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"Oy!" "Wut?" Just chat


I remember getting my Dad to take me to see this in the cinema. It must have been a re-release just after Star Wars. Now, I didn’t get to see SW at the cinema, and this was space so - I thought it’d be the same. It was not. 8(? maybe 10-11?) year old me was not ready for 2001. I found it dull, and my Dad never took me to the cinema again.


Of course, I’ve seen it since and it’s a masterpiece but… sad memories.


That is a sad story. I remember seeing some movie with my dad, and making a mildly dirty joke, and the visible disappointment stuck with me ever since. Dad Son Relationships are tricky. We both liked 2001 though. My God, it’s full of stars.


He made it up to me in other ways. We’d watch films on TV all the time. The Blues Brothers (What swearing? I don’t remember the swearing!), The Italian Job (He’d always switch it off just before the end, so well into adulthood I thought they got away scott free!), The Great Escape (And yes, I cried at the end when a certain person gets shot) and so many more…