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[PBF] Luxor - Forgotten Treasures


Yup! Feel free to post slightly ahead if your move doesn’t affect others (please keep it only a move ahead).


Statue - 0, Vase - 0, Necklace - 0, Wild - 0, Keys - 1, Scarabs - 2 pts


You’re doing great!
Statue - 0, Vase - 1, Necklace - 0, Wild - 0, Keys - 0, Scarabs - 6 pts

@HrafnkelRedBeard, show 'em how its done!


Up to you guys, it might increase the wait time for cards like that bc you’ll have to wait for me to get online and roll, but if you’re ok with that, I’m willing to do it!


I’ll let you roll my die in the future (I don’t want anyone to think I’m taking advantage of my mod powers over @system, or even @discobot, which is another great tool here! You should check it out!)

But I think it’s up to you, JPD, my instinct is that the OP is the mod of their thread.


Hi! To find out what I can do, say @discobot display help.


Dangit, discobot! Seriously, that thing’s like the devil, “say his name and he shall appear…”

Whatever you do, do not click on the heart icon in it’s response. You’ll just encourage it.

(Feel free to type in the tutorial “help” in a PM to disco, it can be useful).


I have no idea how to roll a die in these forums, but MinuteWalt, I have no problem with you rolling your own dice. If someone wants to tell me how to roll dice, that’d be nice when I actually get one of those cards :slight_smile:


You can do something like this: @system [roll 1d6]

(or 2d6 or 1d20 or whatever) and @system will roll it for you.


Play Rightside Card
Move Blue Meeple #3 3 Spaces
Claim Scarab C3
End Turn


When it comes to dice rolling, I am familiar with how to do so myself. @MinuteWalt I trust you to roll your own. I could be wrong, but I’m not sure one claws their way to the top to become a mod of a forum for the purposes of occasionally fudging a dice roll to marginally increase their chances at board game played by forum.



Do you know how many people in the line of succession I had to kill to get to where I am today?
An unpaid job that I do for quite a few hours most days? (OK, I’ll stop being a silly person now.)

It is kind of like when I DM with a screen. I don’t fudge die rolls, and I’d roll directly on the table, but it creates a little tension when the other kids can’t see what I’m doing. I think it adds a little bit of excitement when a game runner has to make the RNG online, it’s different when it’s f2f.

I don’t know if that makes any sense to anybody. I think that I think about this kind of thing way too much.



It’s a 3 point scarab!
Statue - 1, Vase - 1, Necklace - 1, Wild - 0, Keys - 0, Scarabs - 3 pts

@Murr, you’re looking great today!


(I apologize in advance for this)

I think there’s a mummy in here! I keep hearing “@Murr! Mrrr! Murrrrrrr…”

(Feel free to kick me out of the game, anyone, I am so sorry)


I’m going to play my left side card (5) and move my #1 explorer along…He can see the next team in his party, but hasn’t quite gotten there…


I will play Rightside Card
Move Blue #2 4 Spaces.
End turn


I wonder why those adventurers are lying down. Did they fall asleep? Does the person running by just slap them on the face and they realize they forgot their flashlight at the beginning of the tomb? So many questions!


Statue - 0, Vase - 0, Necklace - 0, Wild - 0, Keys - 1, Scarabs - 2 pts


Statue - 1, Vase - 1, Necklace - 1, Wild - 0, Keys - 0, Scarabs - 3 pts

OH HECK, I DUN GOOFED! It appears I skipped @MinuteWalt’s turn in there. SERVES YOU RIGHT FOR YOUR TERRIBLE JOKES

Just kidding, I seriously love your jokes. Just take 2 turns now to fix it up.


Just a reminder @MinuteWalt, it’s your turn!


Sorry, I had to scroll up to see my cards. It took me three whole days! :rofl:

I use my right card to move my #3 up 2 spaces.

(there were actually some other things going on here and IRL, sorry for the delay, guys)


OH sorry, I saw you posting in the other places and thought you might have forgotten it was your turn!


Statue - 0, Vase - 1, Necklace - 0, Wild - 1, Keys - 0, Scarabs - 6 pts

Go ahead and take another turn when you get a chance @MinuteWalt


Again, sorry.

I want to use my right card to move my #3 meeple forward 3 spaces.

I’m also going to have it pat my #1 and the blue #3 (it that a 3?) on the shoulders as it walks by, if that’s OK.


My meeple also says, “Are you doing alright? Here,” and she gives them a canteen of water.

My #3 is now officially a lady meeple who likes to help out other explorers.