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It’s the coldest day here. I can see my breath indoors. Wanna swap?

Admittedly, I’m not at home, I’m up in a hotel further north than normal but you’d expect that to help things right? North is normally warmer?


We also discovered that where we we’re staying was very very close to the site of a mutual, but not present, friends conception. So we three somewhat wise men made a pilgrimage to the site and offered foods he hates to the gods of failed contraception. It involved “breaking into” (read: walking past astop sign) a military base.

So I’ve told my story. @FunkJem, what this about pinata?

(I should clarify, I’ve been on holiday for four days.)


We can tell, mate! Get some shuteye, re-read everything you’ve written (but not before the day after tomorrow), don’t edit anything, it’s great as is. Wish I could have been there.


Had my first run-in with a genuinely crazed self-professed hacker type yesterday. It was a bit unsettling.

On a game forum someone asked why he always got the same “rare” card (5-6 times) in a certain situation.

Various people told him it was either a very unlikely outcome ((1/16)^6 probability), or confirmation bias leading to misreporting. He got snappy, it wasn’t a pleasant thread to start with.

Then one guy jumps in appearing to say that the chance of that happening was actually 1/16 (I still don’t know what he was trying to say), and threw in a LOT of links to published math papers and equations.

Various people questioned that, but unbelievably over the next few pages of posts many of them were actually browbeaten into believing that the postdoc-level math being quoted at them was beyond their understanding (it probably was) and relevant (it most certainly wasn’t).

Some people didn’t accept that though, and questioned his authority (me being one such person), and then things went off the rails.

He leaked a few details he’d dug up about my life, made a few inaccurate assumptions as the basis for a whole lot of mud-slinging, and just started getting really abusive towards me and 3 other people.

The whole thread got disappeared by Valve support this morning, so he started another thread ranting about how he now knew who had deleted it, that they had broken GDPR law by doing so, that he had already significantly hurt Valve’s bottom line in retribution, and that everyone involved would die screaming. 12 replies to himself later and that thread got disappeared too.

Well, hopefully I didn’t register as being worth the effort for further harassment.

Lesson learned: Do not engage with crazy people being crazy. Flag and move on…


You and your IP address are perma-banned, @Benkyo, for bringing this controversy here!

(Not really. I believe the general agreement 'round here is that you’re pretty cool.)


I’ll try not to bring any actual controversy here. The thing is, it was a discussion on how to calculate probability! I had no idea it could end with murder threats…


Everything can end with murder threats these days…


Dang it, @COMaestro, I’ll murder you for saying that!


I’m sorry if I’ve been kind of harsh lately, friends. I’ve been a little on edge.

We had to take my youngest son’s grandmother off life support (she had multiple cardiac events immediately followed by multiple strokes). She was barely in her 60’s, it caught us all totally off guard, and I’ve been trying to play it cool this whole time, not just with you all, but with my little boy, and the rest of the family, too.

I’ve lost family before, but this is hitting me pretty hard. I’ll still be here as much as I can be, but I apologize if I’m not my normal mellow hyper-enthusiastic self.


You have our sympathies and thoughts, Justin.
It has to be so tough to say goodbye to someone so close, and we can handle having you on grumpy mode for as long as you need (not that it showed that much).


((virtual hug))


I’m sorry to hear that @MinuteWalt. I can’t imagine what that’s like, but I hope we can at the very least provide some escapism for you here.


((another virtual hug))

(((((((((((((((((((all the hugs for everyone)))))))))))))))))))))

(I have extras if I forgot anyone)

OK, let’s get back to talking about nothing in particular!


A board game site published their regular note about games out this week. They mentioned ‘Legend of the Five Rings: The Card Game’ but it was in a tweet so they quite rightly abbreviated it. Now I know what they meant by LotFR. I’m disappointed it has nothing to do with walking into @#$%&ing Mordor or whether any fools should %$#@ing fly.


So, I’m buying a house at the moment. How fun and stressful. We had just settled on a price with the vendor and now that it’s the eve of signing the contract the real estate agent has apparently received another offer. (on a place which has been on the market for ~2 months without too much interest). :triumph: It seems as if she is trying to get us to pay another couple of $K when she knows we’re in deep and interested.


The hardest part about negotiating a sale is being prepared to walk away. A lot of times you’ll get them running back after you because they were bluffing, but a lot of times it’s gone and you have to look for something else.

From the short paragraph you wrote, though, it seems like you feel she’s trying to get a bit out of you, you may have the upper hand. Maybe up your offer by an insignificant amount so she feels like she has the win?

Again, though, there’s a lot out there, be prepared to walk away, the next property might be even better.

(I just realized, you’re asking a bunch of board gamers about negotiation tactics. This could get interesting.)


Thankfully my (almost) husband works in property finance so he knows some good tricks. We’re not against paying the amount requested because it’s actually less than we had initially intended, but it’s the principle of getting something the cheapest you can! Currently the plan is to agree to the amount requested but with some annoying conditions from us which we will drop if they return to our agreed price


That sounds awesome! You two sound like you got things under control.

I’ve found that gamers tend to be devious, manipulative, competitive, logical (even when it means we seem like jerks), and smart. Shockingly (it’s a little counter-intuitive), I’ve also found us to be fair-minded, accepting, kind, and also generally nice people. Err, when we’re not playing a non co-op game, that is.


I know it’s not helpful, but I feel like adding some anecdotes about how weird it was buying a house in Japan.

The place was 100 m from our apartment, and the old guy living there took a liking to my wife and daughter as we passed by daily. We expressed an interest in buying, and then all the negotiations and preparations started with the estate agent hired(?) by the nephew of the old guy who was also an estate agent. Then we had to establish that we were eligible for a loan, which took months, and opening yet another bank account, and registering yet another “seal” at town hall, during which time another buyer expressed interest and was turned down (because we were “first”). We also had to arrange a schedule for renovations to convert it from a restaurant/house to a house - massive renovation which ended up all being completed in about 2 months. The scale of the renovation (paid in cash) became a condition of our loan - we had to provide proof of the contract to the bank. Anyway, it was only after all this we finally made a lowball offer for the house that he accepted because he “liked us” (went to market at approx $180,000, was $150,000 when we stated talking, we finally offered $140,000, which is apparently less than the value of the land, which is apparently normal when buying a 26-year-old house in Japan).

A ridiculous amount of paperwork later, we had our 24-year loan at 0.675 % interest(!), a bunch of tax breaks, and a house.

Oh, and the house only has a footprint of about 36 sq m on 46 sq m of land.


It may not be helpful, as you said, but that is certainly interesting, and sort of bonkers.

Can I share this with my ex in Okinawa? She may get a kick out of it, or at least understand what the heck just happened there. I mean, real estate is weird enough anywhere, but that is coo-coo crazy.

(Actually, now that I’ve re-read that a few times, I can see how that makes at least as little sense as realty here, just in a different way.)