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There are some religion-based public holidays that are traditionally on Thursdays, like Ascension of Christ, or All Saint’s Day in November. Plus the first of May, which is our Labor Day and this year fell on a Tuesday. Germans are not very efficient in that regard…


We have a May Day bank holiday, but it’s on the first Monday of May, so it was on the 7th this year.

And looking it up (https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Public_holidays_in_the_United_Kingdom) the couple of times we’ve had an extra bank holiday not next to a weekend, they’ve moved a normal bank holiday to make it a 4-day weekend.


The way holidays (and also sick leave) are handled in different countries sure is interesting.


Sounds good, dude. Family time is precious. Enjoy! (By the way, I call everyone dude. Even the toaster).

I have next week off. I work public holidays so it’s nice to get a bank holiday with the family. I’m off to watch England v Pakistan tomorrow then following it up with beers at a sour beer festival. A day with my eldest during the week, family days, a date night with my wife (long overdue) and Nerdvana on Friday (UK Games Expo!). Looking forward to trying the new Century game and seeing if there are any Uwes I can pick up to sate my completism. I may even brew a beer. My wife thinks gardening is in my future, but I have plans to sit in my pants and read a book. Ha!


Oy, I was just corresponding with a gamer about adopting dogs. The Game Boy Geek - Gaming on Purpose


So… twins. Who has had 'em? Any tips?


good luck?

I feel for anyone who has twins. The parents who I know are mostly like “ahhh…! OK. It’s fine. WE’LL BE FINE.”

From what I’ve seen, they either fight or collaborate, both keeps them out of your hair, although collaborating can be more problematic, and happens more often.

That being said, I had two very good adult friends who were twins, who had very different interests (one was straight and into sports and classic rock, the other was gay and into books and movies). Once you knew them, you could immediately tell who was who, though.

They were very much linked, there was no denying that, despite their protests. Terry died young, and Randy died less than a year later, despite being healthier, at the age of 48. He was just wrecked after Terry died.

Dammit, now I’m sad. It’s been 6 years, I thought I was over that. I apologize for being a Debbie Downer, please give me a moment, sorry…

One thing was for sure, they both used to get pissed off when we confused them for each other.

EDIT: Oh, hell, now I have to put this here.

To change the subject, I got two important things for my birthday! Surgery and a ukulele! They are not directly related.

An unforgotten friend who's birthday is still stuck on my calendar

Roll & Write games that can be printed and played could be put in a genre we could call Print & Roll & Write. PnRnW? PnRollnRite?


So you’ve had a day. Got the hang of twins yet?
Also, Congratulations, congratulations!


Thanks, thanks!

Ah, no. After two days I’d say we haven’t quite got the hang of the idea yet. My main concerns are mundane, like the fact we have only about 90 square metres of living space and “trading up” housing is impossible in Japan, and that my wife will get fired (“quit”) without maternity leave because her clinic ignores the law.

I should clarify that we were trying for our second child, so the pregnancy itself is not a surprise. It’s the details, like our planned 2-kids-room is going to have to work as a 3-kids-room. That’ll be fun when they are all teenagers…


Ah, well at least it wasn’t a total surprise. My wife is a preschool teacher so she hears lots (ok, maybe two?) of stories about “Well we weren’t really trying for children but now we’ve got twins!”. As someone with no children and who still (sort of) is considered a young adult, my advice is just don’t think about the teen ages until it’s too late. They’ll be just as difficult but you’ll be less grey in the hair!

Sorry to hear about your wife’s working conditions. I hope it works out.

As far as space for your apartment, may I recommend bolting a shipping container to the side of the building? I’m sure it won’t be safe, or meet the building regulations but you’ll have more space!
We had an earthquake here a while ago, and it was everyone’s go to solution for living space while houses were being rebuild. There was a real booming industry in fitting containers out like less portable campervan.


Hah, if only that were an option. We have 46 square metres of land and the building takes up 36. That means there’s about 20-50 centimetres clearance between our house and neighbouring houses on 3 sides, and it fronts onto a road (no pavement/sidewalk). I suppose we might fit a shipping container on the roof, but I suspect the roof wouldn’t hold it and we’d never find a building company that would chance it. Earthquake-proofing is a big deal here, and you can’t do anything that would comprise stability.

If it comes to it we can convert the ground floor into a bedroom, maybe. That would be weird when when guests walk through it though. I think our kids are just going to have to get used to sleeping in a “dorm” and using the room for nothing else. Study and all the rest will have to be on the ground floor.


Hey, if you extend the house out into that extra 20cm that’s an extra… 0.75m? That’s enough for a chest of drawers? Just don’t think about where it’d fit.

I’m sure you’ll be able to make it work. My house has 3 bedrooms, and apparently the previous owners raised 5 kids here. We might have a little more lawn and lounge though.
If there’s one thing my wife’s work stories have taught me is person raising is always just about making it work, rather than working to what it ‘should be’, or the ideal, if that makes sense. Although again, I have no kids so what do I know.


Big earthquake here the other day. 6.1 on the Richter scale. Japan uses a different scale that is more focused on shaking at the surface, and on this scale of 0 to 7 it was a 6- because of the small depth of the epicentre, which means pretty violent.

Much bigger than anything else I’ve experienced. Not like the usual shaking, it was crazy having whole house jump about. Even more crazy that nothing broke. Found out we have automagically-locking kitchen cupboard doors, which is cool. They were all less than a centimetre open and required a hard push to unlock them again. Trains throughout the region were down for most of the day, leaving a lot of people stranded. Several friends were trapped in trains, others took 3-4 hour walks, and other people stayed in hotels. Phone lines into the city were overwhelmed too. Luckily we hadn’t left the house yet, so we just took the day off.

Heading to work the next day it was amazing to see practically no damage anywhere - not even any broken windows!


It’s great to hear so little damage occured!
I guess Japan has it figured out pretty well how to prepare for earth shakes by now.


Yeah, there was a very destructive earthquake 23 years ago, so apparently everything is better built now. Thing is, our house is about 27 years old. Nice to know it still holds up!


Happy Winter/Summer Soltice everyone. Hope everyone makes good use of their shortest/longest day of the year.


Even better than that, you guys didn’t get hurt :heart:


Longest day, here! The heat is just getting started. It doesn’t even really start until tomorrow, for us! The time-difference and the flipping of the seasons on the other side of the Equator keeps throwing me off from what a lot of the rest of us are going through.

(Although, for the Winter Solstice, we tend to celebrate the longest night, rather than the shortest day. It’s a subtle difference, but an important one.)


Thank you. If nothing breaks, that’s almost a given. Some friends weren’t so lucky - especially people living in rented accommodation, who hadn’t secured shelving to walls. A wife of a friend had a microwave fall on her, but she’s fine now (the microwave, not so much). A lot of people had to re-think the importance of potentially saving some of their deposit by not damaging wallpaper vs, the risk of unsecured furniture in the event of an earthquake.