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[PBF] Luxor - Forgotten Treasures


“Why are the two meeples holding a coconut” SHUT UP ITS A CANTEEN


Statue - 0, Vase - 1, Necklace - 0, Wild - 1, Keys - 0, Scarabs - 6 pts

You’re up @Murr!


Play my left card (3) and move my #1 explorer 3 spaces to the Double Eye/Key tile. I’ll take the Move Everyone 2 spaces card from the stack.


I will play my Rightside Card [4]
Move Blue Meeple #1 4 Spaces
Claim Tile
End Turn


@MinuteWalt you’re up!


Score update
Murr - 0
Hraf - 13
Minute - 1


Statue - 0, Vase - 0, Necklace - 0, Wild - 0, Keys - 1, Scarabs - 2 pts


Statue - 2, Vase - 1, Necklace - 1, Wild - 0, Keys - 0, Scarabs - 3 pts


@HrafnkelRedBeard All I can say is thankfully I’m not playing blue… I have on idea how you’re reading those numbers LOL


It’s a bit of a squint, but am not complaining at all @JDPftw has done a fantastic job!


Moving my #1 up with my right card, 2 spaces.

(My #2 and #3 have made camp, and are toasting marshmallows, drinking from a pocket flask, and keeping an eye out for cobras).


Thank you Hraf, hope you guys are enjoying the game so far :smiley: I’ll see if I can make the colour brighter when I get home tonight!


(I agree, Hraf, this is a pretty danged impressive board. Honestly, for the incredibly short time it took, and the short time it takes the boss (JDPftw) to modify it after the moves, the board graphics kind of knocked my socks off. JDP has also been on top of dealing the cards (or at least my hand of cards, I don’t know about you guys, I’m embarrassed to say I’ve never clicked on your hands except by accident at the beginning. I think that I would go straight to hell if I did it now, even accidentally) and the scarab/Horace card as well.

I’ve never played a PBF board game before, just text-based ones, Jonathan’s rocking it.)


Playing my left side card (2) and moving my #1 to the vase tile.

@HrafnkelRedBeard you’re up!


Play Leftside Card (1)
Move Blue Meeple #1 1 space
Take a Key
End Turn


Except @MinuteWalt you found a cobra under that treasure :0 it ended up being a very nice cobra and showed you an entrance to a secret passageway! Unfortunately your adventurers were too focused on their marshmallows that they didn’t want to go through it. (Once another secret passageway gets found, you can travel forward through them!) Also, that’s the best secret entrance you’ll get from me

Score update
Murr - 0
Hraf - 13
Minute - 7


Statue - 0, Vase - 0, Necklace - 0, Wild - 0, Keys - 1, Scarabs - 2 pts


Statue - 2, Vase - 1, Necklace - 1, Wild - 0, Keys - 1, Scarabs - 3 pts


Statue - 0, Vase - 2, Necklace - 0, Wild - 1, Keys - 0, Scarabs - 6 pts

Thank you too, Minute :slight_smile: It’s your turn!


My party is adopting the cobra, and naming her Shirley. Don’t ask about the name, it’s an inside joke between my explorers.

What are my options @JDPftw? As I constantly say, over and over, the first play of any game is always awkward for me, like the first time I learned to waltz with a real girl. I would appreciate a spoiler texed, err, hand-holding.

(Wow, that’s actually a pretty awkward wording as well. It’s like I just asked a “bro” to show me how to waltz when no one’s looking, just before the big high-school dance.)

Whatever, we’re keeping Shirley! She’s the nicest cobra you could ever hope to meet!


@JDPftw Ooo! The light blue makes quite a difference. Thanks!


@MinuteWalt Your options are to play either one of your end cards and move one of your adventurers. The tile you’re standing on doesn’t trigger unless 1) You end your move on it (you only uncovered it), and 2) There’s another secret door in play.

Once a second/third/fourth secret door is in play, anyone ending their movement on a secret door will travel to the next secret door (inward direction only, not outward). If there is more than one secret door, they do not chain react, you only ever go 1 door forward at a time.


Exactly as Murr described! The secret entrance can’t be used now, so just play a card like you’ve been doing before (even though I’m sure those adventurers would rather stay by the fire…)


Thank you @Murr!

They do like their little camp, but I’m going to play my right card to move my #1 up 4 spaces.

I believe his name is Devin. When he’s not adventuring, he’s got an apartment in NYC with his girlfriend Katlyn.


@system d6: 5


I’ll play my left card and it appears I rolled a 5 (see above), so I’ll move my #1 adventurer 5 spaces and claim that cheap plastic necklace someone left laying on the path.

@HrafnkelRedBeard it’s your turn!