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[PBF] Luxor - Forgotten Treasures


@Murr Scroll down to the Extras board and pick a scarab!


(@HrafnkelRedBeard, I’m predicting that since @Murr has started with 0 points and we both lead with 1, you and I are going to get trounced. I have been wrong with my predictions, before, though!


Also @Murr you’re still a very new member, let me know if you have trouble posting. There are some restrictions for things like “Likes,” new posts, new topics, etc. They dissolve with time and activity automatically, and are usually unnoticeable for most people. Sometimes we bump people to get them past the first “Are you sure that you’re human?” barrier.)


Cough Murr may have played many games of Luxor before this so that definitely might happen cough

Excuse me, cold weather here might be giving me a cold!

(He came from BGG, I posted there as well just to see and since he was the only response, I invited him here!)


(Oh yeah, Murr’s definitely probably human, but as you know, a lot of us have experienced the anti-spam wall before, JDP :wink:.
In seriousness, though, the way it works has actually been great for everyone in general. There are few frustrations for newbs (we don’t bite the n00bies! those limitations go away pretty quickly) but I think the mod/admin only have to perma-ban problem users or bots once every month or three, or four. This community is like a huge town that only needs a half-dozen cops.)


(Just to be safe I bumped him up a little)


What’s funny was I actually didn’t realize there were any restrictions until I got a random message that says, “you can now send personal message […]” and I’m like, “oh well that’s cool” xD


I’ll talk to the Cuddleroom about editing a bit more info about that into the guide.

Enough, though! Back to the game! * I spur my horse and ride off in all directions. *




Go ahead @HrafnkelRedBeard


Play Rightside Card

d6: 3


Move Blue #2 Forward 3 Spaces

End Turn


I’ll take Scarab A1


That’s a fine scarab you’ve got there.

(I’m sorry if I’m getting goofy guys, I’m working an extra shift from home and I should have gone to bed 6 hours ago).



That roll worked out perfectly!

@Murr’s scarab point value: 2pts

@MinuteWalt I love silliness! It brings a game to life and at least on a forum, it makes the games feel like we’re in the same room joking around with each other :slight_smile: your turn btw


So I can play my left card and move my #1 to the same space as @HrafnkelRedBeard’s #2, yes?


(Example of where my head is at right now: I totally want our meeples to fight when they land in the same space. Like, pick them up in our fingers and physically clink them together while making fighting sounds and dialogue out loud.
“Yaaaah! I’ll get you, mister blue man!” [poink poink poink] “That’s what you think, green number one!” [poink!])

Yeah, I’m going to bed, they don’t really pay me enough for me to care after 16 hours.


We are all friendly expeditioners here. You are more than welcome to share a tile space. Let me make room. I of course will snatch that vase from under your nose, but I will do so in the most polite way.




@Murr to play!


I’ll play my left side card (1) and move adventurer #3 (from the entrance)


I will also play my Leftside Card.

Move Blue #1 back 1 space.

Claim Vase Tile.

End turn.


Treasure claimed! Since there was nothing under it, when counting spaces ahead, you skip over the gray tiles (wild card space to scarab space is only a 1).

Score update
Murr - 0
Hraf - 5
Minute - 1


Treasures: Statue - 0, Vase - 0, Necklace - 0


Treasures: Statue - 1, Vase - 1, Necklace - 0

@MinuteWalt you’re up!