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[PBF] The Quiet Year - Space: 19,990 leagues under the sea

It’s my “Action,” unfortunately not up for debate or discussion or Contempt tokens (although it would make a fun debate). We just need to quickly decide on the counter that’s getting put on it (this goes very differently in a live session, converting this to PBF is tricky).

It could be a mistake (they will all be mistakes, soon, I think), but we just need to agree on the time period for right now. (We can still toss it around in the Discussion thread, though. This game is bananas.)

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I’ll just put this here for now, if anyone thinks this will take fewer than 6 weeks, we can adjust the die.

Outside of that, it’s @Cokho’s turn to draw a card.

(EDIT: did we lose a Contempt Token? Someone look under the table, I’ll check the couch cushions…)

(EDIT edit: never mind, I found it, it was under the cat. I fixed the map to put the token in @Cokho’s box for the response to @RossM’s earlier answer.)


(Alright, this won’t be a very regular turn, but hopefully you’ll be okay with it. I’m mashing together my card and my action)

My card is the 7 of summer An unattended situation becomes problematic and scary. What is it? How does it go awry?

We know brinicle are a reality here. Beautiful, sharp column of ice that freezes everything it touches. Even though they form fast, they are quite fragile; so that means that if one ever threatens the base we could send a vehicle to break it. But, you probably noticed, we don’t have that many way to get around anymore. The pods we put together just got back from an expedition; the anning is a beast to start. We are more mobile that is for sure, but we can’t just go somewhere when we want to. Leaving the base is a whole ordeal.
And between the change of power structure, with the wall starting to get built, with the fight that just occurred and is still a big talking point in the community, the warning signs of an brinicle forming over the air purifier supplies are not taken seriously enough. A week is needed so that the people who noticed it can get everyone to decide to take action regarding it.


I think I read this as “lets debate” hahaha so I apologize.

9. Of. Summer.

Alright gang, this is ugly, so … buckle up.

The wall … is gone. We’ve never seen algae move so quickly, almost overnight the beginnings of the wall were completely overtaken by the algae. It feels deliberate, but how could it be? It’s plantlife, it’s not intelligent. Right? To make matters worse, the algae followed the fleeing workers back to the dome, it was moving at a preternatural speed and we nearly lost all involved in the project. We probably would have, if the algae hadn’t just stopped chasing them. It’s waiting out there now, as if things couldn’t get worse. (A project fails)

A troubling discovery has also presented itself in the form of the algae branching off and beginning to wrap around on of the sisters. We just don’t know why. (Action: New Discovery)


But what happened to all the beer?!? :sob:

The algae cracked open each beer and just dumped it out. It was really messed up.


Now it autumn! (The 5th)

Strange raiders have appeared, no one can tell if they are human or machine.
They have appeared with drill like weapons and are busily hacking at the algae on the sisters.


My second turn action is a Discussion

Should we just move our base away from all this madness?


I assume the card text is "The 5th Of Autumn: (2nd choice) A small gang of marauders is making it’s way through local terrain. How many are they? What weapons do they carry?"

Discussion response: I think we’re pretty stuck where we are. It’s an underwater permanent base on an ice-moon in space with around 60 inhabitants. I don’t think we have that choice, we defend ourselves.

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We’re not supposed to move ! What I dont get is that we were sent to be the pioneers, the first humans this far out, the nearest colony we knew of was on the Moon. And now, there is, was, an abandonned base, a creepy other base, and now raiders ? What else were we not told ?


I have to echo this - also what @minutewalt said. I don’t think movement is an option. Perhaps we try and keep things calm and see if these…marauders come to us? Maybe be prepared for a fight, but not instigating it ourselves? Perhaps they are…machines? Sort of the white-bloodcells come to remove the algae. They’re not being hostile at this point… though perhaps frightening.


I personally think we need to get out of Dodge.


My card was The Ace of Autumn. Fuuuuuuuuuuu…I’m just going to copy-paste the relevant text. There’s more, but the circumstances only leave me with one option, I won’t bother typing the rest. It’s bold-faced, I have to follow it, I apologize to all of you:

If there are no projects underway, the community becomes obsessed with a grandiose vision.

Since there are no Projects, we need to Hold a Discussion about this vision (I still take my regular action after starting the Discussion).

The Vision: Many members of the Core Base see the red algae as a possible savior, in spite of all evidence. This starts a Discussion

The Discussion: OK, we’re under miles of ice, but we still have technology. Let’s burn the red algae with fire.
Like, the nuclear energy that we use for powering this base.

(that was a statement, so I think my turn is over after my action, everyone gets to respond, and @Cokho pulls a card after)

My Action: Start a project Investigate the algae at the Sister. There’s already a pod nearby, it should only take 2 weeks.

NO! The red alga resisted everything so far. It is our only hope against our enemies, be them humans on the other base or machine floating about. We need to grow some here!

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What was your card and Action, @Cokho?

Should have been clearer, that was my participation in the discussion started by your card. I’ll take my turn once everyone had a go at the topic !

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(My bad, I forgot that damned card started a Discussion before my Action)

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Is it me?

No! Let’s watch what the raiders do the Algae before we risk a core breach.


(i think @lovvbar has still to say what he think of the statement! Then it is my turn to draw. Forgot to @ him after my go!)