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I remember getting my Dad to take me to see this in the cinema. It must have been a re-release just after Star Wars. Now, I didn’t get to see SW at the cinema, and this was space so - I thought it’d be the same. It was not. 8(? maybe 10-11?) year old me was not ready for 2001. I found it dull, and my Dad never took me to the cinema again.


Of course, I’ve seen it since and it’s a masterpiece but… sad memories.


That is a sad story. I remember seeing some movie with my dad, and making a mildly dirty joke, and the visible disappointment stuck with me ever since. Dad Son Relationships are tricky. We both liked 2001 though. My God, it’s full of stars.


He made it up to me in other ways. We’d watch films on TV all the time. The Blues Brothers (What swearing? I don’t remember the swearing!), The Italian Job (He’d always switch it off just before the end, so well into adulthood I thought they got away scott free!), The Great Escape (And yes, I cried at the end when a certain person gets shot) and so many more…


Sorry I’m a little late on this:

I had a grad-student roommate… Well, let me begin this with asking everyone (don’t worry, it’s a rhetorical question), “Do you wash the bottom of a pot when you do the dishes? Do you wash the lid?”

I’m pretty sure the answer is “yeah, it all gets washed.”

I saw him grab a spoon out of the drawer, scoop up a big chunk of peanut butter and eat it (which is an excellent snack, imho), and then licked the spoon “clean” and put it back into the drawer.

I washed everything from then on, both before and after I used it.


A friend of a friend…

Cooking oven chips for the first time.

All was going fine for about twenty minutes and then the swearing starts.

Turns out he had turned them over to cook evenly, but was really struggling to balance them on their ends to get them cooked all over…


That’s adorable! I did the same thing the first time I tried. Give that bloke his cooking merit badge, he’s earned it.


This is neither here nor there, I just wanted to share.

My players in 5e have recently come across a pile of beasts called Chumba Wambas. Many of their stats are based on Death Slaads, but with some key differences. They are weak to fire, but strong against frost and poison. They have machetes, cool leather jackets, and bongos.

They can get knocked prone, but get up again, they don’t have to use a move or action.
They can band together in an action called Tubthumping.

This is how we roll, kids. My players forced me to improvise, so this is what they got.


On a related note, I ran a Shadowrun game and had great pleasure in the group’s first encounter against the Bus Station Loonies. They eventually overcame the local crimelord, King Prawn.

With the vacuum in power in the city, a policy in the underworld was enacted, known colloquially as “Dog eat Dog” and was based on the following three rules:

No Fronts
No Tricks
No Soapbox Politics

with most of the gangs also deciding to rid themselves of guns, sticking with their blunts and ensuring that they kicked the lifestyle just for fun.


So, apparently there will be a Jonathan Strange & Mr. Norrell board game released this year, designed by the guys who did War of the Ring.

That’s both WTF and Wooohooo for me!


Published by Osprey with Ian O’Toole doing art? Regardless of how it plays, it’s gonna look amazing.


Yeah, it pretty much looks like a collaboration made in heaven.
I’m very eager to learn more about the gameplay.


I’m so down with this awesomeness. Nice catch @webs! I’m keeping my eye on this.


Wait … what?


Yeah! I remember reading that in a gaming magazine (back when magazines were still a thing). That was bonkers.

That photo shows Richard does not honor his ancestor’s epic beard.


Kit Harringtons great great… Grand daddy invented the flushing toilet!


And Kit Harrington knows everything about tea:


Damnit. Despite loving the art, I shied away from getting Root, as it didn’t seem like my kind of game. But now there’s going to be an expansion introducing crows …


And an RPG! Wow… I could get right behind that…


Oh man. they got you right there.


Gosh that is a very cute crow friend.