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[PBF] The Quiet Year - Space: 19,990 leagues under the sea


I think normally, it is the person who launched the project who describe its completion. From the rulebook :

If a project reaches 0, the die gets removed and the project is completed. Whoever started the project gets to tell everyone how it turns out, and update the map to reflect its completion.

However, I think that since this is a PBF, and some accommodation are to be made so things can flow. What do you guys think? My take would be to mostly assume it went well, no need to describe, just use it as a stepping stone for a new narration next time (as @MinuteWalt suggested). But, when in time like this, the player has to take a turn anyway, maybe it can be worth it to give a few lines regarding the project?


(No, you’re right for a Project @Cokho, thanks guys. Jakob wasn’t a Project, and the card was so perfect, I got confused about rolling with someone else’s contribution. Good call @RossM!)


(Shall I narrate red algae?)


(after the Discussion, works for me)


I concur. A working base is paramount. These other bases have caused no trouble.

So far.


(Has @lovvbar been skipped in this Discussion? )


Apologies for my delayed responses. I am inclined to agree with @cokho at this juncture. We need to get our own space up to full capacity as a priority. It’s important to make contact - buy we do have to recognize that by doing so we may find ourselves in a situation where we suddenly have an influx in residents. We don’t know what the situation is over there and if we have to bring folks back we are going to need the space and the resources to do so.


(since I lead with a question)

You have a good point, with possible refugees @lovvbar, but I agree, I’d like to know what’s going on at that base and make contact.

(end turn)


@RossM, do you want to add something regarding the analysis of the red alga before we move on to next week?


With the survey pod repaired, collecting the sample of the red algae is incredibly simple.

Initial assessment shows that the the algae is incredibly light, and incredibly strong, unable to be cut with a scalpel, but able to easily float on the undersea currents until it snags on an object.


Lateesha does not feel like a doctor. She finished her doctorate in bio-mechanic last year during the war, and obviously, with everything going on, she wasn’t able to find time to defend it in front of a jury. But, with everything slowly settling, everyone just assumed it was done, and slowly, colleagues in the lab started calling her Dr. Wessex. But she deserves it, she put in the work, and she will come around to present what she found out about using thorium found in coral to power fission engines.
One night, as she was talking with Jakob about her work in the observation lab, they saw a slow, radiating light emanating from the abandoned base in the west. Squinting at the large windows, they saw some of the alga, not only glowing, but retracting from what appears to be a door, or at least a possible point of entry.
If, as it seemed, the base is really moving closer to the reef, the clock is ticking. Dr .Wessex grabbed Jakob and one of her student, and headed straight to one of the newly repaired survey pod. We need to know what this building is doing here, we were supposed to be the only one, and Lateesha does not care for mystery or unsolvable riddles.
As they head out, they leave a message, saying they will be back, or at least try to send some kind of feedback, in two weeks.

My action:
I will start a project, people start to move out of the core, and back into the family unit. I think most of them can move back in only one week.

(my card was the 9 of Spring, A charismatic young girl convinces many to help her with an elaborate scheme. What is it? Who joins her endeavors? Start a project to reflect.. I realize now that I missed a bit of the sentence about convincing many people, but I hope it still works.)

Forgot to say that I absolutly agree with what was said here! No rush; this will take the time it needs to take.


We called them the Three Sisters when we arrived, absolutely enormous crystalline structures closely resembling trees, but that does not adequately describe the sheer scale of them the are, simply, the most beautiful structures anyone had ever seen - reaching up and out of the ocean, seemingly they went on forever. Stunning and prismatic. The most beautiful things in the area. (Queen of Spring)

It appears that we are now able to spread ourselves out and fill more of the space here in the base. I would like to, then, launch a project - or rather an expedition for intel. I propose we send a team to meet with the other base. This trip should just be for information - and we should give them one week to obtain as much information about the residents of that base. Hopefully this will provide us with valuable information on their situation and see what kind of preparations we should make.


(6th of spring)

A base like this one couldn’t survive without children. The young are treated as citizens almost as soon as they can walk. Many people here are now second generation inhabitants, and their skills and education is largely focussed on Europa and the scientific method (A literal insular society.)

I’m going to use my contempt counter to start an entirely selfish project.

The Anning is to be stripped and thoroughly refitted (6 weeks)

@lovvbar how does your project resolve itself?


(I’m so sorry you guys, I genuinely thought I had replied to this already -_-)

So, my project was the week long recon mission. Here are the findings:

There’s something wrong in that base. The folks living there are … uncanny - it’s the only word that comes to the mind of the three-man recon team that returns to us. They seem in good health and in good spirits, but there was something in their eyes that has left the three men feeling deeply uncomfortable. What’s more, they didn’t ask to come back… they asked us to come to them. They can’t full articulate what they saw there. They do not want to go back. They have plenty of food - but it looks like fresh food, not the rations that we traveled with. It doesn’t make sense. The men have requested medical attention to ensure that nothing is catching. They seem… afraid.


@Cokho , @MinuteWalt needs a new card.


Just sent it ! I think it is the week end when he is camping, so he’ll get back to us during next week.

I think my project (The exploration of the abandoned base) is also finished.

When Dr. Wessex comes back with Jakob Arnov, they show pictures, the red alga there is growing to the size of trunks, and it looks like it grows… berries? Some the size of grapefruits, other of strawberry. The only constant is the same bright red, and the fact that we can not seem to be able to collect it. As we previously observed, our tools are not strong enough to cut through the alga.


Got back today, it was beautiful, hope to post some pictures or video in the Selfie thread once I get my camera charged again and I can edit (I accidentally twisted my knee and some how left the camera taking video for hours, I’m still not sure if it ran out of memory or if the battery just died. I know I can just take the card out and plug it into my reader, but I’m exhausted and can’t be arsed with it now).

My card is a little tough, I’m trying to figure out what I can do with it. My initial, immediate, idea actually satisfies both sides, and I didn’t realize that it did until I had read the bit after the “or.”

Can I play my card if my response doesn’t conflict or even integrates with the other option, or should I modify it so it only covers one? I haven’t found something specific in my PDF that covers this (still waiting for the physical box). I will reveal my card early if it would help you guys help me on a ruling, it’s not really secret, only @Cokho and I know what it is now, but, you know, spoilers.

I haven’t even thought about my Action yet, this conundrum actually blocked my ability to continue telling this story with each other. This is one of the few instances that a rules question has blocked my ability to bullsh!t.

(EDIT: if you want to look at the Oracle, you can probably figure out what my card is, because of the recent introduction of kids and families on the base, and maybe figure out where I’m going with my next turn)


Awesome! Can not wait to see it :star_struck:

For what it is worth, I think you should pick one side to “guide” your answer; but it can include the other side of the card as well.
In other word, you should pick the side that can bring the most interesting answer, and then that answer can take inspiration from the other side of the card.

Does that makes sense?


That’s exactly where my mind went. If that’s cool with everyone else, that’s what I’m going to do.

But, tonight, it’s all about analgesics and anti-inflammatory meds and elevating/iceing/heating my swollen bits, I really wanged my knee, which screwed up my other knee, which in turn messed up my back because of a previously cracked rib.

At least I didn’t waste my youth, even if it’s messing me up in my 40s!


OK, I’m just going to do it. I’m sorry if this is a little loopy, I never take painkillers because they make me ill, but I took half of one leftover from my motorcycle accident surgery and a shot of vodka. I DO NOT RECOMMEND, kids! But now I can walk to the bathroom, again, without using a cane.

I will post this and probably be ill for the rest of the day.

May I take a contempt token in my box, because @RossM was being a total selfish D and just doing a thing we didn’t agree on? (I edited the image, feel free to fix it if I’m wrong, it just vanished on the last edit. Good use of Contempt, btw Ross! :+1:)

The generations of base dwellers have a certain position, authority in their own specialized field, by way of necessity just for survival. They tend to go on family lines: administrator families administrate, bio-engineer families keep everyone fed, and so on. Everyone has an essential role, but they all have their specialties. There is a circular hierarchy where one respects another’s authority in their role. Not to say there hasn’t been some, um…“cross-pollination” over the years. But generally, families stick to their disciplines, and each disciple defers to what they consider to be the expert in their field, from admin to tech to maintenance and anything in between.
(In reality, though, the science families, the parents with the most letters after their name and the thickest degrees tend to call the shots, their kids benifit).

(Ace of Spring: What group has the highest status in the community? What must they do to gain that status? OR Are there distinct family structures? If so, what structures are common? I hope you guys can see why I was having a conundrum with this.)

For my Action
I would like to Start a Project to repair another transport since @RossM just sent off the only one we had like a jerk. (one week? Does that work for you guys? I have to be honest, I’m trying to learn XML, and I keep on confusing my XML cheat-sheet for the rules, and it’s getting weird. I’ll hopefully make more sense tomorrow, let let me know if I’m doing it right)