps more troubling though, the temperature of the water is dropping significantly - and we may be nearing a problem that we hadn’t planned for.

Discovery 2)
As the temperature drops, it appears the algae nearest to the three sisters has begun to recede. Not knowing enough about this algae, it’s hard to know whether this is a good or a bad sign. That said, these two changes have created a nervous energy in the community. Particularly from those more in the know, scientifically.


We are waiting on @RossM?


Oh gosh, yes! On it!


4 of Summer

Tomas, a venerable member of the maintenance crew has developed severe anaemia.

The week has been spent cross matching blood from the rest of the colony and collecting and transfusing blood.

No projects advance.

With his situation improving Tomas recalls his time as the youngest member of the team that helped construct the other dome, made a lot easier with the robots and other technology it held.

Second action, starting a project.


The Anning is sent on a salvage mission before the abandoned base is covered in impenetrable algae and dragged to its doom. (4 weeks)


I’m just putting this out here first, because this card is an a–hole.

The Jack of Summer
Predators and bad omens are afoot. You are careless, and someone goes missing under ominous circumstances.

I resolve my card: “One of the vandalous youths has gone missing. None of her friends can provide an explanation.”

I did not want to write the alternative choice for the J of Summer. Guys, we are totally going to be f-'d by winter.

(The training is over, but I left the little guy on the boat because, well, how could you not?)

For my Action, I would like to Start a Project, and try to take a Pod out to the Sisters to find out what’s happening. I think that will only take a couple of weeks; since they are practically on our shoulders, it shouldn’t take a lot of time. It should be done before The Anning returns.


@Cokho’s turn, correct?


We are not many inside this pod. Not more than a hundred by the last count. So when some people thought we should airlock the ‘delinquent’, it was brushed aside. We need every hands on board. And the thing is, we only know how to do two thing: Science, because that is what we were sent here to do; and war because we had to do it.

With the Other colony, we then could only think of those two things : prepare war, or just keep doing what we do. And we chose the first one.

But not everyone agreed; and with most of the armed people going away with the Anning, with some going away to observe the Three, the opposition striked.
The more passive, the “we need to keep doing what we were sent to do and not bother with waging war left and right” are now in control of the colony. For now, at least. When the different exploration party comes back, things may be different.

The take over was not violent, but but most of the administrator family leader, who were de facto calling the shots, are forced to step down to the Theoretical Scientist family leader.

For my action, I’ll use my contempt token, and start a quick a dirty martial law court for the two people who got back from the people who came back from the Other base, to investigate why they are different, and send them back if judged necessary (it seems likely that the conclusion is already decided, they are getting the boot next week)

(it’s a little scale! on the map)


Two of Summer:
The missing vandalous youth is back. He showed up at the door the dome last night, no one knows how he got out. He’s… calm. Smiling. He has not stopped smiling since he got back. He hasn’t spoken though, not since last night. He’s not eaten or drank either. He is just sitting there, quarantined, and… smiling.

It looks like a couple of projects on the map are resolved - I tried to update the map numbers but I’m having some issues saving the map so other folks might have to make those changes while I fix my stupid computer. Sorry gang!

Also, for my action, a discussion:
The leaders of the community are trying to decide with the newly returned youth - long story short he is absolutely scaring the shit out of them.


Well, he seems really happy. Let’s send him off in an automated pod.


(I’m taking contempt for @RossM’s answer)