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Pamplemousse: an Appreciation of Juicy Words


Ask and ye shall receive, buddy. I’m amazed at how well a camera lucida works, even for a clumsy-fingered doofus like myself.


And since this is the juicy words thread, I ought to leave a little one here. Been bouncing around my brain of late: Palooka.


I love palooka! That is a very satisfying word to say out loud. Thanks, man, that’s awesome.

It kind of ejects itself from your mouth when you say it properly, and you may expect it to turn around and smack you back for doing it.

(However, if you say it devoid of the common meaning, softly and gently and with warmth in your voice, it’s practically a love letter to a dear friend. Seriously, slow it down, it’s almost creepily sexy).


Big fan of the oft-overused Lovecraftian descriptions: Squamous and rugose.

In this day and age of unthinking political affiliations I find myself using myrmidon on a surprisingly regular basis.

My own portmanteau term for things that are large, expensive, and ostentatious but devoid of anything but the most milquetoast and anodyne sentiments and aesthetics are “blandeur” and “blandiose.” Think: The scripted shopping spaces of The Americana and The Grove in Los Angeles, the films of Jerry Bruckheimer, the music of Enya or Kenny G, the artwork of Leroy Neiman or Thomas Kincaid.


You’re killing me, @Habilis, those are all delightful. Not to mention, you just dropped portmanteau in there like it wasn’t even a thing. Like a boss.


I’ve always thought ‘babbling’ was a very onamatpoeiac


I don’t think a brook knows any other words.


My wife and I have gotten to the point where we describe anything that goes in one’s bathroom medicine cabinet, whether it’s cosmetic, medical, or hygienic as salves, balms, and unguents. As in, “Did you pack all your salves, balms, and unguents for our trip?” Unguent is a great, gooshy kind of word.

Reminds me of another favorite, ululate.

As in, “what is that creature so mournfully ululating out there in the wilderness?”

“I don’t know, but it frightens me so, for I am merely a pusillanimous pismire…”


Well, well. Look what arrived in the mail. A book just perfect for this here thread.


Hundreds of pages of American landscape words and their descriptions. For example, the entry for nilas begins: “One of the first phases in the life cycle of sea ice is nilas, a thin elastic crust that forms on calm water.” It’s distinct from grease ice, frazil ice, pancake ice (also called lily-pad ice), floes, and pack ice.


Shockingly enough, that has come up here before. (This thread is older than I’d care to admit.) It was also a big hit back then, still awesome now.

Also salves, balms and unguents is just simply a great phase. Try to interject that in every possible conversation.
(Writing it down for D&D right now.)

@brian Why are you doing this to me?
I just checked, and I can get that book from my local library exchange. I am going to request it just to read that sentence (and, obviously, everything else).

EDIT: the camera lucida. I had to call that back, it’s so fun. I also like your pens on the left (I like pens and pencils, don’t judge me, people!)


So I definitely shouldn’t mention Robert Macfarlane, right?


(Expressionless response :expressionless: )


Oh, lord, I can’t believe this thread had been here so long and no one’s said velocipede yet.

(I put on a mesh-back trucker hat, adjust my mustache and monocle, and ride off mumbling something about zero-gear bikes)


What about Lunk, it makes me think of nuts and bolts while giving me a weird feeling in my throat.

Ooo, and susuruss


Lunk is pretty good (actually great), well played with that description, too. I feel the same way.

Susurration has been here before (big fan, btw), but I think we’d still love to hear your description of what it feels like to say it. This is vocabulary ASMR.

(EDIT: I just realized, general note to everybody, I have previously gone over every single entry here that survived from the 2015 changeover (it erased a lot of stats), and I had re-clicked “like” on every one of you people that had previously submitted. What am I even doing with my life?
I actually, really “liked” all of them, for real, they were all great submissions! I’m not saying this because I’m suddenly on death row or it’s my birthday or anything, I just wanted to say thanks for coming here to hang out.)


I’m a huge fan of the dg and ng dipthongs. (I think they’re dipthongs)

BluDGEon and SpoNGe are great words to say


Bludgeon and sponge are very fine, if a bit oozy and organic. They have the deep-chest/abdomen sound you have to do, and taste of soapy band-aids.

They remind me of pummel, for some reason, even though it’s so much a sharper word to fire off.

(Dipthongs! Will never get tired of the word “dipthongs”)


So many delicious words, I can’t fit them all in my mouth at once. I tried palooka and lunk together and spat out spelunker. Which is the sound of your torch dropping into a cave pool.


Diphthongs are always vowels, like the ‘i’ in wild and ‘oy’ in ploy.
But of course your right in noting the beauty of the ‘dsch’ sound.


Griffster77 gets a pass according to my dictionary, which generously gives “(loosely) a digraph” for diphthong as well as “two vowel sounds pronounced as one syllable”.


Well if its not a dipthong, what is it? Happy to be corrected