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[PBF-ish] Recruiting Player for a game of Neptune's Pride, strategy and diplomacy in outer Space! The game has begun!

The logical next step from this topic !
We are looking for player who want to play Neptune’s Pride with us. Neptune’s Pride is a game played over internet (over there : https://np.ironhelmet.com/#landing ) ! it is a game of strategy, alliance and diplomacy played either in real time or turn based (which is what we are going to do!).

That is the extent of what I know! The forum very own @RossM actually helped writing part of the game, and he’s probably way more apt to discuss more in detail how the game is played.

From what I can gather, I think it is close to the app Subterfuge, and the Cool Ghost gang actually made a video diary of them playing the game! (Over here!)

For now our players are

We are looking for more, please share your interest and/or questions below !

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Tutorial video.

I didn’t code the game, just helped write some descriptions.


Are you considering a turn based game, or leaving it real time?

Turn based? Is that right @Cokho?

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I would be interested in this if it’s going to be turn-based! Sounds very fun and frustrating in a great way.


Yes, Turn based is what were thinking!

There are an inordinate number of options when creating a game. I can make sensible decisions on most of them, but there is one option to discuss.

Normal maps show you where all the stars are and who controls them, but you only get detailed information on them when they are in scanning range.

Dark Galaxies display only the stars in your scanning range. You have no idea where anyone else is.

What do people think?

  • Normal Galaxy
  • Dark Galaxy
  • Don’t Mind
  • Ignore me I’m just lurking.
  • Why do we keep on having polls?

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I would so love to play, but, as the gaps in progress of the Leaving Earth game shows, I don’t have the time! However, I shall be lurking with extreme interest!


Those should be multiple choices poll, it is so tempting to vote for that last answer :joy: ! I voted for Dark, because if we’re doi’g this, I say we go full throttle. But for real, I’m not sure I mind !

It is only one move a day…


I’m in for turn based :rocket:


Pah! You’re going to convince me, and then I’ll feel guilty every time I have to be reminded that I’ve left Leaving Earth for - what was it this time - 9 days! Fine, sign me up, but I’ll move over if you have too many players


One of us ! One of us !


So, does it just skip your turn if the timer goes over 24 hours?

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Let me look at the rules and the game when I get home…

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So the game is available at.


You have to register.

After that I’ve set up a game link at


The password is ‘Brendan’

Have a play, or click on the help option in the menu which has exhaustive information and video guides.

I’ve set up an 8 player game but I can force start at anytime and the galaxy will redraw itself for the number of players we actually have.


Any way to change my TrueAlias, or will I have to make a new account to do so?

Every time you join a game the game asked you what you want to be called. No one can actually see your true alias.

The only way it would be revealed is if you created a game and you didn’t change the games title it defaults to True Alias’ game.

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Cool thanks!

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