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Welcome to Firelight Vol. 2, a second adventure in the mysterious land of Hyrrljoss.

This is the continuation of the D&D game I played at SHUX with
@clg6000 as Nel the Druid
@katre as Skirl the Monk
@Nymeria941 as Lina the Barbarian
And also including
@ColdCanadian as Nix the Bard


Skirl, a halfling monk and Nel the elvish druid were on their way to Konungr-Saet to find a missing master of Skirl’s order. On their way they met Lina, a halfling barbarian, who was also on her way to the big city for the first time. They quickly became good companions, though their mettle was soon tested.

The great city of Konungr-Saet is surrounded by a vast ring of low ruins. Rooftops and walls sit almost entirely buried in grey ash and dust - the remains of a great metropolis of men, now empty, its name forgotten. It is said that the Jotun laid it low, along with the original kings of Firelight when they built their castle and stronghold of Konungr-Saet.

Scavengers with tall, flexible wagons pick through the ashes for artifacts and treasures, selling them at the market in the city. As the party approached the city from the north, they came upon a family of scavengers brutally ambushed by cloaked and masked thugs!

The party defeated the thugs and retrieved what they might have been looking for - a large iron key, covered in Jotun-runes. The scavengers, thankfully only unconcious, directed the party to seek for more information from Bor-Dalus, an expert at identifying antiques from the area, though somewhat of a shady person.

Arriving through the great northern gate of the capital, the party found their way to Bor-Dalus’ inn. Both a monument to Bor-Dalus’ collection of antiquities and a den of criminal activity, they nevertheless struck a deal with the crimelord to get more information about the mysterious key.

It turns out that the key was part of a set of two vault keys. The city and surrounding area contain many secret vaults, of indeterminate purpose, though all locked by a similar mechanism of multiple keys. Some are dead-ends full of rot, some are full of deadly mechanical devices of unknown purpose, and some are filled with unimaginable treasure.

Thankfully, Bor-Dalus already possessed the second key, and the location of the vault was already guessed at. Underworld rumours of a start-up cult that was looking for such things, and that may be connected with the cloaked thugs that attacked the scavengers, moved the party to decide to investigate the vault the next day.

Before turning in, the party decided to check out a rumour that the cult met down in the forge district during the night. Finding their way deep into the lightless bowels of the city, near the Hollow Fountain, they witnessed a meeting of the cultists. They revere a figure they call Blight, who promises a toppling of the corrupt ruling powers in Carrandale.

Escaping after some quick thinking and some bluffing, the party rests at a temple, and Nel tests out a nightmare-inducing object retrieved from one of the cultists. He dreams that the High King of Carrandale is a vile rotting corpse, though his elvish resistances save him from being charmed.

The next day, the party is joined by Saoirse, a deadly elf rogue and officer of of Bor-Dalus, a thug, and a record-keeper and tinker. They set off to the ruins outside the city, and using the two keys, enter the vault.

The ground that they stand on becomes a receding pillar, decending a vast distance below the earth. A cavern that reached beyond sight awaited them, and they travelled for many hours through the strange geometric surfaces that composed it. Finally, they reached a gargantuan pillar, as wide as the central tower of the Jotun-sized castle above them, with many doors at its base.

Inside was hollow, and once they activated the magical lighting, they beheld a floating statue of the Jotun King enthroned, forty feet above them and eighty feet in height.

Using a strange elevator, and navigating a vicious updraft, the party crossed over to the lap of the ancient king, and fought an avatar of its wrath. They obtained a massive crystal, and saw visions of the Jotun’s arrival in Firelight, hundreds of years ago, and their brutal conquest.

Returning to the elevator, they continued upwards, believing that it must lead back to Konungr-Seat…

(Had to type quickly, it’s late here. That’s what I remember from our game. Wow it was actually quite a lot to write, and I left a whole ton out! Let me know if I missed anything!)


The elevator continues upward for what seems like an age. The blue lights which illuminated the King’s Chamber soon faded, along with the updraft, and now both have disappeared. Sudden and jarringly, the elevator is once again surrounded by smooth black stone on all sides as it rushes upwards, and the panel that followed it has disappeared.
“Back to the surface, I suppose, but where will we come out?” Saoirse mumbles, mostly to herself.
It doesn’t take long to recieve an answer. Large openings on one side of the lift rush past, creating a kind of strobe effect, but allowing vision outside the tube the group is currently travelling through. It takes a moment for everyone to register what they’re seeing. Saoirse says it first, drawing her weapons and looking like she’s about to panic. The city is far below them, and is only getting further away.
“WE’RE IN THE CROWN. We’re going to pop out right at the bloody top, and they are GOING to KILL US.”

The city of Konungr-Saet is really a single building - a Jotun-sized castle with tens-of-thousands of dwellings carved out in the walls and foundations for their servants and slaves. The central keep supports The Crown, the beautiful and foreboding towers that spike upwards four hundred feet above the keep itself, in the middle of which is suspended The Cloud.

The Cloud is treated as the most sacred space in all of Carrandale, if not all of Firelight. No-one knows why the Jotun built such a beautiful plaza for people that were of human size (or perhaps they did not build it themselves), and then suspended it so far out of reach. It is now the personal home of the Royal Family of Carrandale, and only they are allowed to walk there, save for a small number of select nobles.
Not that an ordinary person could gain access to The Crown in the first place.

The lift slows, the windows disappear, and an opening appears overhead. The group arrives in the center of a pyramid-shaped marble room, presumably the tip of this spike of The Crown. It’s dark in here, except two small candles lit near one of the points (it would be the point facing out from the keep). There’s a door opposite the candles, in the center of the inner flat side of the Crown’s point.

Between the two candles, just barely visable to all except the two elves (who can see in the dark), is a woman. She’s wearing a strange metal visor with no eyeholes, and her thick hair is tied back tightly into a metal-lined cap.

The elves can see that she’s also chained between two statues by a collar around her neck, unable to stand because of the shortness of the chain.

She greets the group in a pleasant voice. “Have you come to see your fortunes? It has been a long time since anyone visited my oracle.”


Meanwhile, Bor-Dalus has found himself a new hire. A bard named Nix keeps on coming up as having mysteriously good luck, and Dalus has always trusted that luck is just as important as planning or power. Nix is ushered into the comfortable back-room of the tavern, where the Crimelord lounges on an ornate sofa.

A huge, deliberate man, Dalus speaks slowly and enunciates every word distinctly, savoring his speech.

“Sit down, Nix. Let me tell you why I called for you. I have a proposition for you, a job that I think you will be suited perfectly for. It concerns a group of adventurers currently in my employ, which I would like to, if possible, keep in my employ. I understand you have a way with words. Is that true?”


As Saoirse makes clear in words what was happening–and Nel registers from her tone of voice that this is not a good thing–he grips his spear, and readies himself for any surprises.

Once the elevator stops, Nel surveys the room, looking for any other occupants or other doors.

Upon seeing the chained oracle, Nel tries to think back through his magical history books. He doesn’t know much about Konungr-Saet, but maybe he can remember something about famous oracles. He looks carefully at the woman, trying to discern any distinguishing features (race, age, symbols…)

[Arcana or History check? Or something else?]


Alright so one thing. Nix is my changeling name, Im currently passing myself off as Beau,a human male. Forgot to make that clear earlier, sorry.

“Well i am quite the talker yes, and i do love adventure so im certainly interested but dont adventures usually entail with slaying monsters? im curious to see how you think my words will help.”


Skirl is quite interested in things like oracles, and wants to see what’s up, so Skirl will rummage in his pack and produce a torch and tinderbox. Unless someone wants it dark and tackles him, there will be a lit torch shortly.


(History would provide info about historical oracles, arcana about the nature of oracles. You may roll both, and everyone please roll perception!)


“My party already has the ‘slaying’ portion in order. I sense a great opportunity in them… They are destined for great things, and I want a piece of it. But I also know that they aren’t likely to willingly aid me forever. I need someone who can advance my interests, even when they think that our paths are no longer shared. A voice, like yours, that can guide them to my ends. You would be… handsomely,” and here he gestures to the general richness of the room, “rewarded.”


Beau, matching his deliberate tone

“This does sound like quite and appealing proposition… Sure ill do it. Sounds like fun. Ill be their voice of reason. But im partial to favors more so then gold. I’ll do this for you, and you can give me money if you would like, but i may ask for help with something from time to time. How does this sound?”

(persuasion just in case.)
d20: 10 + 6


The young woman in chains straightens up when she hears the timderbox. There is urgency in her voice, as she calls out. “Are… Are you not here for the oracle? Who are you?”
The light reveals the young woman, and though she is obscured by the heavy mask and thick robes, it is obvious that she is a supernaturally beautiful person - though there is something odd that Skirl can’t put his finger on at this distance.

(a perception roll will reveal more!)


Bor-Dalus frowns, and a dangerous atmosphere fills the room. “I may deign to grant favors, after loyal service. You will content yourself with what I decide, or you will receive nothing.”


Beau chuckles. “Of course. Sounds like a deal to me”


Nel’s History roll:

d20: 4 + 1

Nel’s Arcana roll:

d20: 5 + 3

Nel’s Perception roll:

d20: 15 + 5


How do I roll dice on the forum?

Skirl says, “An oracle? Can you tell me where to find Master Li? Maybe if I take off those chains you can help me find him!”


Die rolls are done like so:

 [Roll 1dN]--with N equal to die sides

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So, in short: I tend to post rolls as:

Frodo's Stealth roll: [Roll 1d20] + 3



Skirl’s perception roll: d20: 1+2


Wow, you weren’t kidding about lower than I like, huh?

Skirl isn’t even sure there’s a person there at all. :wink:


[I shoulda known better–whenever you taunt the forum RNG, it’s an automatic -19 on the next roll. My bad!]


Nel knows very little about historical oracles, or about the mechanics thereof.

He does notice that the woman’s skin is a very pale greyish green, and her teeth are fanged, like a snake’s. Her ‘hair’, though mostly covered and bound, is thick and seems to writhe about on its own.

The statues beside her are extremely lifelike.

Skirl is mostly thinking about the potential for augury, and doesn’t notice anything out of the ordinary.

“You would free me in exchange for a reading?” The woman sounds hopeful and confused. “You are not of the king’s household, then. Come closer, I require something of yours to divine the future.”


Nels grab’s Skirl’s shoulder as he starts to approach the oracle, and whispers as quietly as possible…“it seems like she’s chained…and masked…for a reason…probably best to leave her that way, unless we want to join her statuary, too!”

Nel gestures to the group to get their weapons up, and to stay well back.

He addresses the woman–“How can we trust an oracle that did not foresee our arrival? Perhaps your scrying is a bit out of practice…when was your last customer?”

As so often happens to Nel, he feels he’s making a clever joke, but realizes it’s just a little off-putting, and perhaps not that funny, or not the right time. So it goes for an Elven druid raised in a wild forest… by parents who were, often, wolves (at least in Druidic wild shape).

Nel regathers his composure and continues. “Lady Oracle, before we can reveal our purpose–or have any thought of helping you, you’ll have to prove your ability…and intentions. Tell us about how we arrived here, and what we saw…”