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Pax Pamir 2e at shux 19

Will be bringing my copy to shux and hoping to find some interested players, anyone want to give this a try?


A buddy and I might be interested. When were you thinking?

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My brother and I would be in for a game, as long as it’s not on the Friday. Neither of us have played before, but we’ve watched a play through so we have a basic sense of how the game works.

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This is on my find-a-game list!
We’re you thinking during con or in an evening over beers?

Definitely thinking during the convention and I plan to have it with me each day, so organizing some games shouldn’t be difficult as it’s not a terribly long game. It does play up to 5 so as we get closer to shux I may see if I can set some times that might work - cool to see some interest in what for me is likely the 2019 game of the year :wink:

If I could make it to SHUX I’d be playing this. I’m running forum and email games as a substitute for face-to-face games.

I saw a reddit post trying to set up some games that way but I need to learn how to use vassal first

I’m a big component quality / design aesthetic guy so the play map, and simple abstract blocks were a big neon sign beckoning me!

Plus any game of shifting allowances has my #

Well, that’s gratifying, especially since I’ve never used Reddit.

My wife and I would be very interested in playing this. Available pretty much anytime except for Friday.