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Pamplemousse: an Appreciation of Juicy Words


I’ve fixed the obvious spelling mistake in the title. You’re welcome!


Shouldn’t it be “Pamplemousse: an Aboretum of Joocy Words”?


Surely you mean Arbertoryrectum?


Come on.


I just spelled discombobulated correctly on the first try (welcoming someone on the intro thread).

Good lord, I swear it tastes like root beer, or sarsaparilla.

It’s a very carbonated word. I’m sorry if this sounds gross, but I burped several times after typing it.

I know, it sounds like a joke, but I don’t enjoy telling lies here (I’ll tell lies anywhere else, as long as it’s for fun, like magic tricks or fiction, but I take words seriously).


I’m beginning to wonder how @MinuteWalt hasn’t yet turned this whole thing into a party game, a bit of a burp-based Balderdash.


It’s already kind of a game? It’s just a form of non-competitive play, I suppose.

But you’re right, there could be a few tweaks, and it could be a for-realsies game. We could flip it upside-down and make it more like a flavor/linguistic-themed Balderdash or Monikers, or a game where players vote on the best description, just a straight vote or something not unlike Dixit.

(BTW: balderdash tastes like a bitter-sweet hard candy, monikers tastes like chewy but tasty greens, kind of like lightly fried string beans with onions where it’s still a little crunchy. And I know this makes no sense (none of this does), but Dixit tastes like lemon PEZ).

I don’t want to do that here, though, this is more of a discussion about aesthetics and just goofing off about language in the off-topic. We’re in the lounge, sitting on beanbag chairs and just chilling out here.

Occasionally breaking out in halfhearted beanbag chair fights. (I throw my beanbag on top of @brian)


(This is totally off-topic but I’ve been thinking about this for years, and I do mean literally years, since I was made a mod. I don’t know where else to vent this.

Starting a beanbag chair fight in the Thunderdome.

If you’ve never been thwacked between two high-quality beanbag chairs, you’re missing out. It’s the most comfortable thing that may knock you out in one shot.

Like being hit with a billy club in the back of the head, only all over and the club is made entirely of smoosh.)

I suppose I have to get this back on track:

Thwacked: tastes like palmetto and peppercorn
Smoosh is obviously marshmallow and candyfloss with a hint of horse hair


What sort of chicanery is this?


That tastes like chicory coffee.


Oblong. I’ve never really been able to get my mouth around that one.

I guess it’s kind of like a Jordan almond and overly fried egg? Vanilla and sulfur? I don’t know, it mixes me up.


It’s the wobbliness of a Jell-O mold, pink from milk and cranberry.


Remember kids. A square is a rectangle, and a rectangle is actually an oblong.


I have three, in ascending order of pleasure:

  1. defenestrate , the act of throwing out a window

  2. bicicleta , Spanish for bicycle

  3. clerestory , which is

the upper part of the nave, choir, and transepts of a large church, containing a series of windows. It is clear of the roofs of the aisles and admits light to the central parts of the building.

  • the windows in the clerestory of a church or similar windows in another building.

  • a raised section of roof running down the center of a railroad car, with small windows or ventilators.

Yeah, I seem to have a thing for CL and R


But: what do they taste like?

Remember, while the definitions are important (and we want to know them), this is simply about words that you like to say, and your best description if what it’s like to say them, even if it doesn’t make any logical sense at all.

(I’ve always thought defenestration is the best kind of fenestration, BTW :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:)


I don’t know about taste, but defenestration doesn’t sound very good.


A rectangle is only oblong if it isn’t a square, you silly person.


Very funny, @bruitist :facepalm:

(Also, they don’t sound that bad. (My background is punk and metal and weird stuff, I’ve heard worse)).

It’s true, @pattersonjeffa, those are all lovely to say. However, I would like to elaborate (which tastes like the kind of the kind of dark chocolate that puts the % of cacao on the package):

Fenestration is generally the bits you put around a window. It sounds sweet to me, like chewy candy, the kind that’s puffy and brightly multi-colored

Defenestration (to me) tastes like that, only with a shot of anise or licorice.

As always, these are probably different for everyone.


Bicicleta and Clerestory both taste like madeira, now that I think of it. Maybe mezcal, too.


Sesquipedalian - a deep, meaningful taste that lingers on the tongue way beyond it’s welcome. Tastes like a seventy year old octopus.