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[PBF] The Quiet Year - Space: 19,990 leagues under the sea


(for anyone struggling with MSPaint, I recommend GIMP if you can’t afford Photoshop)


(I’m just using markup on my phone)

4 weeks sounds sensible.

Back to @Cokho


(Old GIMP user, here, @Benkyo, I’ve been using it through three PC builds with several extensions, I like it. The “Deweirdifier” is most useful, but doesn’t quite “de-weird” it enough for someone used to Photoshop.

Anyway, I believe Paint is fine for this game that’s supposed to be played with a sheet of paper and scribbles. I’ve been using my off-hand and a mouse, even though I have professional software on my art “laplet” and pressure-sensitive stylus I use for my more elaborate projects. It just seems more in the spirit of the game to quickly mouse things with my right hand.)


Someone new has come to our community. Unexpected, unanounced, he was found one morning behind one of our safe doors. He’s wearing a tattered vest not unlike our’s, but damaged beyond further recognition of anything useful. Although we tried, we can not seem to be able to understand each other. What he speaks is not so far away from our common language here, so maybe if we dedicated some time to it, we could begin to exhange more meaningfully with him. For now, even though nobody likes it, we have taken to calling him “the new one”

For my action. I’m going to start a project. We’re going to try to fix our most basic exploration pod. If we get them working, we could send team of two or three people on recon around the base. It is going to take a month also.


I took the liberty to put @MinuteWalt dice and to reduce it by 1. I also added (I’m on my phone so it is not very nicely done !) a collumn for notable people that I forgot initially.

I’m sending a Pm to @lovvbar for the next turn !


(I swear, the inelegance of this game is part of it’s charm, because it comes from us, not from the design. The design is elegant, it’s our actions that get messy.
We can fix that column later, that’s pretty good for a phone.
What was your card? (I think I know, I just want to cross it off my list). Telling the story of the card before revealing what card it was first feels, I don’t know, more right? It flows? But I still want to have a little accountancy/paperwork on the back-end to make my inner nerd feel good. It’s still a new PBF, we’ll figure out this thing).


(Also, I think the pod-fix could probably be done in less time, like 1-2 weeks, if everyone agrees. My bike usually only takes 1-3 days in the shop, although, admittedly, I don’t ride it underwater on a moon covered with a layer of ice.)


I wholeheartydly (i think that is a word) agree with you ! It is the scraped together look that makes this game so different every time. I should have been more clear, my card was the third of spring, someone new has arrived

Edit: yeah I agree, it could be done quicker. I would still go for at least two weeks, beacause not a lot of us are mechanics, and thosebwho are are already working on the water purifier


Ha! The third, I knew it!
Also (unrelated table-talk), I broke down and got the physical version, too, because I’m digging this so much.


I’m down with 2 weeks if everyone else is on the pod project.

(EDIT, if you say wholeheartydly is a word, I’ll play along with that. Or at least, I’ll smile and nod and slowly back away :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:)


Taking a contempt token for this.


Happy with two weeks.


also happy with two weeks.


(so I’m clear, I should reduce the 4 and the 3 by one before reposting the map? @Cokho)


(yes ! And if you agree with the feeling that repairing the pods could take only 2 weeks, you could reduce it all the way down to one !)
EDIT: also, do not forget to give @RossM his contempt token !)


Does this look OK, guys, for the next week? @lovvbar should make any appropriate adjustments, I was just really bored tonight, I thought I’d turn the dice down and neaten the contempt. I’m on a protein-high after Easter dinner and the subsequent serotonin nap. I’m sorry I took it upon myself for putting the pods at 1 before we had consensus, it’s @lovvbar’s discretion to finalize this version of the map. I just was hoping I could facilitate gameplay (sort of like the person who sorts the cards or dice. There’s always one…)



Perfect thank you ! Just one questions, would’nt it be 1 for the exploration pods, and two for the water purifier (started two weeks ago)? It is entirely possible that I missed something though !


Good spot! You’re right! We can modify that on the next turn.


I’ll make the changes on my upload.


Being scientists the omens we see tend not to come from tea leaves or crystal balls, but from what we can see with our eyes. There is no denying the bad omen represented by the abandoned base being nearly completely overtaken by red algae. And a few in the base swear that they’ve seen it move closer to the rift, like it was being pulled…

(I feel like I’ve once again done a “discover something new” in the narrative that I’ve woven here so I do hope you’ll forgive me. I will call the few claiming that they’ve seen the old base moving the “new discovery”.)


(@lovvbar what was your card number? Also you should reduce all numbers by 1. So the water filtration is now fixed!)