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[PBF] Luxor - Forgotten Treasures


There’s definitely a spot for you (you’d be the 3rd player) and of course I can lead you through the rules as we go :slight_smile:

I have to admit, I didn’t realize you were a moderator, so whatever time you have for this is good!

I know Murr is good on the rules (talked to him on BGG), but do they all make sense to you @HrafnkelRedBeard ?


(Here is the link I was referring to earlier. Between that and other things here, I will wait unless you can’t fill that spot.
Hopefully green. I like green. I won’t be annoyed if someone else wants it, though, as a mod I’d rather regular members get the opportunity to have fun.)

I’ll let @HrafnkelRedBeard speak for himself, but from what I’ve seen here, despite the almost unpronounceable name, this kid’s pretty sharp on the uptake (unlike me. I mean, that’s only an 8 page pdf, and I still have issues. How the hell did I get to become a professional technologist?)


Rules seem pretty straightforward. I think I got a handle.


Last day to sign up! We have 3 players ready, 1 spot left. If you’re interested in playing a really cool game, just post a comment below and we’ll get you all set up :slight_smile:


OK, it looks like it’ll be just the 3 of you. But that’s just fine!
Here’s the game board and extras again

Chosen in a random order, Murr is 1st, Hraf is 2nd, and Minute is 3rd.

Here are your starting hands:

Murr (red)


Hraf (blue)


Minute (green)

A couple of low cards to start (not necessarily bad). You can only use one of the two outside cards. Roll a die for the die card and that’s how many spaces you can move an adventurer. You start with only the two adventurers on the stairs, which can try to grab the 2nd, 3rd, and 4th treasure (the 1st treasure needs 3 adventurers of your colour on the tile as shown by the grey meeples). Make sense? Just pm me with questions :slight_smile:

Murr, you can start whenever you want! Let’s have a GREAT game :smiley:


Move from Entrance - 5 spaces (Play card on left side of hand)


Play Right Side Card

d6: 4


Move Blue #1 4 Spaces
Claim Tile


A snake tile was under Hraf’s treasure! When you get an adventurer on the scarab tile and choose that action, you can pick one from the supply, and it gives you extra victory points!

Score update:
Murr - 0
Hraf - 1
Minute - 0

Hand update:


Rolling in high numbers xD
Treasures: Statue - 0, Vase - 0, Necklace - 0


Treasures: Statue - 1, Vase - 0, Necklace - 0

@MinuteWalt to play!


My #3 guy should be at the entrance :slight_smile: Rules on page 4

New adventurers entering the game
The first time a player’s adventurer passes an Anubis statue,
they place their adventurer lying down at that statue onto
the stairs at the start in upright position. That adventurer has
entered the game now, and can be moved in following game



Thanks :slight_smile:



Is there a score tracker?


Yup, that’s why I post a “score update”. In the real game, it’s a track on the outside. You count the victory points on the treasure tiles as you get them, but everything else (sets, scarabs, position in the tomb) at the end!


Oh! I glanced right over the score update! Apologies!


So, it’s my turn?

Can I play my right card to roll?


@system d6: 2


Did that suck? I think it probably sucked. I move my #1 meeple to the second square, with a 1 on it, correct? (I’m sorry, I get nervous about rules the first time I play a game).


Yup that’s perfect! And it got you a treasure!

Give me a few minutes and I’ll update your hand and the board state :slight_smile:


Treasure taken, wildcard revealed! Landing on this space will earn you a wildcard token. It doesn’t give you any points outright, but it counts as any type of treasure when making sets at the end of the game!
Score update:
Murr - 0
Hraf - 1
Minute - 1


Cards shift over, new one added to the middle. Two 1’s, eh? Here’s where the planning can come in. Look at the next cards in line (card 2 and 4). Once you take an outside one, the next will move into it’s place. Can you play an end card to set up the next one to get your 2 guys to land on a treasure?
Treasures: Statue - 0, Vase - 1, Necklace - 0
This is just a way to keep track of what treasures you’ve earned. Each set of 3 different treasure (1 statue, 1 vase, 1 necklace) will earn you points at the end of the game. It’s important to keep that in mind!

No need to be nervous, I’ll correct you if something goes awry and try to give some tips as we go! But if you don’t want strategy tips, just lmk too. We’re here to have fun :smiley:

@Murr to play!


Play left card (+/- 1) move #1 backwards one space to scarab tile (purple)