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I watched my cat roll off the couch in her sleep the other day. It was pretty funny.


I have slept on the floor for 35 years - because I fall out of bed so often!


I’m totally digging the mattress-on-the-floor thing, @Gwathdring. Anything I can do to make my entire room into a huge, giant bed, would be awesome (even better than making it into a gigantic ball-pit, which is still an ambition I won’t give up on).

That is so James Bond.


I was totally down with the whole floor covered in futon look for our bedroom, but my wife, who is Japanese, wanted a high bed with storage beneath. The THUD each time our daughter falls off makes me wonder about the wisdom of that choice (she’s fine, and falls off a lot less these days).


I think this is why we have cats. Whatever “practical” reasons, rat catching and purring and being cuddly, etc., they’re just simply rather amusing.

Our big tom is notoriously clumsy. He had, well, not rolled exactaly, more like when you watch a Slinky go down stairs. Whilst asleep, he rolled/slid off the dining room table, onto a chair, and onto the floor, and immediately started grooming and acted like it was no big deal. “I meant to do that”.

Within the hour since I last posted here, I’ve somehow stepped on three cats in my living room in the dark. We only have two.


I use one of those gigantic u shaped pregnancy pillows, with a cool mat underneath and a blanket and my duvet on top. The whole lot folds nicely into the base of my sofa and I swear, no bed is as comfortable! Every time I sleep on a bed I end up with all sorts of strange tension aches and pains!

One of my dogs is exactly the same, she’s clumsy but if she falls or trips, she doesn’t care, she just carries on. The other one is the opposite, she’ll literally punish herself if she puts a single foot wrong.


Our dog is of the latter group. A while back, he would have seizures, he couldn’t control his body, he even wandered off and got lost a couple of times during this time period. I could tell (we all could tell) he felt really bad about it. Ashamed, even. He hasn’t been the same since.

We still love him and give him pats and hugs, he’s a Good Dog, and he’s on meds now that keep the “events” from happening. He never fights other pets, and rarely barks. He never wanders out of the yard now he’s on meds, he only did that during the short period when he was getting his seziures, and keeps varmints from getting into the trash barrels.

He’s the biggest blackest mutt with one white toe and a little white “necktie” on his chest that ever let me pick him up and carry him. Which, I will not do again. No matter how friendly and chill he is, 86 pounds of dog is still 86 pounds heavy.


I just had the strangest dream. I have to apologise to @MinuteWalt for walking straight past his Watch shop to go straight to @Triangulate - a very reasonably priced restaurant where all the staff wore meeple costumes. It was bloody weird.

Message ends.


I wish I could have been there in your dream (I love weird dreams).

@Boydesian should have been at the watch shop, I should have been at the restaurant, and @Triangulate, well, OK, that sort of makes sense. That dude’s great with game-bits and stuff.


How could you walk past a watch shop @MrJackdaw! That dream would be vastly improved by having the watch shop inside the restaurant, or vice versa.

A recent dream I had was walking about some italian town and bumping into Patrick Stewart. He was lost and couldn’t find his way to his friends house as it had been 30 years since he was last in town and a lot had changed. We ended up in a newsagents trying to get directions before reading through a celebrity gossip magazine together with Patrick giving me all the background details.



I thought that was the next Star Trek plot that Tanentino was producing.


We had some heavy snow here recently, the heavy wet kind that sits on every tree branch looking like white oobleck. I’m not saying we had arctic conditions but it was cold and white for a spring day. I drove through the next town making a couple of wrong turns but I got to my destination. My goal was a used game from a contact made on a discord server. He had posted a list of games he was culling on Kijiji. So I feel a bit justified in saying that acquiring the game involved some effort. I mention all this because the game was Arctic Scavengers. There was no skirmish involved.

SU&SD made review and how-to videos for it and I like deck-builders so I picked up this copy. Going over the components I learned the game has small boards on top of which you place decks of cards. The junk card deck sits on the junk yard mat, for example. Henceforth, in my head-canon at least, Mr M. Lees will be referred to as ‘Contested Resources Matt’. I’m considering a petition. There may be skirmishes involved.


@mattlees hasn’t been here in ages, so I feel confident I can entitle him with “Contested Resources” without rebuke.


I just watched the first ever Shut Up and Sit Down video. Never seen it before. Wow, they’ve changed a bit, haven’t they?


Paul now has dark hair and no glasses!


Don’t blow his witness protection program cover!


I was actually just refering to style - more relaxed, professional etc. Just trying to hard to be quirky in the very early videos


Which one is the first?




Thanks, I’ll watch that ASAP.