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Paul Leaving


I still fondly remember Paul’s diligent duties as the Japanese UN ambassador when the team played the Watch the Skies megagame, and his amusement and shock every time he returned to his own government’s desk only to discover Quinns or Matt (or both) had hatched another crazy political scheme that would jeopardize the tentative World political balance he was maintaining.


Paul’s uniqueness in the team will be greatly missed, and I’m so looking forward to what he can create in the future. I am genuinely sad that he is leaving SUSD, not only for his style and ingenuity (who else would film Azul riding a skateboard??) but because his views so often resonate with my own and I will miss being able to think “well, if Paul likes it I probably will too!”.


I’m hoping for some kind of mid-sabbatical turnaround, ideally with dubstep and the aforementioned skateboard.


I feel like a weird paparazzi posting this here, but Paul’s Instagram story says he was at a literary agent’s. Exciting!


Update via twitter: The meeting was very promising. Go Paul!


I’m selfishly sad to hear Paul’s going away, but at the same time i’m excited that he’s working on something important to him. Way to go, good sir!

I love his reviews, his hmmmms, his burned skin, bear shirts, arguments with Quinns…

I think we need Favourite Paul Dean Moments video.


I always felt Paul had different things he was looking for in games than Quinns or Matt, which made him a valuable member of the SU&SD review team, especially back when it was just him and Quinns. Their differences of opinion really helped showcase where games shined and where they still needed some polish, and I felt Quinns and Paul were great foils for each other in highlighting these aspects.

Matt and Quinns, on the other hand, seem to largely agree in their reviews. They do take the time to focus on what they did and did not like, which still gives the viewer/reader an idea of whether or not the game in question is something they will like, but to me it feels more engaging when the two reviewers actually disagree with each other on whether the game is good or not. I look at the Five Tribes review as a good example of this.


That is INTERESTING. You make a valid point.


Agreed, you get a good sense of this right from the beginning. I’m sure SUSD will carry Paul’s voice around in their collective head.

My favourite moments were the early videos running around London, even though they sort of put entertainment ahead of talking about the games sometimes. The Knitzia special was especially grand. And of course, Azul. I’ve used that segment a couple of times to demonstrate SUSD’s quirky humour in a nutshell.

And Paul’s reaction to koalas being 1/4 of the animals in Bärenpark was the same as mine. #fakebear


Sad face…but awesome for him…will look out for his outputs for sure…

  1. Koala’s
  2. Bears
  3. Viking f*cking love their rocks
  4. In all seriousness, his different taste in games from the rest of the team.

Good luck Paul!


I’m really enjoying reading all these replies. Paul had such a different style of opinion to Matt and Quinns and I think it’s going to be really important that they find another contrast out there.

And… I’m gonna miss him! (I really want Barenpark now!)


I was actually thinking about that this morning. I really am going to miss Paul’s personality, but I am excited to meet the new guy or girl! If there will be one, of course.


You should try it. I end up liking it better than Indian Summer


I know this is an old topic, but I thought more people should see this…


Wow. Today I learn: He lived in Tottenham with me during the Tottenham Riots in 2008. Fun times.


I’m usually not a fan of patreons, but it seems Paul does it the right way. :grinning: