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"Oy!" "Wut?" Just chat

I don’t think they’ve even fallen in a canal in ages.

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I just told my 8 year old and his best friend, who are currently swimming in the pool, before my mom came out to watch them (I’m technically working right now, and was/am slacking off):

“Remember the buddy system! And neither of you should be in the pool without an adult present!”

His friend, who is on “the spectrum” of autistic (and a cool, if hard to manage, kid) asked me, "Do you count as an adult?"

I thought that was a fair question.


Just ignore me.

Holy shit. Can I cuss? Okay. So I’m a lawyer and I’ve got a baby and a wife who is a nurse. I feel like I’m in charge of everything and it’s killing me. I’m going to drown in paying various debts and there is always something new coming. I’m exhausted, and I don’t have enough time to put out the fires. If I take a day off, I can’t have a day off to myself because there’s always someone in my house. I need some peace and quiet.


Sorry to hear you are having a tough time. I can definitely sympathize. Best of luck to you.


Yup it’s like that when you start a family. It does get better, but it takes time. Be aware of your health - physical and mental. Talk to your wife, who will be suffering as well.

It will be alright in the end, and if it isn’t alright? - it isn’t the end.


I think you should check out this thread, @optimuspyro.

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Thanks for the well wishes everyone. I appreciate you giving me a moment to vent.


I def understand the need of a day off and wanting alone.
More then once (but rare) have sent hubby n my brother (who lives with us) to a later evening movie. (Evil, but that way he can help put the kids to bed)
Then a few hours of precious me time. I make a meal only for me that is still warm when I eat it, and watch something I want.

It does feel like when stressed, people push for you to get out. But really just need to recharge.


Comic book cover: Batman White Knight
This image arrived in my inbox as an ad. I was thinking it was a unique way to show the Joker’s obsession. My co-worker has an extensive Batman merchandise collection so I was about to tease him with it. Then I noticed a detail in the bottom left: a long flat box on a non-Kallax shelf.

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I have no idea what that means. But, now, I REALLY WANT TO KNOW.

The version of the Joker in this image has a copy of Batmanopoly in his extensive Batman memorabilia collection. The artist is saying look how crazy he is because of all this stuff. I’m trying to say it is crazy because it includes a version of Monolpoly (I don’t really hate it) and it isn’t stored “properly” (I don’t really fell strongly about that either). Someday I will learn to write more clearly.

I just don’t know what a Kallax shelf is.

They’re the square ones from Ikea that almost every board game collector has because they fit games so well.

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My bad. I just have everything piled up wherever I can stick them if they don’t fall down. I’m shit with spacial organization (or, rather, I’m very good with it, I just very lazy about it).

I’m hearing a lot about about Josh Starr and his company Grand Trunk Games. Apparently he plans to make 18XX games affordable and accessible. They would have descent components and comprehensible rule books.

I really want to ask him if we can buy shares in his company.

Ahem. Because 18XX train games usually have stock markets too. Ahem. So therefore it might be funny.


Would you get this (nonexistent) Concordia map expansion?

“You’re done? OK then I’m gonna Diplomat your Architech, move my metro colonist there, then cloth Veronia and brick Florentia. I’m done.”

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If I was playing Concordia currently, yes. It looks like an incredibly cool end-state to Mini-Metro, I could just hang it on my wall.

None of you want to know what I had to do this morning, before the mail went out.

It’s one of the weirdest, grossest, things I’ve ever had to do. I’m nearly middle-aged now (or so I tell myself. I’m approaching middle aged, and reaching for Silver Fox, and I never even considered a mid-life-crisis car), and apparently I had to mail off a sample of…

You know what, never mind. I’ve already embarrassed my kids enough with this story.

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It’s 1am and I just binge on late-90s to early noughties songs. And it felt great.

Now I need to sleep.

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Is it just me or is it super quiet here at the moment?

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