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"Oy!" "Wut?" Just chat


Matts and Quinns talk about Dark in the January newsletter, which arrived on 31.01.2018

Sounds like one for February hasn’t gone out :thinking:


Ha, I could’ve sworn I got the last one no more than 15 days ago. But I guess February just flew by…


I just got mine now.


Same here!


Me too.

@bruitist, the best way to find out about this is by emailing [email protected]

Saying something here is fine, too, you get to hear from other people pretty quickly! But, this topic is more about shooting the breeze for no reason (I am glad you used it, though, not enough people do.)

Anyway, back to the non-topic at hand:

The weather here in Sarasota is perfect, all you suckers who live elsewhere! Screw the hurricanes, this is a sub-tropical paradise.


Oh, obviously that would’ve been my course of action if it turned out there was a problem, but the guys were just behind schedule as I suspected. Definitely quicker to just check with people here. And I didn’t want to seem like I was hassling them to hurry up :expressionless:


I think this is a good place to chat with other nerds about SU&SD, you got several responses in less than a day!

(And also chat about whatever else, naturally.)


Weil, I’m on the road to a guest performance in Gerabronn, I expect snow and wind… on the other hand the temperatures in fair Esslingen have risen 20°C since the day before yesterday.


I am going to gloat. Every day, during the hottest part of the day, has been a regular 26°C (79°F) for the last two, no, excuse me, three weeks now. Sunny with beautiful sunsets over the Gulf of Mexico.

I am allowed to gloat because we sometimes have hurricanes :stuck_out_tongue:


Fair Play. You get the best as well as the worst.
The temperature rise here in the southernmost part of Germany hasn’t been as dramatic as advertised, which is good for our collective circulations I guess.
In other news, I’ve played my first game of Inis and I wonder how you all deal with played action cards.
As I understood the discard pile is supposed to be face-down, so do you play them open, take the action and then place the card face down on the pile?


So there’s something on my mind that I have the need to post somewhere, bit I don’t want to make a big fuzz about it, so it’ll be best if I bury it here where it won’t be noticed…
After the last games news, I decided to cancel my monthly donation to the site for now.
It wasn’t much to begin with, and I have thought before about changing it to a yearly sum instead of monthly to maximize what is actually left for SUSD after fees.
But what made me go through with it now was a growing irritation I have towards the discrepancy between the site’s self-proclaimed standards and what I feel is a lack of research and reasonable arguing in the gaming news section.
Point in case: The Spiel des Jahres Award.
I think the discussion in the comments section is comprehensive enough to explain my irritation, but I’ll reiterate two points:

  • The inability of the guys to recognize the award for what it is and is supposed to be, instead of what they’d like it to be.
  • the inability to comprehend and correctly paraphrase the text posted by jury chair Tom Felber about the selection process (where he didn’t say Memoarr was chosen because players need a good memory, as Quinns claims; he just states the key characteristics of each game).
    So, rant over, and I guess I’ll go back giving a yearly donation in due time, after all I deeply enjoy most of what they’re doing and this community. :thinking::crazy_face:


So, is there anything people are anticipating or looking forward to in the near future?

Myself, I have earmarked a few days off at the beginning of July around the 4th to give myself a solid six days off of work, something I have not had since December 2016. While I will still have the craziness of being a parent during what will likely be some of the hottest days of the year, just having some time at home will be nice. My parents will be in town during that time as well, so hopefully I’ll get to spend some time with them.

Other than that, hoping Solo will be at least entertaining, if not outright good. While I’m not a huge fan of Disney milking the franchise for all they can with yearly releases, I’ve been too much of a fan for so many years I can’t imagine NOT seeing a film in the theater, thus making myself a part of the problem. :slightly_smiling_face:

What about everyone else?


I’ve only played the one time, but this is how we played and how the rules describe it. From everything I’ve seen the designer post on BGG, it seems to me that you shouldn’t think too hard about any questions that come up when playing, and your gut instinct is likely the correct way to play.


I’ve got a few days off coming up. It’s a bank holiday on Monday and then I’ve got the day off for UK Games Expo on the Friday.

The week after next it’s my partner’s birthday on Wednesday and mine on Friday, so I’ve got Wednesday to Friday off. No plans currently other than I’m getting a tattoo :smiley:


Days off just because you want them sound awesome. 5-day weekends too!

My days off seem to come in three flavours:

I’m sick
My daughter is sick
Once a year I can wrangle a week or two off, but everyone else in the country has the same time off, so it’s crazy expensive to go anywhere

Still, I’m looking forward to a game of Gloomhaven on Saturday!

… and two days off in August for Obon.


There are three bridge day weekends (is that a thing in the UK/US?) in May/start of July, so I’ve really grown fond of the idea of a three day work week.
Re: things I’m looking forward to: our second daughter is about to be born around my birthday at the end of June, so that’s something I’m looking forward to and am anxiously awaiting at the same time.


I usually take the whole week off for our birthdays, but this year I’m using a lot of my time off for my step-sister’s wedding and then a holiday with my partner’s family a few days after that.

A quick Google suggests they’re equivalent to bank holidays here in the UK? We don’t usually have any that result in a three-day week. Just Easter that gives a four-day weekend. Though I think we got one back in 2011 because of the Royal Wedding.


Bridge days are actually the days that are in between holidays/bank holidays and weekends, where people usually spend some of their annual holiday time to have four days off.


Are your bank holidays not all next to weekends? Other than Christmas/New Year, we only have bank holidays on Mondays or Fridays.


And in the UK a lot of places simply shut down for the two weeks that include Christmas and New Year. Or they have so few people present that they might as well be shut down.