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"Oy!" "Wut?" Just chat


Of course.

I should probably note that I have no idea how real estate works anywhere else in the world. That said, this purchase was unusual in various ways, and aspects of it would probably seem odd to many Japanese too.


Is that not illegal? I feel like pretending you’ve had another offer is illegal here. Although I’m not overly familiar with real estate laws.

I suspect the solution you’ve come up with is probably the best approach though. Buying a house was probably the most stressful part of my life so far. Good luck!


Two of my best friends are real estate agents (husband and wife team), and her parents/his in-laws are also agents, and I have no idea what the heck they’re talking about.

So I feel kind of good when they ask me about tech stuff. Justin gets to shine! :sparkles:

(EDIT: I also feel bad when people ask me about tech, it’s like being a doctor at a party where someone finds out you’re a doctor and wants you to look at this weird bump they have, only it’s on their computer.)


I think it’s technically a grey area because there’s no way to prove/disprove a verbal offer. Obviously it’s frowned upon but I have definitely heard of it happening to other people before…

With another property we were looking at earlier in our search, the agent called the day after inspected to let us know that an offer had been made on the property and we would need to act quickly if we wanted to secure it for ourselves. 3 weeks later it’s still there on the market!


Classic BS pushy sales technique. Good grief, did the agent learn this from watching cartoons?

(I don’t think @fodder256 is right, exactly, just “sort of” right about the legality. There’s a bit of caveat emptor involved with a sales pitch in most countries. You would have to prove that they were lying, first.)

(Still saying I know absolutely nothing about realty in any country, much less my own)


Anyway, has everyone noticed how packages for DVDs and Blu-rays have gotten a lot flimsier? Can we not just distribute movies on USB, or even SD or Micro SD cards with all the bonus content? (online distribution still sucks for bonus features).


As a librarian I have to say the spindles are the real problem, even major series like “Game of Thrones” won’t pay jack-all for a decent spindle in their cases. I’m assuming they know people only watch them a couple times before they start collecting dust, but in library circulation it’s not unusual for a case to be toast before the NEW sticker is even off.

Hub rot is also a real thing.

Anyway, on another very important topic. Why can’t I enjoy cotton candy or a marshmallow as a grown man without feeling like I’m spontaneously combusting? My body just has no damn idea what to do with all that energy and wants to give the fuck up.


I think people are going to get sick of “but in Japan” responses, but in Japan all the rental DVDs have durable cases for that purpose. Rental chain stores are still a big thing here - DVDs, CDs, comics. I have no idea if commercially sold DVD cases have the same issues as in America, since I haven’t bought any in the last… 20 years?


Seriously, the spindles? :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:

(My mom’s a librarian and I’ve studied information and library science, and I hate it when people dogear books. Hub rot…speaking to the choir.)


Benkyo, as I understand it there’s a strong cultural preference in Japan to live in a “new” house - so it’s assumed that most people buying an old house are going to demolish it and build a new one, and therefore they’ll have that expense to add to their overall moving cost. It’s as if you were buying a piece of land with a rubbish dump on top of it, rather than just bare land.

Stock answers from me:

  • I don’t do Windows.
  • In fact I don’t do closed source at all.
  • I can fix that with a Linux server.

If they’re still asking, it might be an actual job, so I tell them my rates.

Can’t go with plain storage, because People Would Copy It and this would be the end of the world. (Hint: people are copying it anyway, and this has negligible effects on the huge media groups’ profits.) I imagine someone’s working on a solid-state medium that’s even more locked-down than Blu-Ray.


Well played.

My stock is “I don’t do Apple.” It shuts it down faster, people who work with Windows usually can figure out things for themselves more often, and I usually get more questions about iOS in casual situations.


That is very true. Heavily built up urban areas are a bit of an exception though, and Osaka in particular.

In our case, the current zoning laws would require any new structure built on our land to occupy a lot less land than ours does, which makes tearing it down and rebuilding impractical.

Also, our structure is steel and some kind of super-light concrete substitute, making it far more durable than typical Japanese wooden houses, again meaning that the usual tear-down-and-rebuild would make less sense.

Still, it took a long time to convince my spouse that a second-hand house was a viable option. We looked at a lot of empty plots of land, and consulted with architects etc., before we lowered our sights to a second (third?) hand house. We still ended up spending the same again on the renovations and electronics, so we have a house that “feels” new (if you can ignore the window frames that leak, and what appears to be a raccoon or cat or similar that has found a way inside our first floor walls).


Ah, interesting. See here, an offer is a legal thing that you have to sign. Verbal offers aren’t offers they’re expressions of interest. So (in theory at least) if the agent calls and says “someone else has made an offer” you should be able to ask for proof if you’re suspicious. I mean, they won’t tell you how much they’re offering or anything but at least it’s something.
Offer’s still fall through with regularity here, so I can see how a property would still be on the market ages after an offer is made.
In saying all that, that’s from my legal perspective. And there’s still lots of dodgy stuff agents will do, but that’s more common in the rental market. Don’t even get me started on the rental market.


That’s a lot of problems!

I still think it’s something you really care about and want, and you’ve become not only financially, but emotionally invested in.

OKOKOK! I don’t want to talk endlessly about @Benkyo’s housing arrangements, I’m so sorry if I keep bringing it up (please do keep us posted, though).

To change everything:
my kids and me are going to the local YMCA waterpark tomorrow and we are going to meet my youngest son’s friend there and we will swim and hope to not get struck by lightning. When we’re inside, there may be a few rounds of Loopin’ Looie or billiards.


But they’re so different and interesting!

Is that a serious possibility? Has it happened before? Is that right beside the house all the horror movies are filmed in?
In seriousness, that sounds great. Possibly because it’s winter here, and I could really use a day that makes me feel like going swimming.


Yes, @Benkyo’s housing is actually pretty fun to talk about, I won’t lie. Nice person.

And YES @fodder256 I could be struck by lightning. Florida is the lightning capital of the US. There was someone who was just stuck and killed by lightning on Siesta Key recently. It really freaks me out because my main transportation is a scooter, not the Faraday cage that you get with a car, not to mention just walking around or even washing your hands.

We’ve has strikes that exploded the oak across the street from us, and the cedar on the corner of my childhood friend’s house. One strike killed an old guy I used to know. So yes, lightning really freaks me out.

(I also knew a dude named “Flipper” (obviously not his real name, I think it was Nick) who everyone who had known him longer than me said he had been struck twice. I didn’t believe them at the time, that’s kind of nuts, obviously, but he did have convincing scars, and I’ve experienced a lot of lightning. It was the 90s though, you gotta take that with a grain of salt.)

July 3rd had a strike nearby that shook my mouse off my table, and a couple of other things. I kid you not, I was just trying to re-watch Rick and Morty, I had to pick some small things off the floor and pop the battery back into my mouse. It was bad, man, it scared the hell out of me. It scared the hell out of everyone. The Florida equivalent of an earthquake, but with electricity.


Ahh, you people and your wacky “buying” of houses. How odd!

And I know Windows, OSX, and Linux (and in fact have one of each on my desk), and hate different things about all of them.


Yes. They all suck. I feel bad for being a technologist and having a hatred for every operating system I encounter.

It’s like they’re all designed to provide us with new problems.

(Props for Win7, yo! Rockin the 9X in the house! Sorry, that was my favorite.)


The main reason I ended up working pretty much exclusively with open-source code is that with commercial software the answer to “it won’t do this” is usually “give them more money”; with open-source it’s usually “be ingenious and work out a way to do it yourself”. It’s like the world’s largest escape-room puzzle.


It really is interesting to hear about the differences in living circumstances between Europe, the US and especially Japan.
How much living space do you actually have in your house?
A friend who had a Japanese girlfriend told me once that the Japanese in general do not heat in the same way that we usually do, i.e. they don’t have central heating like we have.?