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[PBF] The Quiet Year - Space: 19,990 leagues under the sea


My card number was J Spring.
Sorry I thought that I had the right reductions there. -_-


(I think he’s done it right? It was 4 on MinuteWalt’s turn, 3 on Mine, so it is 2 for his turn. The pods were 2 weeks away on my turn, so it is down to one on his turn.)


That’s what I thought too


My bad, sorry!


(I think we’ve all got it right. Apparently this game needs some meta table-talk for PBF, which I have to admit, is actually almost as fun for me as the game itself).


Oh boy! There’s a lot going on…

After much hard work the water fractionators roar back into life, sending heated water through the temperature units. The luxury of hot showers is a time of great celebration. (Water project complete, I’ve removed the scarcity of potable water.) The repairs on the survey pod are also progressing smoothly.

The prospect of a freshly laundered jumpsuit also persuaded the New one to give up his own uniform. Under the pressure jets the grime that once covered it dissolves, displaying a patch with a very distinctive wave symbol… It is one of your own uniforms.

Leading you down to the depths of the station, the mystery of his arrival becomes clearer. Miracle upon miracle, he appears to have ventured here on the Anning , Europa’s finest survey vessel. How it survived the Jackals assault at all cannot be explained, for its survival systems are blackened and charred. It will take a great effort to return it to full working order. image


…New plans are suggested.

We are after all scientists.

New project started (1 week)

Collect a sample of red algae for analysis.


(What was the card? I just want to cross it off my deck)
I think a week is fine if everyone else does, that seems reasonable. I also will move potable water to Abundant on my next turn if everyone agrees


8 of spring (A piece of technology is discovered.)


(nice jpeg, btw) :smile:


(There are some amazing 70s space subs out there!)


(Are Means of transport also no longer a Scarcity?)


(I’d say no, one simple pod being fixed this week and the Anning needing major work to fix means we’re still in very short supply.)


(I’m cool with that for narrative purposes, scarcity makes things more interesting. I’d like for the others to say if that works for them, gameplay-wise, for the end of that project still being in scarcity as table-talk, before starting my turn.
When the other players weigh in on this move, I’ll be ready for my card. Also, I forgot to mention, that little sailboat is adorable.)


(I agree with everything being said here. I think we can put water in abundant, but we should keep means of transportation scarce. We can’t move away from our base yet, we can only do short survey round around of it!)


(@lovvbar I hope you’re cool with the above just for meta purposes, as PBF doesn’t play well to anyone’s personal schedules. You’re probably busy, as will I be this weekend.
Not with narrative purposes, though. That’s something else entirely, and I’d wait until the end of time for someone to take their turn (unless we agree for others to take it for us). I’ve technically been playing a game of Fiasco for years waiting for the next player).

OK, back to my card!

“The New One” has finally been able to identify himself, shakily, as a senior staff member of The Anning’s project coordination team Jakob Arnov. He’s still difficult to understand, but manages to convey a sorrowful tale of guilt and regret, where he saved himself instead of helping his crew mates.

(Countdown on both current projects have been resolved with this week)

For my Action, I would like to Discuss:

We have limited transport but several things going on. We have a biological development near a base we should check out, the Anning which may have tech we can use, this castaway which may have some info we can use, and a nearby base which we need to get to if we want to talk to them. We have other transport we can repair, but it will take some time, and we only have the one now. What should our priority be?

(My card was The King of Spring, “An old man confesses to past crimes and atrocities. What has he done?”


I think we should send someone to try and make contact with the new base set up next to the rift. First to warn them of the algae, especially since we can see what is happening to the abandoned base… But we mostly need to know if they have anything that can help us, or information we missed. But pardon me for being frank, although I believe it is important, I think we should focus and having a proper working base for everyone here. That means that if we send someone, it should not be someone… essential. We only have so many people.
EDIT: @RossM should also use his turn to speak to tell us what the analysis of the red alga gave us!


(I know, but that’s, like, three weeks from now and doesn’t apply to the Discussion. Or, at least, that’s how I think it works (revealing new info isn’t part of just giving an opinion in a Discussion).
Maybe you or @lovvbar will draw a card that can help/hinder us in an interesting way with the Red Algae. I’m cool with waiting, too, @RossM keeps on coming up with stuff that throws me off)


Literally my job.

Surely whoever completed the red algae construction should narrate the result?


(We’re doing a Discussion now, and at the end, nothing happens unless there is some Contempt drawn/withdrawn, I believe. On someone’s card-drawing turn, it depends on the interpretation of your card and then the Action you chose to take)