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[PBF] Luxor - Forgotten Treasures


No worries! Sorry folks, I too have been a bit absent, between Thanksgiving Day travels and our seemingly endless Hanukkah activities, its been a bit difficult to sit down and think.

That said:

Play Rightside Card
Move Blue Meeple #2 4 spaces to meet up with Blue Meeple #1
Claim Tile
End Turn


@MinuteWalt you’re next!

And welcome back @HrafnkelRedBeard


Sounds like a lot! Hope it all went well :slight_smile:

Score update
Murr - 20
Hraf - 27
Minute - 14


Statue - 3, Vase - 2, Necklace - 3, Wild - 1, Keys - 3, Scarabs - 5 pts

@MinuteWalt you’re up!

Just so you all know, I will be flying back home to see my family from December 17-January 3. My personal preference is that we try to finish the game before then (as I won’t be able to update when I’m away and over 2 weeks is a fair amount of time), but if we don’t, that’s ok too! I’ll update things on my end as quickly as possible just in case :slight_smile:


@MinuteWalt it is your turn :slight_smile:


Well, I’m back home for the holidays, so I won’t be updating anything. I hope you all have a lovely Christmas break, and I’ll see you in the new year :smiley:


Safe travels and a happy holiday!


Sorry guys, there has been a lot of chaos here for the last couple of weeks, I haven’t been able to get online much.

I’ll use my right 5 card to move my #2 ahead.

Also, warning, the beginning to mid-January may be sporadic for me as well, I’ll try to keep up as best I can. Again, apologies to all.


I’m going to play my left hand card (2), and move my #2 explorer to the necklace tile.

@MinuteWalt I believe you need to make a selection based on your move, and @HrafnkelRedBeard it is your turn :slight_smile:


May I please see the state of the board? I’m pretty sure I want to scoop up some bugs, but I would like to see where my meeples are at. (Yes, I should know better, sorry guys).


d6: 4


Play Leftside Card
Move Blue #4 4 Spaces
Claim Horux
End Turn


I’ll be back in Edmonton this Thursday, so I’ll probably update the board state either that day or the Friday!


With the pause in the game:

Happy New Year’s then, @JDPftw! And to @HrafnkelRedBeard, and @Murr!


(Where the hell did that frog come from?)


Happy New Year!!


It’s now Thursday, get back to work!

(just kidding, getting back home should deserve at least a few days filled with nothing in particular. Take some time off from your time off, time off can be surprisingly stressful. Hope you had fun!)


Heh, it can get a little stressful. You try to meet with old friends but NONE OF THEM respond to your questions about availability :stuck_out_tongue:

JK, I had a wonderful time being home, though i’ve been in Alberta for 2 years, I still get homesick. And yes, I did get to meet up with the friends who did respond xD


Welcome back everyone!

I’m gonna assume that Minute wants the key, as per previous experiences :stuck_out_tongue: (of course, let me know if you’d rather take the Horus card)


Statue - 1, Vase - 3, Necklace - 0, Wild - 1, Keys - 7, Scarabs - 6 pts


Statue - 0, Vase - 1, Necklace - 4, Wild - 2, Keys - 0, Scarabs - 2 pts, Sarcophagus - 5 pts


Statue - 3, Vase - 2, Necklace - 3, Wild - 1, Keys - 3, Scarabs - 5 pts

@MinuteWalt, back to you!


I’m all about keys.
I don’t think I have much choice but to play my left card, one forward for my #2.


I’m going to play my right side card and move my #5 Explorer 5 spaces, claiming yet another necklace tile!

@HrafnkelRedBeard it is your turn.


I will play Leftside Card
Move all Meeple 2 spaces
1&2 work together to claim that Statue tile
3&4 each find themselves on a wild tile and each selfishly claim one.
End Turn