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Paul Leaving


Well, it had to happen eventually. The team is changing. Thought it might be nice to have a thread where we collected our best memories/criticism/praise for Paul.

I met him at the Birmingham board game expo - and he was obviously worn out, but still made time to talk to me. I count myself as lucky to have had a chance to thank him for his work personally.

I always enjoyed his reviews, and was genuinely upset when he was kicked out of Canada. (I mean, come on Canada!).

The one on the beach with the sunburn being an absolute favourite… https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=CFvJUb-Ia1A


That was one of the first SU&SD videos I watched when I started going through their archives. Back before I was addicted and watched everything regardless of whether I was interested in the game.


Top Praul Moments…

The acting in the Citadels review.

His reaction when Quinn’s says that Russia are stand up guys in the first Watch the skies.

Hampshire Bean

Mythos Tales

Quiet guitar songs in the dark.

Murderous live-streams.

Dammit Paul, Everything. :two_hearts:


I’ll add his calm response to the inclusion of koalas in Barenpark.


and the cuddle room scene in the Caverna review


Oh god, the cuddle room! And the Church of Vlaada!


Also: the Paul Cam at Flamme Rouge let’s play


I am very sad :persevere:

I’ll miss you Paul. Unless you were planning on moving to Australia and setting up SUDS Down Under with me.

In which case, welcome and I am sure I’ll get on your nerves long before you get on m . . . GET YOUR FEET OFF THAT WALLABY!


I got to meet Paul properly at this SHUX and witness his Dr Doolittle abilities with dogs.
A man of not just the people but animals.

I’m sad he’s leaving, but I’m also very excited for anyone who is making the decision to take on a new challenge. It’s never easy and I’m sure he’ll do some amazing things from here on out. It’s a time for renewal, both for SUSD and him, so I’m optimistic about boths future.


No-one can say “Hmm” and look concernedly at the Camera like Paul.

Also his review of Mythos Tales was a classic for the ages.


Does this mean, I need to rewatch Mythos Tales review? Yes!


My favorite will still have to be from the early reviews and the Wizards episode. My kid still wanders through the house asking “Do you even know what a Wizard is?” “… WIZARD!”

He’ll be missed but I also imagine (hope) he’ll be making appearances here and there, especially if he’s going to be living in the vicinity of SHUX.


Hm, does that mean he’s allowed to stay in Canada after all? That would be great and balancing out all the sadness of him being gone!


No idea, so I guess the if I threw in there is a pretty big if.


Aw, shoot! I stopped getting the newsletters, so I thought I’d maybe missed some great news.


I happened to move to Vancouver at the same as Paul. When I first got here I decided to check out some review videos from a local store (Starlit Citadel), only to spot a familiar face lurking amongst the gameshelves in the background :laughing:

We were even neighbours for a bit, but I was always too shy to say hello.

But it was always some small comfort to see a familiar face and be able to recognize locations from my new home in his videos.

I can relate a lot of his struggle with PR and the uncertainty of where your home is. Best wishes for his future endeavors wherever they may be. Can’t wait to see what he and the new SUSD team come up with :grinning:


Very sad to hear that Paul is leaving. Of all the great stuff he’s done for SU&SD I think I’ll miss his written reviews the most. As a founding member of the team, he is also responsible for setting the tone of the site, and that is pretty important to me, and is reflected by the fantastic community here. He’s set a good foundation for whomever follows to build on.

But on the flip side, Paul will still be writing, and I look forward to seeing what he get up to elsewhere. And perhaps rather hopefully I noticed that he’s taking a break. Therefore Paul may well be back some time in the future.


Happy trails Paul! The solo reviews you did out in the dark wilds of Canadia were some of my favorite things on the site. I hope you pop back in for a twitch stream or two. Good luck with your new endeavors. Limes.





Thanks so much for all you did to make this website and videos Paul. You leave a legacy that few could hope to duplicate. Congrats on the next thing and cheers to the last.