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This is neither here-nor-there (obviously, that’s why I made this topic),
but does anyone else feel a strong urge to take a nap when it’s raining out?

I used to just want to go out and get a bit damp and splash in puddles, but now I want to snug under my blanket and snooze.


I still want to go out and get a bit damp. The problem is I usually have Stuff ™. If it’s raining and I’m at home or otherwise without Stuff to dampen I’m rather fond of damp.


We just had a good rain here, and I opened the window next to my bed and slept it out for most of the morning (I had the day off).

I had to ride through it on my scooter, too (it was still drizzling) to return my son’s backpack to his mom’s house. It had state-secret-level important stuff in it, like Softie Friend the bunny stuffie and his homework.


If I’m in a tent I LOVE it when it rains. The sound of the falling rain lulls me to sleep…


<3 rain. Born/raised Oregonian, kinda half to.
Funny last weekend was supposed to be
Funny jokes about Portlanders running out of kale spread online. Stores were CRAZY like Chrismas eve or black Friday. Traffic also horrible
Our side of things? Missed us. Now we have been having really nice rain. Well not counting needing to replace my oldest son’s spare spare school clothes 3 times this week. because he was able to get away from teachers and become one with nature via puddle.


For a Floridian, I suppose we have to love the rain, too. I have a brother who’s an Oregonian, as well as my step-mom and my recently deceased father. I love Oregon, it’s a lot like Florida (except that the sun rises on the wrong side. It’s supposed to rise over the sea and set on the Earth!)

You can’t stop things from growing, like, EVERYWHERE. Fennel is rampant in Portland! Here, I’ve had to deal with vines growing through my window panes.

Main differences of Oregon and Florida:

  1. The number of alligators
  2. Being able to take a shower in the rain without getting your bits chilled
  3. Kudzu

I admit, taking a shower in the rain is perfectly possible and enjoyable in Oregon, but we have rain that’s somehow warm in the right time of year (I expect you do, as well, sometimes, but you don’t have to worry about alligators, or kudzu).

EDIT: I forgot:

  1. We have a lot of theme parks and beaches. Oregon is just great by itself.


The tricky task of preparing your daughter to respond correctly in case of the remote possibility of sexual predation:

So we’re in the shower, and I’m telling her for the 100th time to not play with my penis and I get to thinking that she’s just a little too keen on playing with genitals, and although I don’t want to make her feel awkward about it, I figure some kind of ground rules about strangers’ privates might be in order (bearing in mind this is in English, her second language):

“If someone shows you their penis, don’t touch it, but you can tell me, OK?”

“So, what do you do [say] if someone shows you their penis?”
“Can I touch your penis?”

I had to laugh at that. She’s applying the rule she learnt for touching pets and babies. Maybe it’s still too early for this talk…


Im in Shanghai at the moment for a 2 week holiday (Im doing well on my cardboard withdrawal syndrome so far). It always rain, and we aint wasting time. So Im always out rather than sleeping.

@Benkyo Gaaah! I’d love to have kids eventually, but there parenting stuff like these makes me think I’ll mess it up!


@Benkyo Yep. It’s super awkward to talk about, but as a dad of 2 kids, I know what you’re saying. These weird things that you don’t get told about, but just get used to. The main thing is “tell an adult you trust if someone touches you in your bathing suit area, even if it’s a friend or relative.”

Yes, it is an awkward subject.

@LaLunaVerde When my kids were much younger, toddlers, I couldn’t leave them alone when I had to poop (or pee), so they came with me, and that helped potty training immensely. (“Daddy’s pooping! That’s how I want to poop!”)

Once you have kids, there’s a certain amount of…I don’t know how to phrase this…a reduced impulse for modesty? You’ve been changing their diapers and taking baths with them for so long (because that’s the perfect opportunity to find a goshdangtowminutes to actually bathe yourself for once, at the same time) no one cares.

(Also, taking a warm bath with your infant on your belly is really satisfying! Even though sometimes you may regret, um, the things that come out of infants sometimes.)


Oh, I definitely agree that the most important thing is to make it very clear that it’s “OK” to talk freely about (and by “OK” I actually mean very important). The problem is how to square that with teaching appropriate behaviour like not pulling your trousers down to show off your vagina, or playing with other peoples’ genitals. The dichotomy between “things you should not do” (because?) and the very similar “things you must tell us about” must be very confusing.


Interestingly, for various reasons my son is very behind in his learning, and as such, I’ve not been able to approach the subject with him at all, beyond “Don’t touch that” “Why” “I don’t like it”, but he’s decided he wants privacy and doesn’t want to see other people in private moments completely independently. He’s just turned 9 a couple of days ago and I would say this took place over the last 6 months or so.


I think it kind of happens naturally with socialization among other kids. I have a bizarrely long memory of my childhood, I remember the first time I started locking the door of the bathroom was when I was 4 or 5, because my older cousin did it. I asked my mom, “why did she lock the door? I was just going to put my wet pool clothes in the hamper there?” My mom said, “well, she’s getting older, and sometimes people need privacy.”

Well, that was it for me, I tells ya!

Same for my Dyl, he just started getting shy a while ago, same as yours @SleepyWill, they’re almost the same age.

Does anyone want to start an “Oh, F—k, We’re PARENTS Now?” thread in the off-topic? To talk about all the weird and gross things that we don’t normally talk about in public, because it would be disturbing to the muggles? We have a few “gaming with kids” threads, but not a straight up parenting thread. I’ve got a lot of plates spinning, or I’d do it myself (I may eventually if no one takes me up on this).

Also, and I know this sounds weird, I think we may be dominating this topic, the most off-topic of all the off-topics. This is here for everyone to blab about whatever (except for Religion, Politics, or Sports. Those topics cause innocent bystanders bloodshed).


I’m pro a parenting thread. As a newbie (I’ve got an almost 11month old) This has all been terrifying. I can’t imagine how it is for the non initiated.


As an old veteran ( I have a 12yo and 9yo) who had kids comparatively early, now all my friends are having babies and toddlers I’m like the Fairy Godmother who answers all poop/weaning/potty training/calpol dosage questions. I’ll happily join a thread and help anyone if I can. Also, I have poop stories for days.


It does seem a good idea.


Thread made.


I literally fell out of bed yesterday morning.

I must have been sleeping really close to the edge, and then I rolled over, and wham! I was on the floor, with my head on a reusable grocery bag I tuck in next to my side table. It was incredibly disorientating, I do not recommend it.

Figuring out how to pick yourself off the floor, when that wasn’t where you were sleeping to begin with, takes more time and thought than you think it would. On top of that, I realized I suddenly had to pee. So I had to try to quickly stand up in my socks on a hardwood floor.

Yesterday morning was a fiasco, and I wasn’t even hungover, I have no excuse! (Except for being 45).

Thank goodness I’ve gotten over thinking bunk-beds are cool.


Its not very similar, but the thought of lying on the floor confused reminded me of a nightmare I used to have occasionally.
The first time it happened I was taking a nap mid-afternoon. I woke up and heard someone approach, but couldn’t for the life of me open my eyes or even move a muscle.
As I heard the person coming nearer and nearer, not knowing who it was and whether they had evil intent, I became more and more desperate to be able to move, and, in later appearances of the dream, to wake up, which I always managed in the end before the person had reached me, although it always felt like it took a crazy amount of effort.


I used to roll out of bed so often, my mother took to placing a mattress under my bed I could pull out before going to sleep.

I would not wake up when I fell out of bed.


I don’t think I have ever rolled out of bed, but I have been ejected by one. The 1994 Northridge earthquake hit at 4:30 AM. The earth moved up then down and to the side, making me fall to my hardwood floor and cracking my head, possibly giving me a concussion. In any case, I was completely out of it for a bit. I remember being annoyed with my mom, who kept trying to get me in a doorway when all I wanted to do was lay down and sleep.

I also remember that I had been watching Comedy Central before going to sleep that night, which was airing one of the old Comic Relief shows and Robin Williams had joked about Southern California being God’s etch-a-sketch.