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[PBF] The Quiet Year - Space: 19,990 leagues under the sea


Every colony needs food. And, although it has been a few year since we had anything but dried up ration, there was a time when we planned to grow our own food. The only trace of that plan are the mold beds that were destined to host the seeds of vegetables we brought. With the war, every tools we got was melted into something more… immediately useful. But if we want to have more variety in our diet, we would need those tools back.
The card was the 4 of heart what tools does the community lack?

I reduced the project by one, which means the pods reconstruction are complete ! @MinuteWalt you can add something if you would like.

For my action, I will start a Discussion, and will make this declaration :

I don’t think we should throw away those weapons just yet. In fact, we should restart training everyone. This other colony does not bodes well.

@lovvbar, what do you think?


(I add nothing about my project, the repair is complete. It was actually a really boring Action, but it may help us later. Will wait for the others in the Discussion.)


I think I agree - the folks who returned from that colony haven’t spoken in three days, they are afraid of something that they aren’t able to articulate. Training might be critical.


Well, talking of not having new ideas, this base reminds me of a very old idea.

Has anyone here read our copy of the Odyssey? The Sirens, who tried to lure passing sailors towards them so their ships were dashed to pieces? We should make sure none from there can come here.


I can’t say I disagree


I’m behind keeping the arms handy, even with training the youngsters. Not only because of a potential threat (I stress that it’s only potential, they may have some fresh ideas we could use), but because of the trouble with the Jackals.

(Since that was started with a Declaration, I believe it’s now @lovvbar’s turn to get a card?

(EDIT: also, I would like to defuse my Contempt, please put it back in the pool when the new map is drawn, this Discussion has successfully assuaged me)


(Extra EDIT: @lovvbar went twice in the Discussion, but honestly I don’t care if no one else does. Even MY pedantry has its limits (and I’m a really pedantic person, just ask my mom, brother, sister, and my kids, and, well, ALL of my family and friends). I think in RPGs it’s important to stick to the rules, but more fun to sometimes ignore them. Ultimately I think that the OP is the mod of their own thread, it’s up to @Cokho)


From my point of view, I do not mind if we sometime skew the rules, especially since we play by writing instead of taking, and we can’t Just make faces to say we agree. But I do agree we should keep it an exception, discussion are meant to be messy and missunderstood.
EDIT : yes, it is @lovvbar’s turn, already sent him his card :grin: !


(Hello friends!
I have not had a chance to take my turn yet - so I do apologize, it’s coming.
What I have done is purchase PDFs for all of this developer’s games. I think I might try and run a game of Monsterhearts or something sometime soon. STAY TUUUUUUUUUUUUNED)


Ok - so my turn does not require me to really add to the map, but I am including it in my post so that it continues to be the most up to date for whoever is next. So. I drew the 5 Of Spring.

Legends are a funny thing, usually we think of them as being old stories passed down. Sometimes, however, legends are born of rumors and panic. Word of the strange condition of the folks in the other base has spread through the community like wildfire. Some are suggesting that they are sirens, lures for unsuspecting people to be made into lunch. Others suggest they are robots, synthetic humans who feed on flesh (there’s a lot of death in these legends, you know how people are). This base has become something of a haunted house, a way for young people to scare each other, a way for parents to encourage good behaviour. We’re a community of scientists, the boogeyman has never been an issue, but… here we are.

For my action, I’d like to have a discussion: What’s should we do about this spreading lore? What has been done with the folks who came back from the expedition? What legends are becoming most popular about their circumstances?


(Good lord, you are my hero, now)


As we wait for @RossM to take his turn, I’ll sugest (based on a original idea by @MinuteWalt :tm:; that we keep every meta or off topic post (like the one I’m making right now!) on the original thread (Interested in a Quiet Year?) That I will rename The Quiet Year, Discussion Thread.
This is to keep the main topic game oriented, and so that when we have to scroll back up to see where we are, it is more clear and streamlined! Thank you all!




Lore cannot be controlled, only shaped into a tool to get us what we want. Whether those who returned are martyred or revered, it will only be done if it benefits the greater good.


I am with @RossM, lore and legend shapes who we are, and can be justifiably used for the means to our ends.



Legends become powerful because they escape control. Whatever we would want, the story will be told the way it wants to be told. So let it run its course, we will see if it can become a tool afterwards.

@lovvbar, back to you, what do you think?


I agree . Utilize it rather than trying to shape it ourselves


(The queen of spring.)

A project finishes early!

The repairs needed to the Anning were much less severe than first thought. The main oxygen exchanger shared many components with the base’s desalination plant and spares were readily available!

We now have no projects running, so let me ask the group…

What is our ultimate goal?


Escape isn’t a thing we can do, we can’t get off this moon with our current resources. We should provide for our community, continue our research (our original mission!), and prepare for the possible return of The Jackals.

@Cokho, what do you think?


To be frank, I do not think we know how to do anything but what we were sent here for: research and data collection. So I say we do that.

@lovvbar, your opinion?