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PBF Pax Pamir 2nd ed. game 3 recruitment & discussion thread

OK, @apm, @chrislear, @Cokho - pick a colour!

Blue - whistle_pig (from previous game)
Tan - chrislear
Grey - Cokho

First come, first serve.


I’ll go for tan

Also, hello @apm, @whistle_pig and @Cokho. I’m Chris. Nice to meet you. I’ve met Ben previously because we’ve played Through the Ages together. Looking forward to the Great Game.

[Edit: I missed @whistle_pig out originally because I didn’t read the previous post properly and didn’t realise you were playing. Sorry!]


I’ll take red.

I’m Adam, and I’ve been play testing some of the Pax Pamir vassal modules for Ben.


The game is up.

Incidentally, allowing players to choose their colour, or more significantly carry over colour from a previous game, has made development consistently more challenging (the easy alternative would be to randomly assign colours to players, and then colour order can be the same every game). I’m happy whenever this design choice seems to meet with approval =)

Please note that the layout means some information is presented a little differently from the physical game:

Rule is indicated by a ruler token on the map in the colour of the ruling player, and no rule is indicated by no ruler token, because it’s easy to make digital components change colour, and it’s better to have the tokens on the board rather than in player hands.

The number next to the tokens of your colour is the number of your tokens NOT in that stack, just like the player boards, but there’s no room for the player boards.

The number of prizes under your dial is indicated by another number on your dial (Prizes: 0), because the layout doesn’t allow space to fan out your prizes.

Blue, Grey, and Red cards in court will not be easy to read from a screenshot (the mouseover zoom displays the card the right way up, but that isn’t going to help in PBF). Given that most text is just flavour, this shouldn’t be a big problem, but I will keep a running commentary on Special abilities in play.

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Kept forgetting about this. Sign me up for Game 4 if there will be one!

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I’m sure there will be one! Good to have you bank on board.

Playing Aga Mehdi requires a bribe of 2 rupees.

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@Benkyo; your module is fantastic this way. I find it not only even more readable than the first one (even though the first one was also very good!) but more beautiful also. Thanks a lot for doing this, it is amazing.

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I’m paying the two rupees.

Thank you! I had to pretty much remake it from the ground up to get the new layout to work, and it has caused some technical issues (most notably, over 1 minute for the setup to complete), so it is good to have some positive feedback about the change.

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Although I looked at the last implementation, I didn’t try super-hard to follow the game state, so I can’t make a side-by-side comparison. But in this version, with the hands adjoining, I think the adjacency, which is important, is nicely done. In fact, it’s all amazingly well done. I have no idea how hard it is to make a Vassal module, but I guess quite hard, so it’s very impressive.

The only thing I find difficult when having a turn (which I’ve only done once so far) is trying to get a nicely sized version of the image in my browser, because zooming a very high resolution image just isn’t easy.

I notice that there’s nothing to show cards in hand, which is theoretically open information and also pretty useful for planning (a la Through the Ages). If I cared enough I could look back at old images and compare, but I’m not going to do that, so when held cards get played from hand it will just be a surprise in future. Mind you, the whole deck is going to be a surprise because I’ve never seen the cards before, so I can’t really complain.


I can upload the image in different resolutions. Currently it’s at 100%, but if a smaller image would work better on a phone, please just let me know.

For example, here’s the current board state at 50% Better, worse?

Hands I plan to show with individual screenshots, but I figured it didn’t matter for the first round.

For me, it’s better on desktop and worse on a phone. Phone zooming is far easier, so having full resolution is no hardship, but a phone screen is quite annoyingly small, and it’s useful to be able to get close for reading. Desktop browsers (without touch screen) are hard to zoom/pan nicely, and the 50% image is readable. So 50% is simpler to operate in a desktop browser. But overall I suspect sticking at 100% (or maybe 75%) is probably best. Of course some sort of nice modern ui with mouseover/click events would be ideal (the Through the Ages UI is incredible in terms of how much can be done with a tiny screen), but that’s getting into moon on stick territory where play by forum is concerned.

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I’m using a laptop, and 50% seems to be fine for that.

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Thanks, I guess I’ll stick with 100% for now. In normal play (rather than PBF) the zoom is usually whatever fits on your screen, like 20%, and mouseover zoom on cards is 100%.

@whistle_pig, you should specify play left or play right. This goes for everyone else in future turns with a court card in play too. I don’t want to resort to “play right by default” unless I have to.

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I’ll play my second card to the right this time.

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