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"Oy!" "Wut?" Just chat


Oh yes, that guy! I don’t have his books, but I’ve read couple of Mama Moo stories.

I have it in Polish! It’s awesome! The main character has the coolest uncle ever, he’s fun, he’s interesting and always have time for her. But then he gets a boyfriend with whom he spends more and more time. And whenever her uncle hangs out with her, he takes the boyfriend with him and the girl has to share her favourite human with someone else. Good stuff.

Man, go for it! Reading picture books and translating songs are my favourite ways to learn languages.


Good lord, what is it with you people getting me to read books against my will?

(Ordered from Amazon just now)


I knew this day will finally come: today is the day I wasn’t asked for an ID when buying alcohol :neutral_face:


Wait for the day you’re ID’d ironically.


I think I’m still on single digits for the amount of times I’ve been ID’d in my life, since I started buying alcohol when I was 14 :anguished:


Have I ever been asked? I really don’t think so, but then again - I didn’t have my first drink at a pub till my 18th birthday.

That was also the night I kissed the woman who became my first girlfriend. I also threw up shortly after. She still married me though! (not that day, another day)




“Powered by Shippo”, eh? Well, having one of the Marx brothers in charge of this package would explain a lot.


Was he the new one invented by Prime Now?

OK, changing the subject (as is only appropriate for “Oy!”), I have an 8-year-old who doesn’t want anything for Christmas (he claims). I have 2 options: a Nintendo Switch, which I know he wants but I don’t know if I can afford, and I HAVE NO IDEA.

I’m pulling my hair out, anything would helpful.


Lego Technic. It never fails to entertain.


I love Technic! Every Christmas and on my birthday (sometimes a bit tipsily) I assemble a big Lego kit (I have an original Mindstorms Star Wars Droid Developer Kit, which should say a lot about my personality), but he seems to be off Lego, he’s obsessed with Minecraft.

Please, no one misunderstand, I don’t have a problem with video games, they were a big part of my life growing up, and I’ve been an advocate of gaming for most of my life. As long as he has his homework and other IRL stuff done, I don’t limit his game time.

I want something to pull him out of his screen for a while (although, he does interact with his brother and his brother’s fiancee on the couch, because they play it, too on their laptops). This sucks, becaus I used to sell toys for a living, and I was really good at it, but now I don’t know what to do for my own son.


The first thing I would be looking at is a ticket to go somewhere or permission (and transport) to do something. Of course, that only works if you have a kid who always wants to be going somewhere or doing something out of the house.

(Daughter’s 4th birthday yesterday, and her birthday request was to go out for Napoli pizza (margherita, specifically) and then pet & feed some rabbits, cats, and capybara, all while dressed as (transformed into) one of the HUG’to Purikyua)


I read that and though capybara was Chupacabra, which puts a whole different spin on your story.

I’ve got nothing helpful to add to your conversation though. It’s hard enough to think of what I want for Christmas, let alone other people.


We are going to Disney World next month! (It’s one of the slowest times of year for tourist attractions in Florida). It was supposed to be a surprise, but either my mom already accidentally spilled the beans, or he’s psychic, because he told his mom before we told them.

So that’s great advice! Especially since, you know, we’ve already committed to it and I am a lazy man. It seemed the easiest way out.

I’d still like toys under the tree, though. We’re going to cruise through a massive mall tomorrow, I’m taking a pad of note paper and will take pictures of stuff he seems interested in. Also, we’ll stop by in the toy store I used to work at and check things out. He likes math, but I’m into biology and technology, maybe we can find a kit we can do together.

(As far as my older son, I’ll just give him some cash, the universal gift card. Maybe a cute t-shirt, too. He can afford his own ticket to Disney.)


I wouldn’t call it lazy - I find theme park trips exhausting these days.


By “lazy” I meant “it is already committed to and scheduled, I can’t be bothered with it any more.”

In real reality, I still may have to rent a wheelchair just so I have a place to sit down and have the kids push me whenever and wherever I want them to (because I like sitting down rather than walking, and also it’s hilarious to have kids pushing you all over the place :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes: )

EDIT: I should mention this would partially be because of my shattered ankle after Hurricane Irma and multiple knee injuries in High-School and University and after. I like to say I’m lazy. And often I am!

But mostly it would be because, well, yeah, having an 8-year-old and a 21-year-old trying to fool around and push their dad everywhere he (I) didn’t want to go would be a blast.

“You see that fountain, Dad?” “Hey what about those stairs, Dyl?” “There’s a really long ramp going down over there, Matt!”

They’d be merciless.


Got home last night to find my son had broken off his key in the garage padlock. No problem, paperclip through the back and push the key out. No joy. He’d used some sort of grease in the lock, or so I thought.

“Son, what did you put in the lock?”
“I tried to superglue the key back together.”


“Oh for gods sake…”

He’d glued the key in the lock.

He is 16.

God help the future.


Now in fairness, I remember being 16. If that’s the stupidest thing he does, be thankful.

On the other hand, can you laugh at him for about twenty minutes for me?

In a similar vein, I’ve just discovered my PhD flatmate doesn’t know how to change the settings on the dishwasher. We’ve been living here for two years, and it’s only got 5, well labeled buttons.

I’m sure you’ve all heard the story of the graduate who starts a new job, and gets asked to sweep the floors. “What!” Says the graduate, “I’ve got a PhD!” To which the response is “oh right. Well, this is a broom, and you hold it by the handle points and put the brushes points on the floor…”


Yeah, to be honest he is a very level headed boy. Usually. Just zero common sense.

What made me cross is he was having a friend over when we were out, without our permission. (Not a girl or anything like that). He knows we hate having unknown people wandering around the house so, that’s why I got rather cross with him.


I’m going to watch 2001: A Space Odyssey for the first time tonight. Only 50 years late to the party. Its a 4K IMAX screening so I feel I’m doing this the right way…