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Party/Group Games for Stag do - 15 mostly non-gamers



hope this is the right place for this - i’ve looked at a couple of other topics, but seemed to cover slightly smaller groups. So i’ve got a few fun casual games - codenames and skulls being at the top of the pile, but looking for suggestions for anything else that might be fun for a larger groups of non-gamery types?

Any suggestions welcome, so hopefully hear back from some of you soon



Two Rooms and a Boom works pretty well with non-gamers. :smiley:


Monikers and The Metagame are both good options and have free print & play versions available.


Two rooms feels like a one and done for a fifteen player game.


thanks! those are all familiar sounding at least, but not gone near any of them - yet!

Especially like the idea of FREE GAMES!


I’ve seen Spyfall go down well at a stag do! Minimal rules, minimal components and just needing to talk seems to help a lot.


i dont have it, but i have played and enjoyed it - i think its a definite contender, thanks!


I second Monikers, and it is free if you just give everyone 3-5 slips of paper to write their own clues to put into the bowl, which is what we tend to do.


Free games! I have said it here before, and I will say it again. The original version of Werewolf, where you write letters (and an eyeball or two) on scraps of paper. This scales well, add another werewolf every 7 people, another seer every 10. 5-to-25 people in general, I believe, but it works great at 7-to-12.

Monikers, I have to vehemently agree with the previous posts, is fantastic for a party game. Yes, it’s not free, but it’s about 10000 times better than charades. It’s also best to not completely tell the players the rules until that round is up. And being imaginative for the “bonus rounds” is the best (“Under a blanket” “Behind your chair” and “Sock puppets” for instance). I believe this scales up to 12 people.

Two Rooms and a Boom. I have to agree with the other people here, it’s pretty great.

Cat On Yer Head is also fun (and totally free, mostly), but you need something like 30-to-180 or more people to play it.


If you snag the rules of resistance you can play that with a deck of normal cards.

Also it’s not a party game but many roll and write type games theoretically have an unlimited player count. (Something like Avenue or rolling America. ).


Definitely the best way to go. People make much more interesting choices when they don’t know they might have to act it out.


It only takes up to 12, but Mafia De Cuba is fantastic.