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PBF - Codenames - Now Even Codier


I’m game. Can’t finish a session of Codenames without everyone taking a turn at spy-mastering =P


I’m keen for another game.

As a new Zealander I really struggle to think of kiwi as anything other than a nationality. Which probably also explains where pie came from. Any excuse to shoehorn a pie into the conversation.


I am good to go if everyone else is


High five! This is exactly how I play. Therfore I volunteer to spy master for Red Octobers this time!


Happy to spymaster for team blue unless someone else wants to do it.


I’m good to go again, I’ve been having a lot of fun.

I don’t want to do spymaster again, it’s horrifying awesome, I want everyone to have a chance at that experience! Perfectly OK with The Okayest on the Octobers and Roger “The Dice Person” on the Blues. Also, as last time, I’m totally cool with defecting if we need to match up teams.

I also wanted to say it was great you all got to come out to the Team a Bit Dad barbecue, even though no one saw each other because we were all hiding or in disguise. Socializing was a little weird, but I have to compliment everyone on their technique. I hope everyone got to try the potato salad (I usually hate potato salad, but someone covertly snuck this one on to the table, next to the punch bowl, with the grilled mac-and-cheese and field greens salad…well, they are a culinary genius of picknick food. Well played, whomever you are).

(EDIT and Post Script: @fodder256 is Still Team a Bit Dad because it’s kind of his fault that’s how the team got its name, sort of.)



Yes. That’s pretty much where I was going, too. To be honest, during that phase of the game, I really wanted a snack, and that couldn’t have helped things at all.

I still can’t believe no one picked SKYSCRAPER, though. It was an obvious choice for the Reds.


I really enjoyed that game. It went right down to the wire. Thank you @Eule for letting me have a guest spot (hope you had a great vacation!). If you lot ever need to even up numbers in the future, I’d be happy to jump in again on either team. Or maybe @BaronVonChickenpants would like to play for a change, in which case I could be the ‘impartial-person-who-sets-up-the-word-grid-at-the-start’ (official title) if you show me the ropes? I own a copy of Codenames.


I’m happy to set another one up, I ;d also be happy to play in the future. I can show anyone the way I’ve been doing ti via Google Docs, probably not the most efficient way but it worked for me.


Well, if you fancy playing this time around @BaronVonChickenpants, send me a link to your Google doc after you’ve set up the new game thread and I can PM a word grid to the spymasters. If that’s okay with everyone?


I thought the Google Doc was great when I was a Spymaster, keep that!

It kept it off this site entirely, it was a cool little side-channel where just the three of us could go. Because it wasn’t on SU&SD, it actually felt more “secret,” I thought it helped me get more into the infuriating satisfying role of not being able to say anything after giving the clue.

Is it going to be @RogerBW as one of the Spymasters, @Anita as the other Spymaster, @suz as the “Spyrunner?”

Obviously, I’ll play again for either team, and I’ll see if I can fix anyone’s title to reflect their team (or for any other reason. I’m pretty easy going about that sort of thing).

I would personally like to be a teammate with @BaronVonChickenpants whichever side he ends on, he’s been so necessarily quiet this whole time. Or on opposite sides, that would be fun too, I think he has a lot of trash-talk saved up!

I would also like to remind players that we can change up the team names if we want to. I like them as they are, no doubts! But this is a pretty silly and fun game, the naming thing was optional to begin with (although traditional). I think we don’t have to be locked into it.


Hey all, I’m melting here in the UK this weekend so haven’t had a chance to set up another game. I’m happy to swap out with @suz for a game. I probably won’t get a chance to show you how I did things until Monday.

I essentially used a Google doc to hold the html code that made up the blank grid and I pasted in the image code for the guessed colours each time, then pasted the whole thing here as the grid. I had an entirely separate Google spreadsheet with the master grid that I shared with the spy masters. That way I wouldn’t accidently post any answers. Happy to share them with anyone to fill in new words to host your own game. While I do own the game I used one of the many kine codename websites to generate the grid of words as it was more convenient than getting my set out.


What happened to Codenames?

Also, lol at people “melting” in the UK. Over a 24-hour period here the temperature range consistently seems to be 30 to 38 degrees, at a humidity of about 60% to 90%. Until you have experienced 30+ degree night-time temperatures at 60% to 90% humidity, after a 38 degree day, don’t talk to me about melting =P

"Oy!" "Wut?" Just chat

Sounds like you didn’t solve the code inviting you to the next game.
(This is a joke. There is no other game. Or if there is, I wasn’t invited either.)

Speaking of warm, we have this cool thing called a foehn wind (locally known as A Nor’wester). And the short version is on particular summer days, it’ll reach a nice 30 to 35 degrees. But the catch is a Nor’wester has approximately 0 humidity (slightly exaggerated) which sounds ok, until you’re in it and you realize it is impossible to stay hydrated. It will pull water out of your mouth faster than you can drink it, never mind getting to the point where you can sweat.

I hate working in Nor’westers. My current statergy is to try work near a hose, so I can soak myself from head to toe every twenty minutes or so. Cause it only takes ten minutes to dry out.

"Oy!" "Wut?" Just chat

I would take that over 80 % humidity every day of the week, thanks =)

I’ve been in deserts around the world, probably the longest time was in Israel, and I find dry heat (relatively) easy even into the early 40s.

"Oy!" "Wut?" Just chat

I’m with you there, man. Half the time when it rains, it just makes things worse. You practically have to swim through the air when you leave the house. It’s bad when you can sweat, but the sweat can’t evaporate, and you’re locked in this moist membrane of warm ick.

I do get what you’re saying though, @fodder256. I’ve been in places like that in the Smokies and in Nevada, and it sucks. There’s nothing you can do, it’s like your entire esophagus is chapped, but you can’t go around eating lip balm. Find an appropriate candy or gum that works for you, just sucking on something sweet can work wonders (Kasugai makes great coffee, tea, and black sugar based hard candies that helped me a lot, but they may be hard to find).

How the hell did we get here? Talking about the weather and candy?


@Benkyo is right, we lost this thread, a bit.

There was @RogerBW and @Anita as the Spymasters, I believe, and @suz as the Spyrunner because she has a copy of the game (when you do this online, you really do need to have a Runner unless both the Masters have a copy, unlike a live game).

"Oy!" "Wut?" Just chat

yeah, I don’t have a copy of classic Codenames, I play Picture ones at home, yo.


I assume you’re not referring to Guess Who?


@BaronVonChickenpants has kindly sent me the Google docs, so I’m going to try and set up a new game shortly (if that’s still okay with people) :pear: :slightly_smiling_face:


Sorry all, I’ve not been great in this thread after the end of the game. I have passed some stuff to suz on how I ran things, think she is going to give it a look over