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[PBF] The Deep Forest Discussion (roll call is over unless someone has to leave)

I agree with @brian. I think the Forest version is better for this game, but we can make an exception for this one.

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3 and-a-half-ish? out of 5. Sort of?

OK, Forest rules. Let’s go with that and move on with being a (oh, heck, I secretly always wanted to say this):

Let’s keep on being a hidden community of monsters.

It is @lovvbar’s turn to respond to the agreement (though I saw on another thread, lovv had to drop out of that particular one, we may have to improvise if lovv’s not available for this)

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Oh no, I’m here for it. Not to worry. I just realized that I had volunteered for one too many.



I mean, it sucks for the other thread (which, honestly, was a cool one. I wanted to play it too, but I bookmarked it to be a spectator, instead, since I would also have overextended myself to be a player), but we get to have you here.

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Just dropping by to say how much I’m enjoying this playthrough from the sidelines! I’m intrigued to see how it pans out for your little community…


Thanks, suz! :heart: I’m also intrigued, we have no idea what’s going to happen.

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OK, we just need @whistle_pig’s response (since, for this week only, we’re using the TQY rule of “opening with a question, that person must close it with a statement,” then we go to Forest’s Statements-only for Agreements for the remainder), and I’ll draw the next week’s card for @lovvbar.

(EDIT: @whistle_pig should draw the pair of eyes on the map, I believe).

@whistle_pig those little beans are adorable! :heart_decoration: I know they’re just blobs with a dot in them, and are possibly lethal, but…d’wwah! I still want to hug them.

Edit: still trying to crosslink (<clicky) as much as I can, when I remember.

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My limited dexterity with a mouse pointer has made them a bit more googly than originally intended… but I’m ok with that :slight_smile:


Can they be 2 individual eyes, for 2 individual creatures, as opposed to one set of eyes? Because me hugging a pair of eyes is way more disturbing than hugging two bean-like things that each have an eye.

Actually, both of those options may be unsettling. I should probably drop this until more comes out in the story. :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


Just as a reminder, here in the US we have a major holiday on Thursday, the 28th, where we are supposed to eat turkey and gravy until we vomit and then watch American football and drink beer until we vomit again.

I am not a huge fan, and I’ll still try to check in when I can, but remember other US members may be preoccupied with elderly family members pinching their cheeks, or trying to “teach” them how computers work, or dealing with Black Friday nonsense.


Way ahead of you, Justin. My toddler’s been vomiting since Monday!

I’ll get to my turn as soon as I can, but the holiday visitors, aforementioned ill child, and turkey as big as that child I need to pick up from the farm in the next hour are taking priority.


Jeeze guys. Way to not be from Canada. We had our Thanksgiving a month ago. :stuck_out_tongue:

Obviously I wish you all a happy (if problematic) Thanksgiving and @brian I hope your kiddo feels better soon!


I was also sick as heck, I think I picked it up from my kid, and the incubation time was just enough to KO me for Thursday.

Fever, vomiting, headache, so I sequestered myself to my room and, missed all of the traditional arguing with family and tryptophan overdose.

I’m not sure if being ill was worse than eating turkey and pretending to like it with my older relatives and their grandchildren.


I actually cheated, and went to an older version of the map to reset the positions of Jackanapes and the pony, and just copy-pasted/doodled for the new monst/dice turn down for the current map.

Please let me know if I screwed anyone’s markings up, it would not be the first time that’s happened.

EDIT: it’s hard to see if you don’t click to enlarge, but I also gave the eyebeans a little smile :)

PS EDIT: I also just called the tired-looking pit pony a “her.” I’m not sure if we’ve agreed on that, it just seemed to be what it was in my mind at the moment, I can always just retro/edit it if it’s a boy pony. I don’t think pit ponies have complicated thoughts about binary or non-binary genders. We should also name it, so we don’t have to keep on typing out “tired-looking pit pony,” it’s a bit of a mouthful.


"Penelepony" (I’m so sorry, I’ll try to stay out of the discussion for several more hours, or half a day or so).

Also “Eyebeans”, for the eyes, which I didn’t realize I had accidentally edited it to in my last post.

Up to you kids, I need to take a breather, and maybe some Gatorade or iced tea or some sleep or something.


Hold that thought! EDIT: My turn is just about that!

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Hey all - apologies for my absence. I’ve been down with the flu so I haven’t been on to see how things are going.

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Hey, I was out sick, too, a while back. The important thing is you’re feeling better, you’re here now, and we all love you! :heart:

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Waiting for @whistle_pig, but remember holidays are coming up and it’s the weekend.

Link to main thread.