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Impressive even for a NPC character. That’ll be 20 aging rolls to survive!


Hey guys, my youngest just got his second tooth lost! It was totally hanging on by a thread, I could have just pulled it out and he wouldn’t have even felt it, but of course, when you’re that age, that’s so terrifying, so I let him deal with it.

Naturally, over the course of the day, somehow it was gone when nobody noticed until the next day (meaning he probably swallowed it while eating without noticing), but he still got a note from the Tooth Fairy and some cash the next night.

2 down, 18 to go.


Did you hear about the KS project that’s most likely a scan?
Someone posted the story in the news comments yesterday, and it’s as exciting as shocking to watch the whole thing live.

And here’s the link to the live campaign.
As of now, it doesn’t look as if KS will shut down the project, and (something I didn’t know) as all pledges are locked in the last 24h if they reach this point in about three hours the thing will be funded, i.e. tens of thousands of dollars (albeit Canadian :wink: probably gone.


Edit: And now, several minutes ago, KS has suspended the funding on the project. With 25h to go.


There was also a Dr.Horrible-game in KS which never got the license for Dr. Horrible.

It’s a scam-heavy week on Kickstarter. :smiley:


That one seemed more stupid than malicious. Probably a case of “Hmmm, they haven’t said no, so they just need convincing. Once they see how many people want the game, they’ll definitely give us the licence!”


I honestly don’t care if it was malicious or not - They attempted to get multiple thousands of dollars out of gullible gamers.
They went through mutliple steps to launch that KS - commissioning art, assembling rules, playtesting, designing, actually starting the KS and during none of these steps they stopped to think about licensing?

So were either gambling on getting the money without anyone noticing or wayy to naive to even start this kind of buisness in the first place.

In both cases it’s an attempted scam, be it maliciously planned or stupidly unplanned.


Oh, not defending them, just that it’s not in the same league as the Overturn scam (especially as those guys came so close to getting away with it).

Stupidity/naivety is pretty par for the course with KS. I continue to be surprised by what people think some people might actually pay for.


Semantically speaking, a scam presupposes intent, so naivety and scam are mutually exclusive.
I understand your point that in the end there’s not much difference, though.


I wouldn’t say naivety and scam are mutually exclusive, you can still be naive about attempting a scam (albeit probably incompetently). Naive does not necessarily equate to innocent, just poor judgement and inexperience.

But, yeah, I can see where one is stupid-malicious and should be smacked down like an incompetent burglar, and the other is stupid like a puppy who thinks it’s being clever by pooping in the shower instead of on the carpet.


I meant the other mutually exclusive, obviously! :rofl:

Prior chat

@Benkyo @MinuteWalt I’m gonna drag our weather chat over here, cause it seems most appropriate.
I’ve been in the 80% humidity, and I see why you hate it. Although I didn’t know about it also occurring in America under the name of a Chinook wind. It’s good to know I’m not the only one suffering, although the temperatures over there seem more bearable, maxing out at 15 degrees, compared to our 35 or so.

I found this New Zealand Geographic article about the one that occurred in 1988, which is more in line with an extreme weather event, but still gives you a good idea about why I dislike them so much. It’s not really the same as the baking heat that happens in a desert, although I can’t say I’ve been to very many deserts. It’s more like being stuck in a hair drier but less pleasant.


That does sound pretty unpleasant. I can’t remember ever having been in a low humidity sustained high wind before, so I don’t have a good point of reference. But no-one likes being stuck in front of a full-blast air-conditioner stuck on “dehumidify”, so I can kind of imagine it =P

I just learnt that schools over here don’t have air-conditioning. I’m kind of horrified.

There was a news article this morning, and it seems that dozens of kids are collapsing in the heat every day, one died after a kilometre-long walk to a park and back. Meanwhile the “counter-arguments” to installing air-conditioning included points like “upgrading toilets is a higher priority” and “going from a cool interior to a hot exterior will cause health problems”. It actually made me quite angry. The old-fashioned attitude that kids need to “toughen up” still carries a lot of weight, as policy-makers sit in their air-conditioned offices…


What. What? WHAT! What. How? I just… What?

I mean, if people are dying, maybe it’s a bit beyond toughening up?
We still get a bit of that over here, but fortunately I haven’t heard any thing like that from the politicians for a while. (Good old fashioned racism, on the other hand… but lets not get started on that.) We still get a fair bit of “Just toughen up” out of employers though, so maybe they’ll all have grown up the time I’m a grandparent?


Thank you. I wasn’t entirely sure if my own reaction was appropriate. My wife laughed (I mean, I can see why, it’s common knowledge to anyone who has been through the school system) and commented on how it must be impossible for the kids here to focus. She was raised in Hokkaido, much further north, where air-conditioning isn’t necessary.


No school I went to had air-conditioning. Neither has any house around here. They do all have heating though!

What you’re talking about sounds similar to the Helm Wind (https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Helm_Wind) I felt a Foehn wind in Innsbruck (Austria) while walking around on a Summer evening. It was weird to feel a hot breeze and not a cooling one.


For context, I’m talking about a summer where temperatures stay between 30-38 degrees all day all night every day, and humidity ranges from 40 to 90 percent. People without air-con die from heat-stroke every year, but this year it got hotter earlier than usual, so kids are still in school (and dying, apparently).


Makes me so glad to be living here (summer temperatures of ~15C).


Yeah, I googled it after reading your comment and was shocked to hear it gets so hot in some parts of Japan in summer. I also read that many schools were built in the 50s or 60s with no concerns about heating up…and school uniforms aren’t helping either.
In Germany there isn’t air conditioning in most schools, but we also usually don’t get the same high temperatures - and there is the much beloved ‘Hitzefrei’, meaning lessons are shortened or the students sent home once the temperature goes above a certain threshold.
So there’s thankfully no discussion about health hazards, but a recurring one about decent clothing, which is a lot better I guess.


((:clap: :clap: :clap:) Good topic drag, @fodder256.)


Let’s talk about wizards. My favourite wizard is the automobile wizard.


I watched Fast and Furious movies (1 and 4-6) last week.