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PBF Pax Pamir 2nd ed. game 3 recruitment & discussion thread

I can upload the image in different resolutions. Currently it’s at 100%, but if a smaller image would work better on a phone, please just let me know.

For example, here’s the current board state at 50% Better, worse?

Hands I plan to show with individual screenshots, but I figured it didn’t matter for the first round.

For me, it’s better on desktop and worse on a phone. Phone zooming is far easier, so having full resolution is no hardship, but a phone screen is quite annoyingly small, and it’s useful to be able to get close for reading. Desktop browsers (without touch screen) are hard to zoom/pan nicely, and the 50% image is readable. So 50% is simpler to operate in a desktop browser. But overall I suspect sticking at 100% (or maybe 75%) is probably best. Of course some sort of nice modern ui with mouseover/click events would be ideal (the Through the Ages UI is incredible in terms of how much can be done with a tiny screen), but that’s getting into moon on stick territory where play by forum is concerned.

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I’m using a laptop, and 50% seems to be fine for that.

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Thanks, I guess I’ll stick with 100% for now. In normal play (rather than PBF) the zoom is usually whatever fits on your screen, like 20%, and mouseover zoom on cards is 100%.

@whistle_pig, you should specify play left or play right. This goes for everyone else in future turns with a court card in play too. I don’t want to resort to “play right by default” unless I have to.

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I’ll play my second card to the right this time.

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@Cokho, you need to specify left or right. Or maybe clockwise/anticlockwise would be clearer. Anyway, tell me which side of Aga Mehdi Ranjit Singh should go.

For reference, I’ll interpret left/right as if you are all sitting in a circle facing the board, in other words, left/right from the perspective of the cards in court, not from the person viewing the screen, to keep things consistent on all four sides.


Such a long absence without any notice is a bit odd, and not just from this game either. I hope @whistle_pig is OK.

Hello! I’m not dead - I’ve just been having a completely bananas week. I should have dropped in to let you know, so I apologise for that. Things should quiet down now, I hope :crossed_fingers:


I’ve just noticed the coloured outline around the court cards - so helpful!

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Thanks. I think a five-player game would be tricky to parse without them.

Also, thanks for finally resolving the Rebuke tension! My condolences to the unlucky target.

I’m sure that my comeuppance will arrive forthwith!

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My apologies in advance for second-guessing you @apm, but I want to confirm before I refresh the market - you have noticed that that turn puts all 8 of your rupees onto the market, right?

I did not remember it was military suit. I have edited my actions. Thanks.

Now I also feel compelled to point out that you are entitled to another rupee with your free tax action. Let me know if I should update the map.

I couldn’t remember if I could tax a rupee if I just played it down? If so, then I will take one back.

Done. Please edit your turn too.

To be clear, are you buying Nation Building? Riots in Kabul will occur during clean up if you do not buy the card.

Sorry, I meant Nation Building when I said “the Riots in Kabul card”. Somehow I thought the card had only one title, but it actually has two. And yes, I want to buy it, on the off-chance that it will do the Russians some good down the line.

@whistle_pig, as chrislear noted, you cannot place a spy in Herat by playing a card in Transcaspia. Please edit your turn to a legal one.

I don’t know if it needs saying, but in such situations all players can change their entire turn if they like, not just the error.

Oh, and please post here after the edit - I won’t get a notification from an edit.

I was paying so much attention to the rules for moving and battling spies that I forgot about the placement rules :facepalm:

I’ve edited my turn to (hopefully) be legal