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Party games for PS4

I’ve been trying to find a good party game for the PS4 since we can’t always have our hands on a Switch for Mario Party. Preferably one that can do hotseat, since I only have 2 controllers.

I know, we can always do Jackbox.tv on our laptops, but I want to include both older and younger people who don’t have proper portable computers, where we can all sit in the living room.

I tried Googling reviews etc., but then I finally realized I have a much better resource: all of you lot!

My main goals are:

  1. all ages,
  2. PS4, and
  3. hotseat so we can share controllers

Thanks in advance to anyone who responds.

So far, the best I’ve found is Rocket League, which is a few years old but still awesome, but requires split-screen if you’re all in the same room, and, like I said, I only have 2 controllers. If anyone knows a better, more board-gamey, Mario Party-esque game, let me know.

I can’t really think of any kind of party games for PS4 that would work with only two controllers. It also has the Jackbox party packs, so that would be an option I suppose. And I have heard fantastic things about Rocket League, despite never playing it myself.

Back on older platforms we often played fighting games with the loser handing off to a new player, so if interested in that there’s plenty to choose from with MK, SF, Injustice, Tekken, etc.

Then, of course, you have things like Rock Band or Just Dance. Never played a Just Dance game (though my kid loves watching them on YouTube) so I have no idea how it works, and Rock Band requires the peripherals, so probably not an option for you.

Dragon’s Crown is pretty fun mulitplayer, but better if you had a couple more controllers. I suppose you could hand off after each stage, as they are not particularly long.

I haven’t played it on PS4, but the Worms series of games is usually a lot of fun and should likely have a pass-and-play multiplayer option.

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I hadn’t thought of Worms on PS4, that’s always been a PC game for me. It’s totally hotseat in every version I’ve played (oh, how I miss you Scorched Earth: The Mother of All Games which Worms casually ripped off all the mechanics from).

Dragon’s Crown looks cool as-f, but I think I’d have a problem getting my mom and 8-year-old on board with it at the same time.

Just Dance…oh, hell. That may actually be the best sugguestion I hadn’t thought of. You suck, man. My mom and my sons would totally, eventually, be seduced by this, just as they were with the various Wii versions. Dammit dammit dammit…

As far as fighting games go, again, there is the Mom Problem. (And the Uncle, Aunt, Cousins etc. problem). I have no issue with my kids and I tearing eachother’s heads off, it’s just not a party game. However, you did remind me that I am seriously lacking in the fighting game genre and I need to pick something up.

I don’t own a PS4 but games to play with multiple people present infront of the same console that I enjoy (aka Party games):

Nidhogg (needs only 2 controllers, fun to just watch)
a classic Worms title
Rocket League
The Puppeteer (is more of coop, but we enjoyed it hot seat)

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Sportsfriends is silly fun with a few different events and you can play 4 players simultaneous with 2 shared controllers.

Hotseat… 1vs1 Gangbeasts is awesome + hilarious for parties.

Both are a little Mario-party ish.

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I think the PS4 has PSone games and Bishi Bashi special might be worth a go.

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Oh man, Scorched Earth remains the be-all end-all, the pinnacle of PC gaming.

Nidhogg is a fun recommendation, as is Rocket League. Both have short rounds, so hotseat play wouldn’t be too bad.

Overcooked is a riot and supports split controller play so you could actually get 4 folks playing at once with only 2 controllers. It’d be cramped and awkward and totally in line with the mayhem of the game.


This. I came here to recommend Overcooked. You can play 4 players with 2 controllers, each person holding half.

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Out of interest, what is the problem with Jackbox games? We’ve played it regularly in our family get-togethers where the age range was as much as 14-71 (mainly fibbage, quiplash and drawful). Everyone just used their phones.


I think the idea is to avoid people needing something like a phone or laptop, as some people may not have these items.

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@COMaestro had it right, I’m looking for PS4 games specifically (also, Jackbox can be a little too-adult for kids at times).

These have all been great suggestions, so far. I’ve went and picked up a couple, already!

But I’m starting to think that the PS4 doesn’t have a game that grandma (my mom) can play with my kids and our friends. I mean, she had a bit of a problem picking up Animal Crossing for the Game Cube fer’ crying out loud.

Both the Mario Party and the Rabbids games did well with cross-generational family stuff on the Wii, as did (lord help me) the Just Dance series. I may have to cave in to a Switch or just sharing mobile/laptop devices with kids/older people who don’t have one of their own.