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[PBF] Luxor - Forgotten Treasures


Hey there!

Recently my Kickstarter version of Luxor (https://boardgamegeek.com/boardgame/245643/luxor) came in and had a blast playing it! But besides showing up in a Game News pic for being a Spiel Des Jahres nominee, there really hasn’t been much coverage of it.

SO! Now’s the opportunity for YOU good reader of the PBF section to try it out for yourself! I figured it’s not too tough of a game to learn and could work really well in this format! I’m new to moderating and all that, but I’m sure we can make it work :slight_smile:

Let me know what you think!


How would this work as a PBF with a hand of cards for each player? Also, there is a big, lovely board, would you post an image of the board (like what they’re doing for Flamme Rouge)?

It looks like a super-cool game, I want to try it, but I don’t how that would work PBF. Give us your plan, man!


Cracks knuckles don’t underestimate a nerd with time on his hands :stuck_out_tongue:

What I’ve seen in BGG is using the spoiler tag on hands of cards with a note of whose hand it is
Red: 1, 3, 3, 5, 4
. That might work
Or the detail dropdown like Flamme Rouge



Or I could always send a pm to players if people are worried about cheating (I’d certainly hope no one would do that :0)

But anyway, let me work on the board+extras and I’ll post it when its done :slight_smile:


Awesome. If I end up not being a player (and I am between a few PBF things right now, I’d like to be a candidate for play), I am often a spectator.

I’ve bookmarked this. Even if I end up not being a player, I want to see how this works.




Ahem, sorry, I’m just QUITE happy with how it turned out :slight_smile:

Come one come all! Let’s get a game of Luxor going (and not let my photoshop masterpiece go to waste :P)

I know it looks a bit intimidating, but it’s actually a really simple game to learn! Either check out the rules here: https://boardgamegeek.com/filepage/160512/luxor-english-rules or wait until tomorrow when I can write a quick post on how it plays!


In Luxor, you’re trying to earn the most points! There are a few ways you earn points:
1) Travel deep into the tomb. The golden beetle beside each space shows how many points you will get for being in that space at the end of the game
2) Collecting treasures (represented by the tiles that have jewelry, vase, or, blue statue). They have a base point value (the # in the tile), but also you can gets exponentially more points by earning one of each treasure (collecting sets). You collect treasures by having enough of your coloured adventurers on the space (the grey adventurers show how many you need).
3) Grabbing tokens. The key tokens are worth 1 point, but allow you access into the centre of the tomb. First 2 people into the centre grabs a point sarcophagus! There are also hidden tiles under treasures where you can land to earn scarabs (worth varying points).

Movement: To move around the tomb, you’re going to be playing a card from your hand of 5.
-THE KEY OF THIS GAME IS THAT YOU CAN ONLY USE THE OUTSIDE 2 CARDS. So if you’re dealt a hand with 4, 5, 3, 3, 1 , you can only play the 4 or the 1. At the end of the turn, you’ll grab a new one and place it in the centre, shifting the other cards to the outside.
-The card is usually only going to show a number from 1-5. Choose an adventurer that’s active (the ones facing up) and move them that many spaces, skipping over empty tiles (spaces where the treasure has been claimed).
-If you pass over an Anubis statue, you’re extra adventurer becomes active and you can use him next turn!

Special Tiles: The pink tiles will send you that many spaces forward if you land on it.
-The yellow tiles let you decide between grabbing a key or grabbing a “Horus card”. Horus cards get added to your hand and do more than the normal cards (eg: grab a treasure for one less adventurer, move all adventurers forward 2 spaces)
-Grabbing a treasure may reveal a tile underneath. I’ll edit this when we get to those!

Andddd that’s everything (besides Queenies of course)! Hope that you understood everything and are willing to give this great game a try :slight_smile: and feel free to ask any questions you have!


I’m in!


Wanted to post this earlier, but photoshop decided I didn’t want to do any exporting to pngs before work .-.

It shows what Horace cards you can grab first, the scarab tokens still available, and the points for the amount of sets you get at the end!

Oh and those that have signed up, feel free to choose a colour you want to be!


If there’s room, I’ll play, and would like Red as the color.


Awesome! Now we have 2 confirmed (Murr & Hrafnkel) and @MinuteWalt are you good to be a player?

I’m thinking of waiting until Monday to see if we get one more person, if not that’ll be the start date!

When it’s your turn, try to get your move in as quickly as you can and I’ll do my best to update the board soon after :slight_smile:

On your turn, say what card you are using (Left or Right and how many spaces) and which adventurer is getting moved and if you are doing an action on the space.


R4, #1, grab key

That’s the right side card, moving your #1 adventurer 4 spaces, and grabbing a key on the tile.
Please say all those steps (i don’t care how you write it) because there is a lot of options you can do!

For dice rolls, just search “roll a dice” and google will roll a d6 for you, just post what it says!

Really looking forward to this, hope you guys are too :smiley:


OK guys,

@system can also roll dice for you.
d6: 1
type [roll d6]. In this case, it generated a "1"

When you use @system you don’t have to worry about people making re-rolls at home.


The thing I’m concerned about are the cards. How will that work, as a practical thing (I get it’s from the middle-out, but how will that be represented)?

(Also, are they face up or face down, I may be missing that reading the pdf, entirely my fault, I suck at reading manuals.)

MinuteWalt's hand


Also to test: d6: 5


WOAH, I had no idea the forum had a dice roll option :open_mouth:
Anyway, that was what I plan to do @MinuteWalt
I have all the cards at home, so I deal out 3 “hands” and change the number in that photoshop pic depending on the person’s hand and what gets drawn


The forum has other automatic things, too, but let’s get you settled in first. @system is a super handy tool all by itself.

So you (@JDPftw) have a “blank” image of the cards for each player (EDIT: I should have said “template”), you then physically draw them at home, you move them out from the center as we play them, change the image in photoshop, and post it as @system to that player?

Also, my previous question wasn’t answered (and I admit, this may be from my own inability to read what words mean) but I haven’t been able to find if our hands are secret or face-up.


For the first part, EXACTLY! I have a photoshop image of the 5 cards, saved 3 times. I play out a hand with the real cards, change the numbers in the image, and post it in that drop down details thing for each player (and repost/edit the image after each play). It got posted as system bc of the test roll. I have no idea all the things it can do :open_mouth:

And yes sorry, you’re dealt cards so that only you can see them and no one else (standard card game style), then you play them face up into a discard pile. Finally, you a draw a card from a facedown deck to refill your hand to 5! Does that make sense?


Makes sense!
(Also, I apologize if I repeat things that you just said. I do tech and customer support, and that’s a clarification tool I’ve become addicted to.)


Heh don’t worry, I didn’t even notice.

And I get that reading from rulebooks can be tough :0 I work at a board game cafe, so I have to read them A LOT so I’ve gotten used to it. It’s nice though because then I can make peoples’ lives easier by teaching them instead of them struggling through a rulebook :smiley:

Please don’t feel pressured or anything, but then does that mean you’re good to go? Care to choose a colour?


I’ll take blue, please.


I’ll take any color that’s left over, and I will let anyone who wants to play take precedence over me. I’ll only join in if there’s an empty spot, and if you, @JDPftw, will hold my hand like I’m a 5 year old with the rules. (I have other things going on here. In fact, I’ll post a link shortly in way of explanation.)