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[PBF] Luxor - Forgotten Treasures


No worries! Sorry folks, I too have been a bit absent, between Thanksgiving Day travels and our seemingly endless Hanukkah activities, its been a bit difficult to sit down and think.

That said:

Play Rightside Card
Move Blue Meeple #2 4 spaces to meet up with Blue Meeple #1
Claim Tile
End Turn


@MinuteWalt you’re next!

And welcome back @HrafnkelRedBeard


Sounds like a lot! Hope it all went well :slight_smile:

Score update
Murr - 20
Hraf - 27
Minute - 14


Statue - 3, Vase - 2, Necklace - 3, Wild - 1, Keys - 3, Scarabs - 5 pts

@MinuteWalt you’re up!

Just so you all know, I will be flying back home to see my family from December 17-January 3. My personal preference is that we try to finish the game before then (as I won’t be able to update when I’m away and over 2 weeks is a fair amount of time), but if we don’t, that’s ok too! I’ll update things on my end as quickly as possible just in case :slight_smile:


@MinuteWalt it is your turn :slight_smile: