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"Oy!" "Wut?" Just chat


Also to keep everything off-balance in the Just Chat thread, changing the topic for no reason!

Red tide keeps on coming back where I live.

There’s a thing called “olfactory fatigue,” where you just stop smelling something. Like, when you’re cooking, and then you step out for a moment, and when you step back in, the smell hits you flat in the face.

This doesn’t happen with red tide. It always smells like dead fish and poop, no matter how long you’re exposed to it. The toxins released by the pyrrophyta keeps your body from shutting down your olfactory center.

(Yes, I moan about where I live all the time, but when it’s good, it’s perfect, I still like it here).


Raspberries are great for home-made liquors! I think I’ll go for cranberry this time, or black currant. Or aronia! it’s very healthy. My dad makes delicious quince liquor, but I don’t think I’ll find this fruit in Canada. I love the herbal and nutty ones too. My uncle’s walnut liquor is the best cure for any stomach drama!

Dude, you can do anything with it! This is why it’s illegal in Canada!


My wife makes hedgerow vodka and gin (cheap supermarket vodka and gin, infused with rosehips, hawthorne, etc. gathered from the local area). And raspberry ditto, with supermarket frozen raspberries. I must try the freeze-dried ones (available from Amazon) to see if they work better…


Starwberries are great and I’m loving that they’re cheap here at the moment because idiots have been embedding pins and needles in them so people are scared… I just cut them up and eat them with my muesli every day.


We had the first imported pack of needled strawberries in the news the other day. I’m looking forward to the price plummeting so I can make some jam. And if it’s Cheap enough I’ll probably put some in some booze. Or maybe make some starwberry vinegar.

Feel bad for the strawberry farmers though. Bad year for them.


Good lord, this reminds me of what ruined Halloween here back in the 80s, rumors of razor blades hidden in apples and chocolate bars that were reported on, almost contagiously, by the news.

That sucks for the victims, but, well, I guess it’s kind of great for you @Hammond and @fodder256 ! Strawberries are awesome. Take advantage of the price while people are panicking.


I don’t think Strawberries would work as an infusion - the flavour would be too weak. I think you’d have to make a syrup and then mix the liquor with that.


Hmm but infusing them seems easier. At the very least I should end up with red alcoholic carpet stainer. It’ll be a fun experiment.


So I’m heading down to the family batch this weekend, to help my dad move some stuff out of the shed. And by shed I mean smallish warehouse. And by some stuff I mean everything.

See, the paddock there has been sold, and my dad wants to relocate the shed down the road to his other other side project. He expected to have about a month to sort it, but that month turned into a week and a half. So I get to go down there and help move the left over belonging of my dad and his 5 siblings. It’ll be interesting. Hopefully.

I’m pretty sure there’s a car or two buried under it all.


I feel your pain, man. I’m pretty sure that’s what my son will have to do for me someday.


Why I’m not around at the moment…

Up in the hills helping out with the DofE award!

EDIT: @MinuteWalt I changed the picture to remove selfie!


Put it in the Selfie thread, Jackdaw! You do know the way there! :smile:


Where’s that then?


High Spy up above Borrowdale…


Neither here nor there (which is, actually, the topic of this conversation) I live in the lightning capital of North America.

Last night was spectacular. I went outside in rain gear (it was pouring in torrents).

It was all photo-flashes, up above the clouds, no jagged zig-zag of strikes from sky to earth or cloud-to-cloud, but every strike was so bright it was like a strobe light, the raindrops were frozen in place for a terrifying staccato moment where I didn’t die.

It was literally dazzling, not in the Hollywood sense, but in the way that every time it left an afterimage that took a few moments to blink away.

It was a bastard of a storm. The rain swell incurred into our laundry room, and the apartment we had just rented out.

So I spent the better part of between 2am and 10am cleaning it all out with a wet-vac, a mop, and my mom (we were helping each other, I didn’t literally use my mom to soak up the water!) so that everything would be in top shape for the renter the day after tomorrow.

It was a long morning.


You didn’t have to remove it! (this is kind of a “no-topics are the topic” thread) I just thought it should be there as well. Selfies are fine here, just stick them in there, as well, man!

But my god. That’s fantastic. That’s an amazing place to have been to (not to mention an amazing photo).


Ooo. You may not know, but I guess that is the ridgeline across the way from shepherds crag - climbing thing? I’ve never actually been over there which seems silly given its proximity to keswick but it always looked a nice walk. How did the kids enjoy themselves?


Turns out there was a car. My dad assures me it’s a runner. I’m quite confident it’s not moved in my lifetime.

There’s also a story about it being an old PMs wifes car. I’m unconvinced.

Offbeat request - images of medieval rubbish tips and/or scavengers

Nice! I only ever got the bronze level DoE. What stage are you helping out with there?


Surely all it needs are new tires and a timing belt. :grinning:

Seriously, though, if you could get that to run, you would be, like, the coolest kid on the street.

You’d be the coolest kid I know, at any rate.