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[PBF] The Deep Forest Discussion (roll call is over unless someone has to leave)

I assume you are all terrible people from The Quiet Year PBF (I assume, but we’re open to new players. And everyone from the last game was awesome, not terrible in the least, I’m being hyperbolic).

This is like The Quiet Year, only, like, we have monsters and stuff, now. (There were potential monsters, but we had to make them up out of nothing). This is The Deep Forest. It’s a little different.

You can download it at this link right here.

Just as an FYI, I am the worst facilitator ever.

Everyone who wants in, sign up below.

It’s a top-down RPG where you don’t play characters, you play a bird’s eye view of both guiding a community, and also introducing dilemmas. Check out Buried Without Ceremony’s website for more info
(I did link it right up there^).

The last game of TQY (which normally takes 2-4 hours in real life) took several months PBF.

You need access to some kind of cheap paint program, I kinda think the cheaper the better. It’s not about artistry, it’s about cartography, quick doodles, and decision making, and how we will all probably fail our community.

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If you have space for new players, I’d quite like to join in. I haven’t played many RPGs before though.


@whistle_pig, you are welcome to any game I’mma gonna play.

Also, I’m starting this (much to my chagrin, I don’t know why I’m doing this, it’s probably a bad idea) so I’m kind of in charge-ish and I get to say if you’re in or not.

Facilitator! Gives a +1 for @whistle_pig!

I’m sure whistle and almost everyone here already knows this, but it bears repeating:
RPGs are all about roll-playing (as you may have guessed) but with rules in place to make it an actual game, and making a story that I swear-ta-gawd we will be telling to our grandkids 20 years from now.

BWC makes…different RPGs than D&D or AGE or GURPS (or honestly Monsterhearts). Much like Fiasco, it’s something that can be finished in a single night or two, opposed to a huge campaign that lasts for potentially years. The most important thing is to make a memorable story.

And also, PBF can take months instead of a night or two.


I’m naturally in for this, I don’t know if I should say it, so I am saying it, for more clarity!

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You are totally in!

I would like a little more time to let others in, and to deal with my personal issues of the first week of school for my kid (omigawd, getting the bus schedule worked out was such a P.I.T.A., and we’re still sorting my crazy work schedule with his crazy mom’s crazy schedule.)

(I’m sorry, I shouldn’t make fun of his mom who doesn’t hang out here and can’t defend herself in person. We’re not together, but I think she’d appreciate it when I tease her, she makes fun of me all the time to strangers! :rofl:).

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oh holy crap, how did I miss this???
Is it still happening or are you well on your ways yet?


OK, this is PBF, this is expected.

@lovvbar, @whistle_pig, @Cokho

If this is still a thing you want to do, please chime in or I will delete it to the depths of the internet, where everything still allegedly exists but it doesn’t matter if no one cares about it.

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I’m still interested if you still want to run it.

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OH, I would love someone else to RUN it, but I think I kind of screwed myself back in August.

If everyone could clicky the link above (OK, here it is again ) and check it out, a prior experience of TQY isn’t needed, but Thank Crippens if you do.

I’ve only been able to get TQY to the table (here in BPF included) three times and I really like it. I’m not good with new games, I tend to freak out with rules interpretation even though I run most IRL games I play, so I depend on other players to help me out.

(I’m going to steal @Cokho’s blank map template as soon as we have everyone on board. This is kind of an upside-down version of TQY.

The important part, is here:


For a long time, our monstrous home was occupied by invading humans. Now, finally, we’ve driven them off, and we’re left with this: a year of relative peace. One quiet year, with which to dismantle their settlements and reclaim our lands. Come Winter, a band of heroes will arrive and we might not survive the encounter. This is when the game will end. But we don’t know about that yet. What we know is that right now, in this moment, we monsters have an opportunity for healing and self-discovery in our deep forest, away from human eyes.

The Deep Forest is a map game of post-colonial weird fantasy. It’s a re-imagining of The Quiet Year, one that centers upon monstrosity and decolonization.

This is the really long elevator pitch:

We will have a map. We will each take a short time defining the map on our turns, in different ways with different actions. We will draw on the map. We will go through the Oracle (the card set, don’t worry too much about this, I can draw cards for you or you can use your own Oracle printout), we will go through different Seasons (suites) that get more difficult, as we try to build a community.

Part of our jobs will be to help our community. Part of our jobs will be to introduce interesting difficulties to the community. We will not be playing individuals. We have a top-down viewpoint, and while we can introduce individuals, we can not control them.

We sketch (AND I HAVE TO EMPHASIZE SKETCH, I played with a talented graphic designer that could have made a 30-to-2-hour game into a 800-hour game. I recommend using Paint, possibly with your off-hand) small symbols or pictures to show locations or events. Words and numbers are discouraged, but common symbols are OK.

The game is not geared for a “winning” scenario, it is geared for us to be able to look at that map and think “holy sh1t, I remember that!,” or to think, “how do we do something as a community to beat all odds.”

Or, to just think.

Or something like that. Read the rules. Avery Alder and Buried Without Ceremony keeps on making these crazy games, blame them.

EDIT: TQY is one of the most unique RPGs I’ve ever played, and will bring out some role-playing aspects within yourself you’ve never even asked for. We’re using a ruleset that flipps it over, who are the oppressed or the oppressors?


I am really down for this! Thank you for taking the facilitator hat!

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@MinuteWalt signing in as facilitator (not GM or anything, I have no secret powers, I’ve just played the game before, and I’ll have to rely on you as much as you rely on me, and each other. This is, for lack of a better term, a co-op team destined for probable failure)
(and I assume:)
@Cokho is signing in
@whistle_pig is signing in
@lovvbar is signing in
EDIT: @brian has signed in

We can handle one or two more people. I’ll give it a little time, and then blatantly rip-off @Cokho’s template for the start of the game.

I also don’t have a problem with someone having to leave (life is a thing) or wanting to jump in (as long as they’re up with the story so far. More than 6 players gets messy, though, 3-5 is ideal).

I will like to put out a feeler for a quick (QUICK) short ideas about where we are. I’ll copy/paste this to the Official Game Forum, but this seems like a good place to spitball and ask questions about the rules. Most of us are already veterans, I believe. @whistle_pig, is this your first Quiet Year/Deep Forest?

Examples from previous games of TQY (remember, though, this isn’t TQY, it’s TDF, an important thematic difference):

PBF: Under the Ice Layer of One of Jupiter’s Moons, Europa (that one got weird, as the other SU&SD players know)
Live: A Haunted Hideaway (it wasn’t haunted until we started playing, it was just an abandoned mansion)
Live: An Underground Labyrinth (made by mole people, ok, they all get super weird by the 8th turn, if not before)
EDIT: I almost forgot, Stranded on Siesta Key Village, now cut off from the mainland by…things

I’m making an official channel here (also linked it above) but feel free to talk about the game here and ask questions.

I’m sorry if this sounds redundant to people who’ve already played, but a lot of this is to remind myself how this works, too. New players will probably help with things we’ve overlooked, as well, like many games where we think we know what’s going on, but then, “oh, daym, you’re right!”

If anyone wants an example (and this is very different from the live game, naturally) here is the 19,990 Leagues game and the Discussion Thread of that game.

PS: It was awesome.

I don’t remember who, but someone last time mentioned an abandoned mine, and I love the idea; because it already has two interesting path : deeper underground and outside danger. And monster in a mine is not too farfetched.
I also thing we could go really really traditional heroic fantasy stuff; goblin, kobold and the sort. The harder the tropes and cliché, the more interesting it will be to turn them on their head.

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It is :slight_smile:

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Am I a fool for considering this? Because it sounds interesting - and I’m always up for interesting - and I’d like to dip my toes back into a little RPG fun before joining a D&D campaign in the near-but-not-that-near future.

Normally, I say I’m willing to show up with beer and a good attitude. Is a good attitude sufficient? Transoceanic beer shipments aren’t really in my budget.

  • In a rainforest canopy
  • On an abandoned sailing/pirate ship in the doldrums

I am totally down with this. Perhaps, under a rainforest, per @whistle_pig?

The more I think about this the more I like it. Monsters hiding from humans in a mine in a rainforest mountainside.

@brian We have a slot open (but then we’ll have to shutter it off unless anyone has to leave, it gets really confusing with too many players), we can work it out. You’re a good guy, and I think we’d like to have you aboard.

Bring your own bevs and snacks, and we’ll bring ours. It’s PBF, we participate when we can, with snacks and drinks on our own schedules (I’m having smoked Mahi pâté on toast and an over-priced porter as we speak).

Just need to hear from @lovvbar, and from @brian if he wants to sign up, about where we are. Just a sentence or a “Yep” or “But this!” is fine.

Remember everyone, I’m not going to be a jerk about any of this. I’m not the mod, here, I’m not the boss, I just happen to be a guy with the physical game, and they sent me a copy of this expansion for free like gawdammed super-heroes.

We roll as soon as we have a small inkling, everything will come into focus later through gameplay.

I’m in!