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[PBF] The Deep Forest Discussion and roll-call

I assume you are all terrible people from The Quiet Year PBF (I assume, but we’re open to new players. And everyone from the last game was awesome, not terrible in the least, I’m being hyperbolic).

This is like The Quiet Year, only, like, we have monsters and stuff, now. (There were potential monsters, but we had to make them up out of nothing). This is The Deep Forest. It’s a little different.

You can download it at this link right here.

Just as an FYI, I am the worst facilitator ever.

Everyone who wants in, sign up below.

It’s a top-down RPG where you don’t play characters, you play a bird’s eye view of both guiding a community, and also introducing dilemmas. Check out Buried Without Ceremony’s website for more info
(I did link it right up there^).

The last game of TQY (which normally takes 2-4 hours in real life) took several months PBF.

You need access to some kind of cheap paint program, I kinda think the cheaper the better. It’s not about artistry, it’s about cartography, quick doodles, and decision making, and how we will all probably fail our community.

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If you have space for new players, I’d quite like to join in. I haven’t played many RPGs before though.


@whistle_pig, you are welcome to any game I’mma gonna play.

Also, I’m starting this (much to my chagrin, I don’t know why I’m doing this, it’s probably a bad idea) so I’m kind of in charge-ish and I get to say if you’re in or not.

Facilitator! Gives a +1 for @whistle_pig!

I’m sure whistle and almost everyone here already knows this, but it bears repeating:
RPGs are all about roll-playing (as you may have guessed) but with rules in place to make it an actual game, and making a story that I swear-ta-gawd we will be telling to our grandkids 20 years from now.

BWC makes…different RPGs than D&D or AGE or GURPS (or honestly Monsterhearts). Much like Fiasco, it’s something that can be finished in a single night or two, opposed to a huge campaign that lasts for potentially years. The most important thing is to make a memorable story.

And also, PBF can take months instead of a night or two.


I’m naturally in for this, I don’t know if I should say it, so I am saying it, for more clarity!

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You are totally in!

I would like a little more time to let others in, and to deal with my personal issues of the first week of school for my kid (omigawd, getting the bus schedule worked out was such a P.I.T.A., and we’re still sorting my crazy work schedule with his crazy mom’s crazy schedule.)

(I’m sorry, I shouldn’t make fun of his mom who doesn’t hang out here and can’t defend herself in person. We’re not together, but I think she’d appreciate it when I tease her, she makes fun of me all the time to strangers! :rofl:).

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