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"Oy!" "Wut?" Just chat


Singapore is like that year round (although humidity usually stays high) and schools didn’t have air conditioning in classrooms when I was growing up in the '80s/early '90s and I doubt they do now. All offices and shopping centers were air conditioned though!


I’ve been watching the Tinker Taylor Soldier Spy movie. And BBC TV series. For the fourth time. I might have problem.

Anyway, my favorite wizard is always the information wizard. Possibly also known as a librarian.


Our daughter (3) was brought back to us in a police car earlier this evening. Not an experience I want to repeat, but unfortunately she loved every minute.


What crimes did she do?


Looking cute while not being accompanied by an adult. Probably also smiling too much.


Oy. If you have a generation, an unused action and 18 M€ you should start a standard project and convert an aquafer on Mars.


That’d be scary, but I have fond memories of being in a police car at age 5ish for similar reasons.

Based on the thread, I was willing to assume some sort of weather ritual. Possibly involving turning off policy makers air conditioning.


It is also, kind of sort of, an orangutan? (Sorry, reading Terry Prachett.)


Currently suffering from “red tide” here.

For those that don’t know, red tide comes from a bloom of pyrrophyta (a type of algae that’s reddish in color, hence the name “pyrro” for “fire-colored” dinoflagellates) that causes massive fish-kill due to a sudden reduction of oxygen in the ocean, and toxins released in the ocean, and toxins released into the air.

Basically, it means when you walk out your door it smells awful, like a poo stepped into your dead fish and smelly feet sandwich, and you have a lot of dead sea life washing up nearby. It can also violently trigger allergies, and the toxins in the air can harm you (and terrestrial wildlife), sometimes lethally.

Jeeze, we haven’t had a red tide bloom in over ten years, since local farms stopped over-fertilizing (the runoff fed the blooms).

For the hell of it, I blame the current administration.


Does your browser open to a menu of your most-visited sites? Mine shows me large icons of the sites I visit often. I guess the designers didn’t want the icons to grow old and unrecognizable so they re-sample the sites. Recently the icon for SU&SD was not the main site page or the main forum page but that anti-DoS / aggregator / proxy / back-in-five-minutes page. Because I recognized it immediately I guess it did what it was supposed to do.


Mines fine, but that is on mobile.

In other news myself and the boy are off to the Edinburgh Fringe tomorrow!


Yeah. I usually use Firefox (it’s pretty flexible and has the best ad-blockers). My #1 icon is, well SU&SD. I am not proud of that, it’s simply a fact.

Firefox has also (depending on your build) introduced a really irritating “feature” of putting up icons for sites it’s predictive analytics think you may want to visit. I hate all of it, but I’ll still use FF because of the ad-blockers and I have it figured out. Honestly, Chrome is the least buggy and most likely to work all the time, and I’m forced to use IE for work, and accidentally have to sometimes use Edge. But they all do things like that.

(Except for Opera. I still like Opera, it’s flexible and isn’t a jerk, and since no one uses it, it’s a fairly safe browser. Still a little weird, though).

I am kind of irritated with the recent FF update that killed a lot of my favorite plugins, even with Greasemonkey. A night-light mode that worked with a hotkey, a fantastic download manger…lots of other stuff I keep trying to use before I remember I can’t anymore, they all just went away.

@MrJackdaw Have fun in Edinburgh! Stay safe (not too safe, that looks like a wild party), but mostly have fun!


Mine also does that. Also using Firefox.
I always wanted to like Opera, I just don’t think I can put the time in that’d be required to make it work well for me.

Anyway, actual reason I’m here. I won myself a free pizza recently.
I was being inducted onto a building site, and the H+S person had written on the hazard board “See Dave for free pizza.” (which is placed at the entrance with the list of hazards. Intention being everyone’s supposed to read it before coming onto site)

I mentioned this in passing with Dave as he was inducting me. Apparently I’m the first person to mention it in… 2-3 months? So it was lunch time, and I got pizza while my boss did all the work.

I have to go back there tomorrow. I look forward to seeing if it’s still on the hazard board.


Sweet! Free pizza! High five! :raised_hand:


Feeling a bit crap at the moment. Apart from Boardgaming, obviously, my main pastimes are hiking, running and buggering about on my PC.

This year I have developed a problem with my knees which the Physio has given me exercises to treat and insoles for my shoes that have done precisely nothing.

And over the past 8 weeks I have got a trapped nerve in my shoulder than means if I sit straight, or too long, I end up with pain in my shoulder and pins and needles in my arm. Physio today has prescribed more exercises that I have a funny feeling won’t work.

So, can’t run, can’t walk and can’t sit for long either.

I feel… This is all rather depressing.

And I needed to rant and “Oy!” “Wut?” seems like the right place.


I haven’t sat straight in years. Do you have the same problem sitting at 30-ish degree angles?


I prefer sitting at 60-180 degree angles.

(Or, if possible, 360 degree angles.)

EDIT: or if I’m re-playing Tony Hawk Pro-Skater, 720 degrees


It’s sitting up straight that I have an issue with - I have to slouch. And that’s annoying.

I was really feeling low last night. Quite a bit better now! It will get better, or it won’t. If it doesn’t, I change my habits.


Glad you’re feeling better, MJd.

Weirdly enough, I’ve found that some chairs encourage me to sit ram-rod straight even though my natural inclination is to slouch. These are pretty comfy chairs, too, you could easily slouch or lay back, with feet up even. It’s weird, but suddenly, despite these chairs’ huggy, bed-like or hunch-able qualities, I sit up straight and by body feels happy. The rest of the time, it’s elbows-on-knees or leaning back as much as possible.


Got back yesterday from a holiday in Lanzarote (hence my absence from here, if anyone noticed) with my partner and her family. Was a bit hot for my tastes, but then so was the UK for a while prior. Not so much fun for my partner as she broke her foot the weekend before at my step-sister’s wedding (not an exiting accident, just stumbled down a step).

Spent most of my time sitting around reading. Except when I went on a walk to find a bookshop. (And when we all went to visit a wildlife park.)

Not much gaming done, though one night I did get people to play the Metagame and and my partner’s sister’s girlfriend had brought Funemployed, so there was much silliness.