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PBF Pax Pamir 2nd ed. game 3 recruitment & discussion thread

Hey you, it’s that time again, time to be a 19th century Afghan leader trying to manipulate the interfering Russian and British (and Afghan) coalitions to suit your own interests.

As per the previous games, I’ll start a thread dedicated to the game once we have the numbers, and this thread will remain for discussion and rule questions and the like.

We’ve had one full PBF game, and one mixed PBEM/PBF game. For this game I’d like to go back to PBF, using the latest iteration of my Vassal module for the screenshots.

One big difference is that all courts are now displayed on a circular track in the one image, like below:

This is closer to how a real physical game of Pax Pamir 2 would look, and I hope it makes it easier for people to play and follow along. It’s definitely a lot busier, but I think having all the information in one place makes up for it.

To play the game, all you really need to do is read the rules (14/20 pages, it’s a surprisingly easy and short read, and we won’t be needing the 1-2 player rules), and commit to seeing it through to the end.

Rules: https://drive.google.com/open?id=1CpZyDlXgVpAvZEUoHH2slXxPL_ZoBMDK

So, who is interested? Looking for 3-5 players.

I’m happy to play with you Ben. I’m familiar with PBEM with log files, but not PBF although it seems fairly self explanatory after perusing your previous PBF game.

On BGG, my username is mcdiarmid - I’ve given you some feedback on the 1.15-1.17 modules there during your development process.

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Great! I’m hoping we get enough players that I can just moderate.

The first game generated so much immediate interest (8 people wanting to play? and quite a lot of observers), and then we only got two players and myself for the second. I can’t help but think something about the game, or my handling of it, or the format, has driven people away.

If we don’t get the numbers I’ll go back to PBEM and not use the SU&SD forum. These forums are great for PBF though, so I’m hoping someone else is interested.

I’m interested. I only didn’t join previously because I didn’t want to be the one who couldn’t keep up. I’ve played original pax pamir, but not the new one and I’ve never used vassal so I’ll need some orientation to start with

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I can only speak for myself, but I found your handling of the game extraordinary. What kept me from joining game 2 was the weight of the first game still in my mind. But now that I’ve digested it a bit, I’d be happy to play in this one ! The new look is amazing !

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Speed won’t be a problem. The first game went crazy fast, but that shouldn’t be what players expect from PBF - it’s just a happy coincidence when it works out.

No need to use Vassal either - PBF, not PBEM this time.


OK, 2 spots left, and 3 players is enough for an interesting game. I’ll leave it a week or so to see if anyone signs up post-SHUX.

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I’m happy to be in again if you don’t find those extra two people after Shux finishes.

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OR - we could play with 4 right now? 4 is a good number. I’ll start the game unless @whistle_pig would prefer we wait.

Go ahead :slight_smile:

OK, @apm, @chrislear, @Cokho - pick a colour!

Blue - whistle_pig (from previous game)
Tan - chrislear
Grey - Cokho

First come, first serve.


I’ll go for tan

Also, hello @apm, @whistle_pig and @Cokho. I’m Chris. Nice to meet you. I’ve met Ben previously because we’ve played Through the Ages together. Looking forward to the Great Game.

[Edit: I missed @whistle_pig out originally because I didn’t read the previous post properly and didn’t realise you were playing. Sorry!]


I’ll take red.

I’m Adam, and I’ve been play testing some of the Pax Pamir vassal modules for Ben.


The game is up.

Incidentally, allowing players to choose their colour, or more significantly carry over colour from a previous game, has made development consistently more challenging (the easy alternative would be to randomly assign colours to players, and then colour order can be the same every game). I’m happy whenever this design choice seems to meet with approval =)

Please note that the layout means some information is presented a little differently from the physical game:

Rule is indicated by a ruler token on the map in the colour of the ruling player, and no rule is indicated by no ruler token, because it’s easy to make digital components change colour, and it’s better to have the tokens on the board rather than in player hands.

The number next to the tokens of your colour is the number of your tokens NOT in that stack, just like the player boards, but there’s no room for the player boards.

The number of prizes under your dial is indicated by another number on your dial (Prizes: 0), because the layout doesn’t allow space to fan out your prizes.

Blue, Grey, and Red cards in court will not be easy to read from a screenshot (the mouseover zoom displays the card the right way up, but that isn’t going to help in PBF). Given that most text is just flavour, this shouldn’t be a big problem, but I will keep a running commentary on Special abilities in play.

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Kept forgetting about this. Sign me up for Game 4 if there will be one!

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I’m sure there will be one! Good to have you bank on board.