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"Oy!" "Wut?" Just chat


Hey, sometimes the boring holidays are just what you need. The last time I had a week’s paid vacation I just sat around the house while everyone else was out, reading, watching movies, eating ice cream, and lying on the couch in only my shorts. Don’t get me wrong, there were several beers to keep me company, but it was way more relaxing than when I went to the Virgin Islands, Orlando, Manhattan, etc. any other vacation, ever.


We went to the Art Gallery of Nova Scotia and an exhibit was “HIROSHIGE: THE FIFTY-THREE STATIONS OF THE TŌKAIDŌ”. And there was me enjoying the prints never having played the game. It was not available in the gift shop and I chose not to touristsplain why it would be a good idea.


A Canadian Shield art update: I grew up in Ontario and passed through a lot of highway rock cuts in 50 plus years. There has generally never been much graffiti on them. Once we saw a heart with initials in it (AB + CD does not work the same way as text) matching those of myself and my wife (then girlfriend). On this trip to the east coast I have been surprised to see a few colour paintings on rocks at the side of the road. I forget where the Rubik’s cube was. Close to our B&B at the time there was a white and red D6 with the 5 pip side facing oncoming traffic.


@webs you are one of my very favorite people here. I have to say this is a good idea for a conversation, but would be better off in The Thunderdome.

Chat is just for gabbing about nothing in particular and being silly, but you obviously have something serious you want to talk about. I don’t disagree with you, you have a good point! This is more of a place where you share about the dumb thing your dad/child/cat etc. did.

I think what you said could be it’s own topic, by itself, there’s a lot of potential discussion, there. (Honestly, I’m just trying to encourage you to start one, I’d like to see where it goes).


You’re right, @MinuteWalt, I keep forgetting about the Thunderdome. I’ll move it there. I’ve cooled off a bit by now, but am still irritated enough to want to talk about it.


Oh, hells yeah!


Having a bit of a slow afternoon, my last patient was cancelled and just waiting on some calculations to run. This is what my work looks like when I’m doing some planning for radiation therapy:

(I’ve removed all patient identifying information)

Basically I’m trying to get the blue “cloud” to cover the horn-type shapes either side and the orange "cloud to cover the dark blue outline near the middle… and avoid pretty much everything else.

Anyone have any questions about radiation treatment for cancer? I’m your person.


I hate to click “Like” on something that isn’t 100% positive, but I still think this is interesting.

My brother-in-law is a radiologist, and a really good guy. I can share this with him if you think it’s a good idea.

Is that due to fluid accretion or am I just talking out my @ss? I am in no way qualified to have an opinion.


If you want to share it with him you’re most welcome. There definitely is a bit of fluid accumulation in this patient as we did get her to have a full bladder (which you can see right in the middle) for her planning CT scan. It’s a standard practice for our pelvis patients as it helps to put all the other organs in the same place daily for treatment.


I will send him an email.

But I’m totally going to do it in an Australian accent! I don’t even know how to do that in text but I’ll give it a shot!

(In all seriousness, if he’s got an opinion, I will send it back to you in a PM, copy-paste. We joke here, but we also support each other.)


@Hammond he basically said the same thing as you did.

The accent didn’t work, at all. I can only do American, redneck American, and for some reason Glaswegian. (In text. I can’t to any of those out loud.)


If you’re going for Aussie accent via text you need to aim for somewhere between a Boston and Chicago gangster accent. R’s pronounced as “ah” and liberally apply dipthongs to regular-seeming vowel sounds. I personally don’t have a very typical accent as I have lived in a lot of places and like to think that I speak “properly”.


That’s good advice. I’ll have to try that out (I’ll probably end up sounding more NZ, and failing at that).

My family’s from Boston, but I grew up in the Southern US, so when I’m relaxed, I drop into a easy Mark Twain drawl, but when I’m uptight, I go total Kennedy. People from the deep-south asked me once if I was a surfer from California. I have no real idea about how words actually come out of my mouth at all.

I still don’t know how to do that with typed letters, in print or text, though. Accents are very difficult to convey without actual tone of voice. Which sucks.


not a bad haul for 30 mins picking literally just outside my house


Any plans for them, just to eat or create delicious jam/pies?


Some more of this deliciousness…

Two litres of it, to be precise…


Ohhh boy. I’m making that this summer. Now I just need to find a local source of blackberries.

Or should that be sauce.


Well, I just came back from Poland and I might or might not bring some rectified spirit :wink: It’s a tradition in my family to make fruit liquors with it.


Do you have a favorite fruit to use?
I’d go for raspberries, buttgats just cause everything I’ve eaten with raspberries this week has been amazing.


I had to look up “rectified spirit.” Apparently it’s what we call in the States “bio-fuel,” pure ethanol gasoline. Fantastic! You can do a lot with that (from a culinary perspective, although you could also probably use it to power an internal combustion engine).

I like @fodder256’s idea of raspberries a lot, raspberries and strawberries are my 2 favorite berries! I want to say dehydrated (they’re very easy to use, but not always easy to find). Blueberries would be a blast, too!

This isn’t something most people think of, but when using flavorful berries, some bruised herb (like rosemary or basil) works well, as will a little fresh ginger. Lead with the berries, though.

Man. This should be in the cooking thread. And I’m still thinking in the terms of summer! This should totally be leaning more to cinnamon, nutmeg, and cardamon!