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PBF-ish Pax Pamir 2nd ed. game 2

This thread is for the game itself. Please direct any rule questions to the companion thread over here.

All negotiation does belong in this thread. I’m going to be doing my level best to make sure [insert non-Red winning faction here] doesn’t win, so you can be sure I’ll be haranguing [insert remaining faction here] to that end whenever necessary.

When posting a turn, please let us know every action you took in this thread, as well as posting a link to the logfile. The logfiles should be self-explanatory, but where they aren’t, the forum posts will be there to clarify.

Here’s the setup I just generated, I’m Red, Loyalty pick order is Black > Blue > Red, and I’ll be taking the first turn.

setup.vsav (750.6 KB)

Again, Vassal is here, v0.35 of the module is here.

Things look a little different from the last PBF, but the map is basically the same, most of the changes are under the hood.

So, over to @ryz0283 to choose loyalty (logfile optional).

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I chose British loyalty. Not sure how to generate and send a log file? Do I need to save the game state or is it saved online somewhere? Thanks.

All good on logfiles now. Here it is.1.vlog (751.3 KB)

Declare Afghan loyalty

2.vlog (753.7 KB)

Declare Afghan loyalty, Purchase and Play Josiah Harlan, Tax the market.

1.vlog (756.7 KB)

(I went with 1 as it’s the first actual turn in the game)

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-Purchased Maqpon Dynasty
-Purchased Anglo-Persian Trade2.vlog (753.5 KB)

  • Purchase and play Pashtun Mercenary, taking one rupee from the market
  • Place an Afghan army in Kandahar

3.vlog (760.4 KB)

Purchase and Play Zorowar Singh Kahluria, Tax the market with Josiah Harlan

4.vlog (756.2 KB)

  • Played Anglo-Persian Trade (taking 2 leveraged coins and putting a road on Persia/Herat border)
  • Purchased Henry Pottinger

5.vlog (753.7 KB)

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  • Purchase and play Shah’s guard
  • Place an Afghan army in Persia
  • Place a spy on Anglo-Persian trade

Purchase Other Persuasive Methods to swap hands with Black.
Purchase Hazara Chiefs.
Tax the market.
Discard Henry Pottinger.

6 7.vlog (756.5 KB)

Purchased and played Aminullah Khan Logari, changing loyalty to Afghan, discarding Anglo-Persian Trade (and the blue spy on it) , and placing one tribe and one Afghan army in Kabul, and also placing a spy on Aminullah Khan Logari.

8.vlog (759.1 KB)

  • Purchase Sindhi Warriors
  • Purchase Bank, placing a rupee on Cossacks.

(Still no access to Vassal I’m afraid. Should do by this evening though)


9.vlog (753.1 KB)

1st Dominance check is in the market.

10.vlog (757.3 KB)

Play Hazara Chiefs.
Tax the market x2.
Use Zorawar Singh Kahluria to gift (2).

11.vlog (765.0 KB)

Purchase and play Charles Stoddart
Use free battle action to remove British road from Persia/Herat border

  • Play Bank
  • Leverage 2 rupees from the bank.
  • Change favoured suit to Intelligence.
  • Place roads on Kabul-Kandahar, and Punjab-Kandahar borders.
  • Play Sindhi Warriors, paying a bribe of 1 rupee to red.
  • Place 1 army in Punjab.
  • Change favoured suit to Economic.
  • Use free action on Bank to gift.
  • Discard Pashtun Mercenary.
    12.vlog (760.9 KB)

@whistle_pig, your “log” is a saved game snapshot taken at the end of your turn. I’m going to assume from your description that your turn was played correctly, but please upload logs in future.

Purchase Dominance Check - the Afghan coalition is uncontested, and I’m rewarded for my loyalty. The Afghan coalition stops gearing up for the war that never happened (3/2/2 influence means 5/2/2 VPs, all blocks removed).
Play Maqpon Dynasty - leverage and another tribe in Punjab.

13.vlog (767.2 KB)

-Purchase William Moorcroft
-Purchase Kandahari Markets

I’m afraid this may be my last move for a couple weeks, as I’m going on holiday until the 3rd of September. I may be able to download VASSAL on the PC’s of the family I’m staying with, but I can’t guarantee that and I probably will have limited time to use it anyway. Hope that’s ok with everyone.

14.vlog (763.5 KB)

  • Purchase City of Ghazni
  • Purchase Cossacks

15.vlog (761.0 KB)

Hopefully that’s a proper log file this time!