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"Oy!" "Wut?" Just chat


Oh, I will have dreams of getting that thing running. It looks amazing, apparently runs very smoothly because something something knee suspension.
It would also be the first car I’d own, as I’ve gotten by on either pushbike, someone else’s car or a work car. I did always want my first car to be something silly.


If I was a teen again, I’d probably say something like, “dude you would get so many dates,” only I’d word it more crudely.

That thing is a magnet of sex appeal.


Unfortunately, (or maybe fortunately) I think sex appeal works differently here.
Or more accurately I’m not particularly interested in the middle age bogan men, that the car would attract.

And even more importantly I suggested redoing it to my wife and she’s yet to acknowledge I said anything. My intuition tells me she’s less than enthusiastic about the idea.


Sorry I’m not around at the moment. Work has me so busy I can barely breathe. They have just given me a totally new course to teach, and two days to prepare! So, busy, busy, busy…



Was a four day expedition, I managed to get withing 15 m of the students without them seeing me… :smiley:


Well I’ve left my job and start as a self employed recruitment consultant on Monday.


Good lord, that must be at least a little terrifying.


A little bit!


Good luck, keep it tight, but somehow also keep it loose? (I’m sorry, I suck with inspirational speeches).

Anyway, keep it together, just like you’ve done here for for the last couple of years, you’ll be fine. We like you just great! Your clients will, too.


The Canada geese are migrating in larger squadrons now. Winter is not far behind here in northern New England.


I’m in Collingwood, Ontario for the weekend and it’s been snowing all weekend. Winter’s here.


Look what was referenced in a childrens’ book we got from the library yesterday!


Holy cow, that’s great!

(I love the illustration of the dude who’s right under the d6, but everything about this is charming my socks off).


Yeah, I had the same reaction, especially since it really isn’t about gaming/fantasy at all, but a little girl who’s waiting with her mother for the bus somewhere in the Swedish countryside, and the quirky people she meets while waiting.
It’s by the author of the Petersson & Findus and Illustrator of the Mama Moo series(I don’t know if they are known in the US, but both are very popular in Germany) though, so I wasn’t too surprised.


So yeah. In October I went to Venice. Then I went to Utah. I’m unsure which I found more surreal, but chilling in the desert for two weeks was amazing.


Pija Lindenbaum! I knew these pictures look familiar! I’m a fan of her books, have few on my bookshelf (and I don’t have kids!). There’s this publishing company in Poland that specializes in modern Swedish children’s literature. Very specific :smiley: but I get it- Swedes nail the genere these days :sweden:


It’s Sven Nordqvist, actually.
But Pia Lindenbaum’s books look cool, and I just checked, the library has several of them, so we’ll definitely borrow one when we are there the next time!


@webs and @Anita do either of you have an ISBN or title or something? I kind of want this book. A LOT.

@El_Bee good lord what a contrast. Utah is bonkers, but I’ve never been to Venice (most of my family is from there, though, and Sicily. My Grandma’s family had a shoe factory that burned down before they immigrated to the US just before WW2).

(And also my family includes German, Irish, French, Native American (Canadian, Iroquois? I’m not 100% on the nation), African, Spaniard, Japanese, Mediterranean (also not quite sure about the country), Scottish, Micronesian, and I think that’s it. Being an American can be odd sometimes, I’m not even sure if I got all those right).


ISBN: 9783770753680

This is for the German version, though (if there isn’t one no for all versions? I have no idea about these things!). I don’t know whether it was published in English.
As for Lindenbaum I’d ask @Anita which are her favorites. One book I’d be very interested in is about a girl who’s jealous of her uncle’s new boyfriend. That sounds cool because

  1. Homosexuality is taken for granted
  2. Jealousy is a topic that is getting more relevant the older our daughter gets (especially with a new baby sister).


I think I can struggle through the German, it’s the illustration that has really enchanted me.

German is probably my 5th worst language.

(my worst being English :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:)

EDIT: I suppose I should list my languages, all of which, I’m not very fluent in. I know just enough to be incompetent in each.

Engligh. I mean, English.