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I’d have to look at the floor plans, but I’d say about 30 sq m on each of 3 floors, and the roof. Tiny by most western standards.
No central heating, but we have four air-conditioning units for the four rooms in our house (i.e., the ground floor, the 2nd floor, and the two bedrooms that make up the 3rd floor) to cope with both the 35 degree saturated humidity of summer and the sometimes zero degrees winter.

EDIT: Ground and second floor renovation plans (note that the depicted furniture is absurdly small - the furniture we actually bought takes up more space than the diagrams suggest:

EDIT2: Actually @MinuteWalt, I never intended to marry, have kids, or buy a house. Things just happened that way, and I went with the flow. I’ve striven to keep our financial investment as small as possible (have to compromise on that), and it would seem a bit weird to be emotionally invested in a house. I like to think of it as a box - as a base of operations, no more. I just like talking about stuff, especially in English, which I don’t get to use much =)


I bought a house this week too! High 5s!


High five @RossM!


Except it’ll only screw up a select few individuals instead of the entirely of Florida (or more reasonably your province). On the upside, serious earthquakes are only supposed to happen every 500 years or so (or your regional equivalent) so I figure you can keep the lightning. Sounds terrifying.

On a more pleasant note, we just had a summers day here, in the middle of the darkest winter yet. So clearly @MinuteWalt should go to the water park more often.


Fair point, a single lightning strike can only be expected to mess with 1 to 1,000 people at once who don’t immediately die from it, or the next few strikes. Earthquakes can affect a much greater number of people, and are much more devastating to property.

Lightning still scares the sh!t out of me when I have to ride my bike, and it’s here almost every time of year, I can’t go to the water park you maniac (actually it’s because a company bought our local one out and only uses it for swim lessons now. We still have beautiful days all the time, their schedule is weird, though. This statement isn’t really worth the exclamation point after the next parenthesis)!

I feel uncomfortable sitting on the toilet (during a lightning storm, you are more likely to get struck while pooping than talking on the phone).

Which I suppose would literally scare the sh!t out of me. Ewww…

That being said, I’m happy you’re having a mild winter! I heard 2018 was pretty cruddy up north.


Continuing the crazy weather theme, 100 mm of rain in an hour, self-defense force mobilised, 24+ dead, 50+ missing, 40+ injured, 500+ homes damaged… into our third day of non-stop heavy rain.

On the plus side, I suited up and had fun “jumping in muddy puddles” with my daughter earlier today.


That’s bonkers! And really scary. And has reminded me a lot about our last few weeks here (and it’s not even really hurricane season yet).

I do like the last part, though! :heart: Take some pictures if you can, getting messy with your kid is super-awesome! They’re some of our favorite memories (both my 21 year old and my 7 year old).


Tricky in the rain, but yeah, probably should have.


It’s a hassle to keep your stuff dry.


Waterproof cajon bags are great.

(segue performed after 3 days holding out is a siegeway)




What’s up, Mr Jackdaw?


Not a lot. You?


I’m racing from Heathrow Airport to Kings Cross station to make my train home. I’m definitely going to miss it, since I seem to be getting the maximum wait time at each connection.

I’m walking smartly as opposed to running because I dislocated my rib.


I didn’t make the train! What a story.


Goddamit! Any other options? I’d offer you a lift but it’d take me 4h 23mins to get there…


I got the next one. Fortunately I had a flexible ticket. The risk was having to stand for a few hours, since I lost my booked seat. Fortunately I’m sitting now.

Now I have 4h 40min to Edinburgh, lunch, and then a final train home.

I’ve got my laptop out and I’ve written some NPC generators and associated NPC winter phase scripts for Pendragon.


Ooh winter phase events or a whole simulated winter phase?


NPC training, ageing, and possible death (using the random tables from book of the estate). The NPC generator creates a spreadsheet/database with however many NPCs you want, and then it can be updated each winter with a click.

I generated one knight “Blegwyn” and then aged him from 25 to 55-ish to see the rise of his skills, fall of stats, and eventual death of decrepitude. A good age for a pendragon knight!


@Scribbs a knight reaching 55!