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[PBF] Flamme Rouge - Tour de Poire - Stage 1

After the exciting action of the qualifying session the inaugural Tour de Poire is finally starting.

The Tour takes place across five tough stages with riders encountering the added challenge of cobblestones in the third stage. To compensate teams have set up in the Supply Zones dotted through each stage to give their riders a much needed chance to refuel!

The teams are as follows:

Flamme Rouge rules
Peloton rules - we’ll be using the Breakaway variant

Pertinent Grand Tour Rules:

As per the Flamme Rouge boardgame, you play your turn as normal but there are some additional rules:

  1. Please only look at one of your riders at a time. Choose a card and then look at your remaining rider.
  2. Please don’t look into the other players spoiler tags, at least not until the game is over.
  3. Post all rider movements using the [detail] tag, preferably in the format, r4 s5 or s5 r4.
  4. No editing your move once it’s been made. (If you really cock something up, let me know.)
  5. No sugar!

Please make yourself familiar with the rules before we start, if you aren’t sure of anything please ask :slight_smile:

If you notice anything weird in your hand or deck (energy, recycle & discard piles), let me know so I can look into it. While we’ve run a whole stage prior to this, there’s always the chance of something going awry.

Additionally, while the code manages the decks, I’ll be managing the Flamme Rouge rules and moving riders, so if I mess up please shout!

The ‘information-game’ differs a little from standard Flamme Rouge in that normally you’d have to remember what cards other riders have been playing but in PBF that information is accessible in previous forum posts. So that everyone has access to the same information I’ll be displaying every rider’s remaining cards at the end of each movement phase. I don’t know how much people will use it, but it’s there if people want to be really ‘mathsy’.
With all that said it’s time to place your bets and find a spot on the track to follow the action, the riders will be lining up any moment now!


Turn 0 - Set up

Here’s the starting tile:

For the first stage the starting order is randomly determined. For future stages it will be in reverse TP order.

  1. Pink
  2. Blue
  3. Red
  4. White
  5. Black
  6. Green

So @Oly, when you’re ready, choose your rider positions (these can be posted in the open).

r4 and s6



[detail] testing

For hidden movement click the cog menu when typing a post and select “Hide Details”.

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s7 r9


S11 R10

Black: S1 R2.

Bold :slight_smile:

I guess that leaves R3 and S12

I don’t think starting in front is necessarily bad. Especially when we’re playing with breakaways.

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And with that the riders are ready to depart!

From this point onward turns are taken in parallel (so post whenever you’ve made your choice) but remember all moves should be played in secret using the [details] tag! Check the Rules section if you’re unsure.

For the Breakaway phase each team must nominate a rider to attempt the breakaway! So when you’re ready post your choice (in secret).



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in secret




Thanks all, in general I’ll be getting updates out from about 6pm (BST) Mon-Fri and various points over the weekend. :slight_smile:


Cheers! I don’t mind going a more casual pace than last time. Though, come to think of it, we must finish five tracks, so

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