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[PBF] The Quiet Year - Space: 19,990 leagues under the sea


There are more things on the rulebook that I am not covering here, regarding the pacing of the game…

Things get weird in PBF, we’ll have to do a bit of juggling to fit the rules to this format. I’m confident that, with everything you’ve done as a facilitator, and the other players’ (frankly) awesome participation, we’ll figure it out.

I’m with @lovvbar: This is already one of my favorite PBF games, even though we have barely begun.

I really want to play this PnP now, as well.


(god this game is so good…)

In the briefing, everyone on this journey was told that we were the first. Trailblazers. People who would be starting something amazing and venturing where no one has before us. The trouble is, once we got down here and established ourselves, it was impossible not to notice the remnants of another dome. This was not a coincidental rock formation. This was man made. Covered now in the red algae that slowly encroaches everywhere down here, the dome is dead and grey, no movement, no communication. But why is it there? How can it be?



I’m sorry to be so didactic and so obtuse, correct me if I am wrong. I just want to be sure I did not miss something. You resolved your card with the option “There is a man made structure”. You do know where it is, but we do not know why it was abandoned. You then choose the action “discover something new” by saying that it is encroached in alga. Did I forgot something or can I draw a new card for the next turn?

So true! :star_struck:


I’m going to say yes, very confidently, to mask the fact that I forgot that after I did the card thing I was supposed to do an action as well, rather than just thinking I did the card thing and wrapping the red algae into that haha. Anyways, feel free to go on to the next person unless I’ve erred somewhere :slight_smile:


@Cokho can you edit the top post with the turn order please?

Also I need you to draw me a card.


Thanks for the advise, I just edited the first post. Would it helps if I PM’d the active player when it is his turn ?

Your card is the seven of spring


(I don’t think it would hurt to PM the active player (EDIT: that way we won’t be tempted to look it up on The Oracle during someone else’s turn. It’s not secret info or anything, but I think it’s more fun when a player gives us something we had no way to expect). Usually in other games we just wait around until they can get back to us.

which reminds me, I will be missing during the last weekend of the month, I’m going camping with lots and lots of my family at Alexander Springs here in Florida, I think the WiFi will be spotty-to-non existent. If anyone gets impatient and just can’t wait, @Cokho can draw my card (or cards if my turn comes up more than once) publicly, and all of you can decide what it means as a group. I would look forward to see what you might cook up in my absence.

Or you can just wait, it’s just a sugguestion, it’s only going to be 3-4 days, I’m good with whatever this group decides.)


I am absolutly fine with waiting for you to be with us. We need every voices heard on this game :grinning: ! I will try to PM people on their turns from now on.



Let me tell you about where people sleep…

When the jackals first emerged as a threat, we knew nothing about them. They smashed our transportation, we were desperate. We retreated to the core of our base, abandoning whole sections that were damaged, limiting our need for vital resources and forming a defensive perimeter.

But a lot of people are unhappy, the ambient heat loss from the reactor keeps everyone nice and warm, without any actual radioactive side effects, but living on top of each other makes people very edgy.

For my second action, I’d like to have a Discussion.

What should we focus on repairing or reclaiming first?


(I swear I’m not going to be so didactic as the game gets going, but just to remind everyone, when we hold a discussion we follow turn order, so it is now @MinuteWalt’s turn to pitch in!)


(Something we didn’t talk about during set-up, how many people are on this base? I think that most games of TQY have a population between 15-to-520. It’s not super-important, but it would do me some role-play flavor thingy.)

Back to the current turn!
I would like to go with repairing our water purifiers. I would also not object to putting resources into defending ourselves.

Back to you, @Cokho


I Found this quote in the rulebook : Unless otherwise stated, assume that our community has 60-80 members. Which seems alright with me.

Q: What should we focus on repairing or reclaiming first?
Sleeping together next to the core is one thing when we are at war, but now that things seems to be settling, we need some proper, individual space for the families, the elderly. Not all of us are adults in good health who can deal with sleeping on mattresses piled up on the floor. Let us go back to our home quarters, please.

What do you think @lovvbar ?


(Am I correct? Since @RossM lead with a question, after @lovvbar weighs in, since both I and @Cokho had our say, Ross will then give his 2 cents. And that’s it, nothing else happens until the next player’s move? This is a move that builds our idea of what this community is and what’s important to us as players, not something that’s purely strategic, yes?

Sorry for being repetitive about things we already know, I repeat stuff, and then I say them over and over, and then I repeat stuff.
It’s a learning strategy I’ve had to adopt for myself. Sorry kids! I’ll try to keep it under control before it gets annoying.)


Yep! However if I started with a statement I could not reply.

We should rebuild x

For example.




Yes you are correct ! I also need to be repetitve so I feel you :ok_hand: !


I am inclined to agree with you, we need to get out of the core of this building. However clean water is critically important and in relatively short supply. So perhaps air purifiers are higher priority with the promise that reclaiming the rest of the space be next on the list


Now look, this is all well and good, but we’re cut off here. There’s a whole other abandoned base, which might be full of Jackals, or have water filtration systems we can loot. The red algae gets ever closer, and the brinicles might have to be cleared.

I advocate repairing our transport machines.

(End of turn. @Cokho needs to draw a card for @MinuteWalt)


I’m taking a contempt token !

(I’ve sent @MinuteWalt his card)


My card:

We do know that there was a base on another nearby moon, that they evacuated from. We don’t know why, or who they are (communication has been impossible), but their vessels punched through the ice while they were fleeing, and have set up a much smaller base some time ago.

I will start a project on fixing the air (EDIT: sorry, I meant to say WATER, I am so sorry everybody, I don’t know why that just came out, it wasn’t even a proper typo) purifiers.
(I think this will take about a month, but give or take a little depending on what you guys think, we’ll add a die/counter after we quickly come to a concensus).


(My card, 10 of Spring, I picked: “There’s another community somewhere on the map. Where are they? What sets them apart from you?” I also took the liberty to stick a contempt token on the table from @Cokho 's last action for the Conversation, and made a tiny base in the upper left corner. Doing games with MSPaint is taking some getting used to).