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Pamplemousse: an Appreciation of Juicy Words


At the top of this thread, I said this isn’t about sesquipedalian loquaciousness.

And you nailed it! :rofl:


Have you ever had an orange-cream push-up pop? Like something you’d get at an amusement park?
That reminds me of ocelot. It’s sweet to say, with a touch of bitter and butter.

Pancreas (when devoid of its actual meaning) makes me think of a breakfast buffet with toast and waffles.

And then there’s whetstone, which smells like a fall day at the lake, although I can’t actually tell you what it tastes like.


Yeah I love some pancreas with a side of eggs and maybe smoked salmon.


Poached eggs with hollandaise sauce! And maybe some capers. And a muffin.


I find it hard to believe no one has mentioned archipelago.

It’s a word that’s like eating Grape Nuts cereal. It’s hard and bumpy, and kind of a pain to get through. Once you’re done, though, you feel good but no one else cares.


I unpacked some of my old books and rediscovered my much-thumbed-through copy of Wayne Douglas Barlowe’s Expedition about a fictional planet with unusual life forms living on it. Several of them are Monopedalien creatures that hop around like a quarter of a gazelle or antelope, and the description of their method of locomotion is very fun to say: Ricochetal Saltators.


This may sound a bit silly, but @Boydesian’s last answer had awoken something I hadn’t thought about in a while.

Antelope tastes like a sharp melon.

These aren’t supposed to make any sense, folks! Don’t judge me!


I have eaten actual antelope, and it was delicious.

And not at all like melon, sorry.


I think this was on my mind because the young lady at my local convenience store was trying to desperately (but politely) to get out of a conversation she was having with a creepy old guy. She mentioned antelope was the best game meat she’d had.

The word, itself, though, still tastes melony to me (not the meat, just the word).

EDIT: The creepy old guy wasn’t me! :rofl: I just wanted to fend off the inevitable jokes.


The word illustrious is fun to say, but it doesn’t taste good (or bad, or anything at all, really).

It makes me feel like I have confetti or glitter fall out of my mouth. And now it’s a pain in the butt to get rid of all that mess on the floor.


Similar to a canteloupe, perhaps?


Well, yeah, duhh. :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


Avuncular. It tastes like a bruise, or a scrape on your knuckle you suck on.

Similar, but not the same, as carbuncle, which is gross, like a boil that’s hiding a Ring-Pop inside.

Finally, barnacle, which is very raspy and salty (much like the thing it describes). Even though it starts out soft, much like tripping on something in the playground, you end up coughing the sand out of your throat.


For me, barnacle is more like a powdered jelly donut eaten in a dim room with yellow-orange light at the far end.


Ooh, nice description!