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Our Experience as First Time Indie Devs at Shux 2019

Hey Everyone! J here from Cartoon Saturday. We wanted to share our process of developing our own card game, Squealers & Dealers, but figured it’d be a great way to also build a community of those wanting to bring back the magic of Saturday morning cartoons… so we created a YouTube channel. Our first video is a look into our costs of showing and playtesting our prototype at SHUX '19 and some of the other games we’ve played. Not everyone will have the same experience but maybe this will bring some insight for newbies like us who want to show their game at SHUX 2020. With every weekly video we upload, we will also include a list of curated cartoons, animated shorts, and AMV’s we’ve found around the interwebs.

So keep those pajamas on, get yourself a bowl of your favorite cereal and tune-in on Saturday mornings with us!

Cartoon Saturday YouTube Channel

Cartoon Saturday wants to bring back the fun of waking up on Saturday morning. Like watching your favourite cartoons while eating a bowl of cereal; or trying to beat a video game you rented from Blockbuster the day before (that you had to return on Sunday).

Squealers & Dealers is a 3-8 player party board game in development, launching in 2020! We are currently working on a Print & Play version for playtesting purposes.


You need to put this in Shameless self promotion. It will probably get more attention there, and not get flagged as spam.

Glad you had fun at SHUX, and that it was a useful resourse for prototyping! It’s always good to see a dev participating in this community, n00bs or grognards alike.

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(Please repost in the shameless self promotion thread! I’ll definitely be checking out this video when I have time, as someone who is interested in participating in indie alley in the future!)


Thanks for the advice! Will post in the self promo thread

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